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The Mariano ran aground at Jarman Island on 13 December 1878. The crew remained on board awaiting the spring tides in hopes to float her off again, but after a few days were unable to contain a leak and during a cyclone on 22 December two of the ships boats were smashed. The crew were now in some danger and hoisted the upside down ensign to signal for help. Four Europeans and two Aboriginals manned a boat which rowed out to the Mariano, taking half the crew back with them and the remaining ship’s boat was able to take the remaining crew so all were saved. The officers and crew of the ship sent a letter to the Herald in 1879 , thanking the rescuers and suggesting a bravery recognition. The Europeans were named, but not the Aboriginals.

Associated Tribe Jaburrarra

Contact Evidence Verified

Type of contact Helpful

Year 1878

Nationality Australian

Location Jarman Island

Source European