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The Dutch East Indiaman Zeewijk Wrecked in 1727: A Report on the 1978 Expedition to the site

Author/s C. Ingelman-Sundberg

Year of publication 1978

Report Number: 10

IntroductionA history ot the loss of the Dutch East Indiaman Zeewijk and reports on two previous expeditions to the site in 1976 and 1977 have already been published separately . (lngelman-Sundberg 1976, lngelman-Sundberg 1977)Thus a background story to the Zeewijk project and methods already accounted for in previous expedition reports will not be dealt. with here. This is a paper which concerns exclusively with the land and underwater surveys and excavation work carried out during the 1978 expedition. For. brief summary of the Zeewijk story and previous work on the site see Appendix 1 .