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The Leander was an ex-whaler that was wrecked on 13 November 1853. In bound to Champion Bay she ran aground on a then unmarked reef just south of the Irwin River which is now known as the Leander Reef. The ship was near to the shore which enabled all the crew and passengers to save themselves and to set up a kedge anchor and line to save valuables, provisions and other useful items to erect shelters on the beach. They were unable to save the water casks however, all were broken. The survivors spent an uncomfortable couple of weeks on the beach. Captain Johnson thought they were only four miles north of the Irwin River settlement and during the first days after the wreck some of the survivors tried to walk to the settlement . No settlement was found. At this time there were problems with the ‘Malay’ crew. They had fallen out with the Captain and decided to attempt to walk to Fremantle. Half returned to the camp but the rest died. Eventually one of the passengers , Mr Evans, decided to walk north. He came across an Aboriginal who was able to take him to a station on the Irwin River owned by Lockier Burge.

Associated Tribe Amangu

Contact Evidence Verified

Type of contact Helpful

Year 1853

Nationality English

Location near Irwin

Source European