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Management Plan for the Historic Shipwreck SS Macedon 1870-1883

Author/s D. Garratt

Year of publication 1983

Report Number: 61

The purpose of the management plan is twofold. Firstly to assess and describe the heritage significance of the historic shipwreck, SS Macedon. Secondly, to provide appropriate strategies for the management of the wreck site and its associated artefacts.

This document is divided into four parts. Part I outlines the scope of the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976 and the responsibilities of instrumentalities and indi viduals in the administration of the Act Part 2 places the Macedon in its historical context with a brief history of the vessel and the wrecking event A description of the wreck site and a summary of the archaeological work carried out provides the reader with an overview of the present status of the wreck. The information outlined in Part 2 provides the basis for the assessment of cultural significance in Part 3. A Statement of Significance is derived from the assessment process. The plan highlights various constraints, possible threats and research opportunities which may affect the archaeological and structural integrity of the wreck. Part 4 provides a general statement of management policy and detailed recommendations for implementation of the policy.