Shipwreck Databases Western Australian Museum

How to do it Manual: Coin Photography using Nikon digital camera and Capture One program

Author/s J.N. Green

Year of publication 2010

Report Number: 253

Photographing the Department of Maritime Archaeology coin collection will be an ongoing job for many years. For the moment, the objective is to get the collection photographed as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do this we have a dedicated camera stand, a Nikon D80 camera with a 55mm focal length lens all connected to a iMac computer. The computer runs software that enables the pictures to be taken from the computer and directly loaded onto the computer, without having to download images from the camera itself. This will speed the process of recording the coins. What follows below is a fairly rudimentary manual on how to do this. While some of the processes may seem a bit tedious or unnecessary, remember, these images are going to be the only ones made for a very long time, if we want to record everything, so we might as well get it right now and have a good quality image.