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JS1547A - Textile

James Service

Cloth fragments: cotton w/ 3 copper alloy rectangular buckle pieces from trousers/overalls. Buckle marked: SOLIDE on one side of middle bar and PARIS on the other.

Site Area Code Local

Material Textile

Museum Reference

Registration Number 1547

ID 24074

Status Commonwealth

Map of shipwreck

James Service

James Service was built at Glasgow in Scotland by Dobie and Co. and launched in October 1869. It had a clinker plated hull, two decks, a round stern, one bulkhead and a demi figurehead of a man. It had a raised quarterdeck 4.3 m long, and a forecastle 5.8 m in length and had been cemented. The owners were Archibald Currie & Co. of Melbourne, who used it in trading between Melbourne and...