Shipwreck Databases Western Australian Museum

Report on the 2007 Western Australian Museum, Department of Maritime Archaeology, Batavia National Heritage Listing Archaeological Fieldwork.

Author/s Souter, C.

Year of publication 2007

Report Number: No. 12

 The Western Australian Museum’s Department of Maritime Archaeology conducted archaeological surveys and excavation at selected sites in the Wallabi Group, Abrolhos Islands from 1–9 February 2007. This report is the preliminary results from this fieldwork which was funded through an Australian Government ‘Gift to the Nation’ to celebrate Heritage Places. The content of this report deals specifically with selected pre-settlement terrestrial sites associated with the Batavia  shipwreck (1629) although the area is also renowned for sites associated with post-settlement or colonial shipwrecks and sites associated with maritime trade and industry. The purpose of this work was to accurately record the position and test the archaeological potential of selected sites on West Wallabi, Long, East Wallabi and Beacon islands. This information will then be used to formulate future research and management strategies for terrestrial archaeological sites in the Wallabi Group.