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RP18307 - 8 Reales (1801 IJ)


Coin Heritage

Mint Mark IJ

Province Mint Lima

Soverign Issuer Carlos IV

Coin Type8 Reales

Country of OriginSpanish America

Date 1801 IJ

Coin Details

Weight 25.82g

Composition Silver

Condition aEF

Date Found 1979

Museum Reference

Registration Number 18307

Catalogue Yr 258

Map of shipwreck


An American China trader wrecked at Ningaloo reef in 1811. The first example of an outwardbound American China trader to be examined from the archaeological perspective. Reported in the Columbian Sentinel dated 3 August 1811 to have had
$280 000 in specie on its outward journey from Boston.
Rapid departed Boston for Canton on 28 September 1810. After rounding the
Cape of...