The August 2011 Field Trip

The August 2011 expedition to the Nullarbor caves is a collaborative effort between the Western Australian Museum and the Flinders University.

This expedition is unique compared with those undertaken previously to the caves - this time, we will be taking a film crew and a games developer to develop new and exciting ways to engage with this amazing location, its hidden treasures and the science required to unlock its secrets.

The field team will be working tirelessly to produce short video diaries about what’s happening in the caves and to deliver any new discoveries to the public in close to real time.

The expedition will be using advanced satellite communication technologies allowing the film crew to deliver their films directly to this website, despite being in one of the most remote parts of the world, away from civilisation and telephone services.

Enter the world of Australia’s forgotten beasts through our key contacts in the field.

  • Gavin Prideaux treating Thylacoleo


    World renowned megafauna expert, Dr Gavin Prideaux will be giving his insights as an experienced field palaeontologist. He will share his knowledge about the location, the amazing megafauna and the science required to extract this knowledge.

  • Minh Tran


    Minh Tran is a Games Developer who has a PhD in computer science from UWA with special interests in computer graphics and image processing.

    Minh Tran will also be using very sophisticated imaging technology to develop a 3D model of the caves to be used in recreating an amazing 3D exhibition experience.

    Minh, who is new to remote field work will also be blogging about her experiences on the expedition. She will guide us through the process she will undergo as she transforms inspiration, provided by the caves, the megafauna fossils and the action into developing the educational game.