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Sri Lanka 2005-the search for HMAS Vampire (1942) and the VOC ship Dolfijn (1663)

Author/s J.N. Green and C. Souter

Year of publication 2005

Report Number: 205

As part of the second of the Shipwreck Detectives documentary series, produced by Prospero Productions, two episodes in Sri Lanka were identified as potential programmes. The first project was centred around an attempt to locate HMAS Vampire, the escort destroyer that was sunk together with the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes by the Japanese in 1942. The second programme outlined the work in Galle, on the Dutch VOC shipwreck sites, particularly the work of the Netherlands Government funded operation which the Western Australian Museum instigated in 1992. As part of a segment of that programme, a search for the Vereengide Oostindischie Compagnie (VOC or Dutch United East India Company) ship Dolfijn (1663).