Shipwreck Databases Western Australian Museum

Lighthouses on the Western Australian coast and off-shore islands

Author/s D.A. Cumming, M. Glasson and M. McCarthy

Year of publication 1995

Report Number: 100

Executive Summary
Under a general brief to 'survey the history and physical remains of of historic lighthouses and other navigational aids on the coastlint;: of Western Australia' , a study has been undertaken chiefly by the late Denis Cumming on behalf of the Department of Maritime Archaeology at the Western Australian Maritime Museum.

The project commenced in June 1994 and aimed to complete the following tasks:

  1. To document the historic lighthouses and navigational aids on the coast of Western Australia and research their individual and collective history.
  2. To compile a photographic record of each and to prepare an information database on each and the subject in general.
  3. To survey the physical remains of lighthouse and navigational aids on the coast.
  4. To prepare and present nominations for the National Estate.
  5. To provide an interim report to the Heritage Council of Western Australia on these structures and on those found on off-shore islands by September 15, 1995.
  6. To provide afinal draft by November 1995.