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Title Author Date Publisher Location Geographic Dewy Main Second Chrono AcessNo
“Marine Propulsion” Misc articles that have appeared in the Marine Propulsion magazine N A un dated Not known “Marine Propulsion” magazine McKenna International

Technical information

Marine Engineering

20Cent 2130
“Nothing but tar paper shacks” Goddard, R.A. 2002 Journal of The Society for Historical Archaeology, 36.3:85-93 Maritime Museum USA
“P.Q. 17” -A Story of A Ship Godfrey Winn n.d Arrow Books, Hutchinson and Co. Ltd McKenna Arctic Regions McK 2275


Naval/Naval Operations

“Shame on you Men” The terrifying sinking of SS Keilawarra. Heritage NSW 2000 Parramatta, NSW: Heritage NSW, Spring/Summer 2000, 7(4):12-13 Maritime Museum NSW



“The Glory of England”: Nelson, Trafalgar and the meaning of victory. [Vaughan Evans Memorial Lecture, 2005]. Lambert, A., 2006 Great Circle, 28.1: 3-12. Maritime Museum UK


“The Power of the Decade” - The Precision Offshore 17 Precision Marine ND Fremantle : Precision Marine McKenna Western Australia


20Cent 893
“Triumph and Disaster” -In: The voyage of the Investigator 1801—1803, Commander Mathews Flinders, R.N. Austin, K. A. 1964 Adelaide: Rigby Limited. Pages 158-174 Reprint MM Australia

Marine Exploration


“True portraitures of the Indians, and of their own peculiar conceits of dress”: discourses of dress and identity in the Great lake, 1830-1850. Mann, R., 2007 Historial Archaeology, 41.1: 37-52. Maritime Museum USA


“Universal” nautical and aeronautical tables : uniform and universal solutions ultra-simplified. Aquino, F.R. de 1943 Rio de Janeiro : Imprensa Naval Maritime Museum Non-specific 623.89 AQU

Technical information