Shipwreck Databases Western Australian Museum

The Photogrammetric Analysis of the Santo Antonio de Tanna

Author/s Shaw, L.R.

Year of publication 2018

Report Number: No. 326

This report describes the re-analysis of images taken in 1978 and 1979 of the Santo Antonio de Tanna Shipwreck. The Santo Antonio de Tanna was a Portuguese ship which sank of the coast of Mombasa, Kenya in 1698. Through the dataset available are a series of images, taken underwater, of the remains of the shipwreck. 570 images of the shipwreck were captured over the two consecutive years, with 276 images captured in 1978 and 294 images captured in 1979. As the images were taken with two cameras mounted as a stereo-pair, this report attempts to identify whether processing the images with a stereo-pair constraint will enable the images to be successfully