Shipwreck Databases Western Australian Museum

Excavated sites on the West Australian Coast. Status report and model for publication

Author/s K. Millar

Year of publication 1994

Report Number: 93

The purpose of lhis preliminary assessment is lodelermine the extent of the work required to complete the recording, reporting and research phase for the 22 sites. This is a broad brush appraisal which will allow priorites 10 be established to gel all excavated sites to completion.

The sites concerned are:
- Long & Jelly
1622 Trial
1629 Batavia
1656 Vugufde Draeck
1711 Zuyldorp
1727 Zeewtjk
1810 Lively
1811 Rapid
1824 Belinda
1830 Cumberland
1841 EIiwbeth
1841 James Mauhews
1844 CervQnfes
1859 Eglinton
1867 Lady Lyuleton
1872 Xatho
1874 Context
1875 Fairy Queell
1876 Cern
1877 Hadda
1880 Star
1886 Day Dawn

This assessment has been divided into to areas. which, when considered logelher. give a full picture of the research and reponing status of each sile and its associated collection. The three broad categories are: the management. recording and reporting of the collection.