Shipwreck Databases Western Australian Museum

Port related structures on the coast of Western Australia

Author/s D.A. Cumming, D. Garratt, M. McCarthy, A. Wolfe

Year of publication 1995

Report Number: 98

Executive Summary
A survey of port related structures on the coast of Western Australia has been undertaken by the Western Australian Maritime Museum assisted by a number of specialists. notably a retired engineer and author, the late Denis Cumming. They in turn were assisted by many others, including consultants,local historical societies, volunteers and schoolchildren.

The study began in March 1993, was completed in October 1995 and aimed to complete the following tasks:

  1. To develop all historic framework for port related structures in Western Australia
  2. To develop a system for establishing the relative significance of these structures and sites
  3. To assess the structures and sites through physical survey with regard to 1. and 2. above
  4. Publish results and make nominations to the Register(s) of The National Estate. the Heritage Council of Western Australia and Municipal Heritage Inventories

The short European history of Western Australia and its relatively small population, especially in some of the remote areas studied, required that a loose definition of the term 'port' be applied for the purposes of this study i.e., a place for the loading and unloading of vessels.