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Cultural resource management and underwater archaeology in the Egadi Islands, Sicily. An alternative approach. Report prepared for Centro Regionale per la Progettazione e il Restauro–Palermo, Sicilia.

Author/s Green, J.N.

Year of publication 2001

Report Number: No. 7

This report has been prepared following a visit to Sicily in 2000 at the invitation of Dr Sebastiano Tusa to advise the Centro Regionale per la Progettazione e il Restauro–Sicilia on issues relating to underwater cultural resource management. The report reflects on the author’s experience in the Egadi Islands during a brief period (5–15 June) and outlines issues that may be relevant for future planning of maritime archaeological work in the region. The author should qualify these findings by acknowledging his limited experience of working in the region. It is likely that some of the issues dealt with in this report may suffer from a lack of understanding of the structure of the organisation and, more particularly, the author’s regrettable lack of understanding of the Italian language