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Maritime Archaeology in Sri Lanka, the Galle Harbour Project-1993: an interim report

Author/s J.N. Green, K. Millar and S. Devendra

Year of publication 1992

Report Number: 65

The 1993 programme was the second undertaken in Sri Lanka with the objective to provide maritime archaeological and conservation training for Sri Lankan archaeologists and conservators. The 1992 programme, which was based in Galle, identified the need for a research component to be incorporated in the training programme. The project was sponsored by: the Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka; the Central Cultural Fund (CCF); the Postgraduate Department of Archaeology (pGIAR); the Australian Research Council; the DepartrnentofForeign Affairs and Trade; and the Western Australian Maritime Museum. The project is  recognized as an Associated Project to UNESCO's Integral Study of the Silk Roads: Roads of Dialogue.

Following the 1992 recommendations, a group of ten students were selected to be trained in basic scuba diving techniques at the start of the 1993 programme. This was coordinated by Karen Millar with the training undertaken by Lotti Beichert.

Work continued on the shipwreck database begun in 1992; that is the collection of information from sites in and around Galle Harbour and a more detailed investigation on selected sites. A report on the 1992 work is to be published by the CCF (Green & Devendra, 1993).

During the 1993 programme, three new wreck sites were located: Site I (which was searched for in 1992, but not found); Site K; and Site L. In addition, and at the invitation of the Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka, a brief investigation was undertaken of the wreck site at the Great Basses, discovered and investigated by Arthur C. Clarke and Mike Wilson in 1963.