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Title Description Material Number of Itemssort icon ANCODS Wreck
PSC4807 - Glass

Glass bottle body sherds, light green

Glass 78 Perseverant Camp 1841
PSC4807 - Glass

Glass bottle body sherds, light green

Glass 78 Perseverant Camp 1841
BILS5769 - Animal

Bone, animal (x77) AND rope (x1)

Animal 78 Beacon Island Land Site
RP5642 - Armament

Canister shot

Armament 77 Rapid
RP3661 - Copper/brass

Nails: large.

Copper/brass 77 Rapid
BILS5574A6 - Human

Miscellaneous cranial fragments. SK14.

Human 77 Beacon Island Land Site
JM236 - Copper/brass

Pins: Brass w/ movable heads (lace making?).

Copper/brass 77 James Matthews
JM565 - Clay pipes

Clay pipes: marked 'JI' on spur. Moulded bowl with 5 ribs/ 4 lines each side and paired wheat sheaves on front and rear seams. Fragments only.

Clay pipes 76 James Matthews
ZW5456 - Clay pipes

Clay pipe fragments.

Clay pipes 76 Zeewijk
BAT3443 - Lead

Musket balls. (453 found in MAC-063 Tray 10)

Lead 752 Batavia
RP3747 - Glass

Glass fragments.

Glass 75 Rapid
RP2155 - Silver

Coins: Real of 8 - 1804. Mexico mint oM TH

Silver 75 Rapid

Wire/ nails- Numerous pieces wire, corroded and snapped, 1862-present Fragments

NON-FERROUS 75 Middle Island Recherche
ZW1853 - Glass

Onion bottle fragments

Glass 74 Zeewijk
RP2145 - Silver

Coins: Real of 8 - 1803. Mexico mint oM FT

Silver 74 Rapid
BAT7090 - Lead

Musket balls.

Lead 74 Batavia
BAT2026 - Stoneware


Stoneware 74 Batavia
ZW4911 - Ship's fittings

Nails-38 (A): B 1 nail, 2 heads : C 4 nails: D 19 bolt fragments: E 9 bolt heads : F 1 bolt head?. 1 coin in vault?

Ship's fittings 74 Zeewijk
RP4251C - Glass

Dark glass bottle fragments: including 2 bottle bases and 7 necks.

Glass 74 Rapid
BAT3670N - Lead

Musket balls.

Lead 74 Batavia
RP3608 - Glass

Glass fragments + 3 ceramic frags

Glass 73 Rapid
RP2118 - Silver

Coins: Real of 8 - 1798. Mexico mint oM FM

Silver 73 Rapid
PSC4869 - Cargo

Hoop fragments, iron, some concreted together

Cargo 73 Perseverant Camp 1841
PSC4869 - Cargo

Hoop fragments, iron, some concreted together

Cargo 73 Perseverant Camp 1841
ZT598 - Silver

Schilling pieces-1711: silver.

Silver 72 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
RP2125 - Silver

Coins: Real of 8 - 1799. Mexico mint oM FM

Silver 72 Rapid
JM340 - Clay pipes

Clay pipe frags: marked 'JI' on spur. Moulded bowl with 5 ribs/ 4 lines each side and paired wheat sheaves on front and rear seams.

Clay pipes 72 James Matthews
ZT3382 - Glass

6 of a group of 72 Wine glass stems: fragments only. (Plus 2x small frags)

Glass 72 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)

a) 65 x White china fragments. b) 3 x Grey stoneware: large, dark salt-glazed fragments. c) 3 x China: w/ green/yellow pattern (lines). d) 1 x Terracotta fragment.

EG957 - Glass

Serving Plates: recessed foot rim and flared brim
Moulded clear glass, decorative serving plates

Glass 71 Eglinton
RS363 - Bronze

Sacrificial planking nails.

Bronze 70 Lively Rowley Shoals
RP3186 - Copper/brass

Tacks: copper.

Copper/brass 70 Rapid
RP2236 - Silver

Concretion of coins.

Silver 70 Rapid
RP2165 - Silver

Coins: Real of 8 - 1806. Mexico mint oM TH

Silver 70 Rapid
GT3110 - Lead

Musket balls.

Lead 70 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
EG1208 - Patterned Earthenware

Plate fragments: Willow Pattern. Marked: 'Stone China -Warranted' (picture frame w/ house)

Patterned Earthenware 70 Eglinton
BAT2959E - Bricks


Bricks 70 Batavia
ZW1320 - Glass

Onion bottle fragments

Glass 70 Zeewijk
MIR5957 - Miscellaneous/Unidentified

fragment of can opener, possible tool, numerous possible can fragments including thin strap fragments

Miscellaneous/Unidentified 70 Middle Island Recherche
ZW2110 - Glass

Onion bottle body fragments

Glass 7 Zeewijk
ZW2099 - Glass

Case bottle base x 2 and fragments.

Glass 7 Zeewijk
ZW2089 - Glass

Onion bottle base

Glass 7 Zeewijk
ZW2060 - Glass

Onion bottle neck and shoulder fragments

Glass 7 Zeewijk
ZW2049 - Glass

Onion bottle sherd

Glass 7 Zeewijk
ZW1825 - Glass

Onion bottle fragments

Glass 7 Zeewijk

Iron fragments

FERROUS 7 Zeewijk

Iron fragment

FERROUS 7 Zeewijk

Iron fragment

FERROUS 7 Zeewijk

Iron fragment

FERROUS 7 Zeewijk

Iron fragments.

FERROUS 7 Zeewijk
ZW1516 - Cargo

Hoop fragments.

Cargo 7 Zeewijk
ZW1497 - Glass

Case bottle fragments

Glass 7 Zeewijk
ZW1397 - Glass

Case bottle neck.

Glass 7 Zeewijk
ZW1374 - Ship's fittings

Nails- 7 whole? + fragments

Ship's fittings 7 Zeewijk
ZW1348 - Glass

Glass frags.

Glass 7 Zeewijk

Pottery fragments x 7.

CERAMICS 7 Zeewijk
ZW259 - Animal

Beads: bone/ivory.
Register reads 7 thick iron nails!! Could this be 254?

Animal 7 Zeewijk
ZW3048 - Glass

Wineglass stem section, ornate, [as5549]

Glass 7 Zeewijk
ZW3048 - Glass

Wine glass stem,section, ornate, [as3102]

Glass 7 Zeewijk

A) Piece of Two. B) 1 Schilling fragment. C) 5 Two Stuiver fragments.

COINS 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT2440 - COINS

Coins w/ 5 glass fragments and lace ends: brass

COINS 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT2314 - Clay pipes

Pipe fragments x 5, glass x 1 and concretion fragment x 1.

Clay pipes 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT4141 - Lead

Fragments: possibly lead.

Lead 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT4131A - Copper/brass

Tufting nails.

Copper/brass 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT4043 - Lead

Lead fragments. Only 3 Frags. 20/80/12

Lead 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT4014 - Copper/brass

Sheathing nails: copper.

Copper/brass 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT3697 - Glass

Glass fragments: case.

Glass 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT3377 - Unspecified


Unspecified 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT3316 - Unspecified

Pebbles including 3 flint pieces.

Unspecified 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT3289 - Copper/brass

Nail fragments: copper.

Copper/brass 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT554A - Stoneware

Rheinish stoneware sherds from jar or jug: has a cobalt mark like a 'P'.

Stoneware 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
ZT93 - Slate

Writing slate pieces: grey.

Slate 7 Zuiddorp (Zuytdorp)
XA4215A-G - Concretions

Concretions to be excavated. To go into separate registrations.

Concretions 7 Xantho
XA438A-D - Ship's fittings

Bolts holding cylinder block to frame under valve chest. Aft end. A- 2 bolt fragments + 1 washer fragment. B. Bolt only. C Bolt and washer. D bolt only.

Ship's fittings 7 Xantho
XA437A-D - Ship's fittings

Bolts holding cylinder block to frame under valve chest. Forward end. A- bolt only. B. Bolt, nut in pieces- free. C Bolt and nut - free. D nut only- bolt still in situ.

Ship's fittings 7 Xantho
XA433H-M - Fittings

Wedges from aft web. Wood. H. wooden wedge. i. Wedge - H fits over I. J. Wooden wedge. K wooden wedge - J fits under K. L Wooden wedge. M. 2 wedges.

Fittings 7 Xantho
XA433B-F - Fittings

Wedges from aft web. B. 2 wooden wedges w/ bolt holes. C. 2 wooden wedges w/ bolt holes. D. small wood wedge - shaded area of D fits under cover of B. E. wooden wedge. F. wooden wedge sits over E.

Fittings 7 Xantho
XA431I-O - Fittings

Spacers- from forward web.I- wood wedge. J- wood wedge, fits over I.K- wood wedge. L- wood wedge, fits over K. M- 2 wood wedges. N-wood wedge, fits over M.

Fittings 7 Xantho
XA422A-D - Ship's fittings

Pump bolts - starboard. A- remains of bolt. B- nut remains. C- nut and bolt remains. D-nut and bolt.

The exact configuration of these four assemblages was different when returned from conservation in 2009/2010. See display notes below.

Ship's fittings 7 Xantho
XA421A-D - Ship's fittings

Pump bolts- port. Viewed from side overlooking.. A- bolt and nut remains. B- bolt and but. C- bolt. D- nut and bolt remains.

Ship's fittings 7 Xantho
XA197 - Glass

Glass fragments: striated.

Glass 7 Xantho
XA117 - Glass

Bevelled glass.

Glass 7 Xantho
XA240 - Ship's fittings

Cast iron bar: square.

Ship's fittings 7 Xantho
XA271 - Copper/brass

Tallow cup: brass. Consists of body w/ 2 sets each. Pipe, washer and nut.

Copper/brass 7 Xantho
TAM2588 - Fittings

Dead eyes w/ iron surrounds.

Fittings 7 Tamerlane
SB2424A-G - Copper/brass

Drift bolts.

Copper/brass 7 African (Sunset Beach wreck)
S3056 - Copper/brass

Tacks x 6 and 1 nail.

Copper/brass 7 Star
S2992 - Earthenware

Earthenware sherd: mauve on white printed pottery w/ ribbon border design.

Earthenware 7 Star
S2961 - Patterned Earthenware

Sherds: mauve and white printed pottery. Rose pattern (possibly parts of mug).

Patterned Earthenware 7 Star
S2959 - Patterned Earthenware

Sherds: Kulat.

Patterned Earthenware 7 Star
S2948A - Glass

Clear and green glass fragments.

Glass 7 Star
S2873 - Copper/brass

Bolts x 5 and clinch rings x 2.

Copper/brass 7 Star
S2853 - Patterned Earthenware

Earthenware sherds: 1 w/ pale blue printed pattern.

Patterned Earthenware 7 Star
RS411 - Bronze

Sheathing nails x4 and 3 fragments

Bronze 7 Lively Rowley Shoals
RS303 - Bronze

Sacrificial planking nails.

Bronze 7 Lively Rowley Shoals
RS319 - Lead

Lead scrap.

Lead 7 Lively Rowley Shoals
RS351 - Lead

Musket balls.

Lead 7 Lively Rowley Shoals
RS355 - Copper/brass

Rudder nails: copper.

Copper/brass 7 Lively Rowley Shoals
RS327 - Bronze

Pintle/gudgeon nails: copper.

Bronze 7 Lively Rowley Shoals
RS0 - Concretions

Chain plate concretions.

Concretions 7 Lively Rowley Shoals
RS33 - Copper/brass

Nail fragments (sacrificial planking).

Copper/brass 7 Lively Rowley Shoals
RP5588 - Cargo

Wood - parts of bucket or keg

Cargo 7 Rapid
RP5575 - Dunnage

Wood frags (unidentified)

Dunnage 7 Rapid
RP5503 - Animal

Bones: animal.

Animal 7 Rapid
RP5487 - Copper/brass

Nails: small.

Copper/brass 7 Rapid
RP5411b - Copper/brass

Buttons: brass flat.

Copper/brass 7 Rapid
RP5388 - Copper/brass

Buttons, Assorted copper/brass

Copper/brass 7 Rapid
RP5345 - Miscellaneous

Wood Fragments misc.

Miscellaneous 7 Rapid
RP5286 - Lead

Water-line draught mark: lead. Sections. 4 straight pieces & 3 ‘X’ sections.

Lead 7 Rapid
RP5227 - Copper/brass

Nails small, copper

Copper/brass 7 Rapid
RP5067 - Glass

Wine bottle necks x1: 1 green in concretion and 6 fragments.

Glass 7 Rapid
RP5065 - Stoneware

Stoneware jar sherd (large)

Stoneware 7 Rapid
RP5037 - Glass

Case bottle base fragments: dark green w/ 2 fragments glued together and 5 fragments.

Glass 7 Rapid
RP4370 - Bark/bamboo

Bamboo and 2 charred fragments.

Bark/bamboo 7 Rapid
RP4313 - Bark/bamboo


Bark/bamboo 7 Rapid
RP4178 - Ship's fittings

Collar, iron

Ship's fittings 7 Rapid
RP4077 - Copper/brass

Buttons,2 brass, buckle, worked glass 3 iron buttons

Copper/brass 7 Rapid
RP4072 - Copper/brass

Nails and 2 fragments, copper

Copper/brass 7 Rapid
RP4026 - Ship's timber

Timber samples, 1 bag

Ship's timber 7 Rapid
RP4014 - Copper/brass


Copper/brass 7 Rapid
RP3889 - Fittings

Wooden fragments - possibly dowels

Fittings 7 Rapid
RP3828 - Ship's fittings

Capstan pawl rim and 6 nails/bolts

Ship's fittings 7 Rapid
RP3804 - Miscellaneous


Miscellaneous 7 Rapid
RP3678 - Armament

Cannon balls: grape shot. Diam. 1/2 Inch.

Armament 7 Rapid
RP3495 - Copper/brass

Sheet fragments, copper

Copper/brass 7 Rapid
RP3349 - Glass

Glass fragments: clear.

Glass 7 Rapid
RP3339 - Slate

Slate fragments.

Slate 7 Rapid

Ceramic fragments from small jar.

RP3305 - Miscellaneous

Timber fragments

Miscellaneous 7 Rapid
RP3304 - Ship's timber

Timber flat piece

Ship's timber 7 Rapid
RP3287 - Copper/brass

Spikes, copper

Copper/brass 7 Rapid
RP3082 - Porcelain

Porcelain fragments: blue and white.

Porcelain 7 Rapid
RP2148 - Silver

Coins: Real of 8 - 1803. Mexico mint oM TH

Silver 7 Rapid
RP2141 - Silver

Coins: Real of 8 - 1802. Madrid mint R M (crowned) FA

Silver 7 Rapid
RP2100 - Silver

Coins: Real of 8 - 1794. Lima mint ME IJ

Silver 7 Rapid
RP2093 - Silver

Coins: Real of 8 - 1792. Unknown

Silver 7 Rapid
R620 - Ballast stone

7 Ballast stones

Ballast stone 7 Raven
PP3855 - Copper/brass

Buttons- unid. Brass; 1 x ‘ring...1911’; 2 x four-hole decorated; 1 x flat four-hole; 1 x 2 hole ‘Dalenl...pan..d111E’; 2 x two-hole flat

Copper/brass 7 Peron Peninsula
NO3494 - Rope/leather/etc.

Rope pieces. Sissal ???.2 wormed and parcelled, 1 leather covered.

Rope/leather/etc. 7 North America (1843)
MIR5974 - Miscellaneous/Unidentified

Possible food can fragments, possible utensil fragment, misc. corroded fragments

Miscellaneous/Unidentified 7 Middle Island Recherche
MC1094 - Stoneware

Jar fragments: stoneware.

Stoneware 7 Macedon
LL1361A - Copper/brass

Sextant parts.

Copper/brass 7 Lady Lyttleton
JM683 - Ship's timber

Timbers fragments?

Ship's timber 7 James Matthews
JM128 - Miscellaneous

Wood fragments: assorted.

Miscellaneous 7 James Matthews
JM15 - Ballast stone

Ballast stone: includes quartz pebbles, quartzite, muddy limestone sandstone. Fine grained and volcanic agglomerates.

Ballast stone 7 James Matthews
JA3528 - Stoneware

Sherds, stoneware

Stoneware 7 James
HPC18 - Marine

Oyster shells, fragments.

Marine 7 Hillock Point Camp
HA1412 - Glass

Glass fragments assorted.

Glass 7 Hadda
GT6123I - Ship's timber

Small fragments of timber, not diagnostic, presumably from ship's hull.

Ship's timber 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT4050 - Glass

Case bottle base frags, green

Glass 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT3027 - Copper/brass

Fragments, sheathing

Copper/brass 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT2079 - Stoneware

Body fragments, s'ware

Stoneware 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT2057 - Clay pipes

Pipes and stem fragments, 1 w/ flower on side

Clay pipes 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT1499 - Armament

Cannon balls.

Armament 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT1453 - Bricks

Bricks, cemented together.

Bricks 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT1449 - Animal

Bones: animal.

Animal 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT1400 - Glass

Bottle base fragment s

Glass 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT1192 - Animal

Bones: animal.

Animal 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT1190 - Animal

Bones: animal.

Animal 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)

Fragments of wood, not diagnostic.

TIMBER 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT1074 - Animal

Bones: fish.

Animal 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT885 - Stoneware

Jug, medallion frags; reconstructed into 2 partital body medallions rose-crown-heart

Stoneware 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT798 - Copper/brass

Candlestick- partly eroded, 6 pieces ((1 x top and stem; 1 x half drip tray; 1 x lower section; 1 x half base; 1 x lower drip tray section; 1 x sectioned knop).

Copper/brass 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT772 - Stoneware

Sherds of pottery

Stoneware 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT754 - Cargo

Barrel hoop sections

Cargo 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)

Unidentified iron pieces

FERROUS 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT91 - Copper/brass

Unidentified large pieces, copper

Copper/brass 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
GT6022 - Bark/bamboo

Birch bark

Bark/bamboo 7 Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon)
BAT665 - Glass

Bottle fragments, from case bottle (13 joining fragments of 7 fragments).

Glass 7 Batavia
EU1733 - Porcelain

Plates, china- bread and butter size, w/ some gold decoration + fragments.

Porcelain 7 Europa
EM3404 - Copper/brass

Bolts: copper.

Copper/brass 7 Emma
EL311 - Porcelain

White porcelain fragments.

Porcelain 7 Elizabeth
EL307 - Glass

Round bottle fragments.

Glass 7 Elizabeth

Fragments of iron,1 piece set in plaster for preservation. Collected by Len Cohn.

FERROUS 7 Elizabeth
EG1519 - Glass

Unidentified: small fragment of square-sided tapered objects
(one object w/ moulded diamond pattern, five clear glass fragments and one clear glass moulded handle)

Glass 7 Eglinton
EG1511 - Glass

Decanter: base and body fragments only. Round body w/ 6 alternating broad panels and narrow flutes.'Star burst' decoration cut into shallow concave base.

Glass 7 Eglinton
EG1445 - Glass

Jars: miscellaneous sherds of square, pale green pickle jars.

Glass 7 Eglinton
EG1387 - Copper/brass

Lock plate and hinge fragments: Brass.

Copper/brass 7 Eglinton
EG1286 - Patterned Earthenware

Dishes: miscellaneous pieces of oval shaped dishes. ‘Anemone’ pattern.
(piece joined w/ EG1281)

Patterned Earthenware 7 Eglinton
EG1269 - Patterned Earthenware

Plate: (round) fragments only. ‘Anemone’ pattern. Marked: 'Anemone, BB New Stone 0.'O= October.

Patterned Earthenware 7 Eglinton
EG1233 - Patterned Earthenware

Bowl bases: large and round. Printed Wild Rose pattern.

Patterned Earthenware 7 Eglinton
EG1193 - Patterned Earthenware

Dish: small oval dish, parts only. Inscribed: part of Lion's head w/ crown. Willow Pattern.

Patterned Earthenware 7 Eglinton
EG1192 - Patterned Earthenware

Dish: fragments of small oval dish. Inscribed: 'Warran...'. Willow Pattern.

Patterned Earthenware 7 Eglinton
EG1185 - Patterned Earthenware

Dish: oval pie dish. Incomplete. Willow Pattern.

Patterned Earthenware 7 Eglinton
EG1158 - Patterned Earthenware

Jugs: parts of octagonal based jugs- ‘Holly’ design. Marked ‘Holly’ N.129 J. & R.G.

Patterned Earthenware 7 Eglinton
EG1138 - Patterned Earthenware

Egg cup: white china w/ branching tree design. ‘Fibre’. Incomplete.

Patterned Earthenware 7 Eglinton
EG1468 - Cargo

Pulley sheave (2 frags) + 5 coake fragments.

Cargo 7 Eglinton
EG898A - Glass

Salt-cellars: [Type D] circular, star decoration on basal surface & relief panels & mitres on body wall. Plus 6 fragments.

Glass 7 Eglinton

Wood pieces.

TIMBER 7 Cervantes

Ceramic fragments, potential conjoins + 1 worked piece

CERAMICS 7 Camden Harbour site
CN1937 - Ship's fittings


Ship's fittings 7 Camden Harbour site
CM120 - Sharpening/grinding

Grindstone & fragments (x6)

Sharpening/grinding 7 Cumberland
CM101 - Patterned Earthenware

Earthenware sherds: white.

Patterned Earthenware 7 Cumberland
CM52 - Armament

Ship Cannon (No.1) Marked ‘AVOK’. Trunnions broken off.
Six small fragments in MA Department.

Armament 7 Cumberland
CA3117 - Glass

Medicine bottles, blue, bases and 1 neck.

Glass 7 Carlisle Castle
BL3779 - Earthenware

Plate sherds of glazed earthenware w/green line.

Earthenware 7 Ben Ledi

Iron bolted through timber + 6 timber pieces. 981 and 983 together.

FERROUS 7 Browse Island wreck
BE1679 - Copper/brass

Planking with sheathing attached, approximately 6 tacks.

Copper/brass 7 Belle of Bunbury
BAT21507 - Majolica


Majolica 7 Batavia
BAT21385 - Earthenware

Sherds,4= earthenware, 1= stoneware (A)

Earthenware 7 Batavia