Shipwreck Databases Western Australian Museum

Maritime archaeology in the Peoples’ Republic of China.

Author/s Green, J.N., Ed.

Year of publication 1997

Report Number: No. 1

 This report is an attempt to gather together a series of studies on shipwreck archaeology that has been conducted by various Australian teams in China over the last fifteen years. The projects concern three main maritime archaeological aspects:  the Song Dynasty Shipwreck in Quanzhou, the training of Chinese archaeology students in maritime archaeology and the investigation of the Bia Jao site in Ding Hai. Various organziations have supported this work including the Western Australian Department of Resources Development, the Australian International Cultural Foundation, the Australian Research Council, the Australia–China Council and the Australian Academy for the Humanities. In China we have been supported by the Museum of Chinese History, the Fujian Museum, the Museum of Overseas Communication History and the University of Ximen. I would like to acknowledge Dr Peter Burns of the Department of History at Adelaide University who was responsible for getting many of these projects underway.