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Department of Maritime Archaeology, Western Australian Maritime Museum, A compendium of projects, programmes and publications 1971–2003.

Author/s Green, J.N. Gainsford, M. and Stanbury, M.

Year of publication 2004

Report Number: No. 9

This book is a compendium of the work of the Department of Maritime Archaeology carried out over the period since the Department’s formation in the 1970s up to the end of 2003. This introduction provides a brief history of the Department, describing the contentious events that led to its establishment and giving an overview of what the Department has achieved over the last thirty years. The Compendium then presents a series of brief reports or

abstracts of the key projects in which the Department has been involved, with references to publications providing more detailed information. Following, there is a chronological list of every project that has been carried out by the Department over this period, with an associated bibliography. The Compendium concludes with a complete list of publications produced by members of staff, volunteers or people associated with the Department since its beginning. Designed as a resource that can be used in a number of different ways, the Compendium aims to provide access to the huge body of research that has been undertaken and published by the Department. The publication has had a long gestation. Starting as an initiative to commemorate the new millennium, the project took much longer than anticipated as the scope of the publication expanded.