Shipwreck Databases Western Australian Museum

Marine Accidents and Incidents in Western Australian Waters

Author/s R. Dickson

Year of publication 1992

Report Number: 56

IntroductionThis compilation of wrecks and casualties on the West Australian Coast between 1897-1942 by Rod Dickson, appears in both an alphabetical and in a year by year formal. The original registers are housed in the State Library (Banye Library) and at the Department of Marine and Harbours in Fremantle.The speWng may vary from the correct names. This is due in part to the difficulty experienced in deciphering handwrinen entries and also to errors contained in the original entries themselves. This work will prove useful for those researching, not only wrecks and casualties but also the operation of trading vessels and small boats on the WA coas~ for in the absence of other records, it is only through incident and accident reports that we become aware of the locality in which particular vessels were operating.Mr Dickson, a merchant seaman has had a long standing interest and involvement in the preservation of Western Australia's maritime history and prepared this most useful document while at sea. He is currently working on other projects such as a compilation of boat-builders on this coast.It is expected that this compilation of marine accidents and incidents, will help complement Mr Dickson's new area of research.