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Crown of England (1912/03/21)

Wreck Point, Depuch Island

Remarkable escape of 1st mate who was carried over starboard bows by a tremendous wave, into the raging sea only to be caught by a second wave and hurled back clean over the top of the doomed vessel dropping into the water on the other side was caught again by a wave which landed him high on the rocks of Depuch and from where he made good his escape.


Ship Built

Owner Johan P. Pederson and Sons, Kristiana, NOrway

Master Captain M. Olson

Builder R. Williamson & Son

Country Built UK

Port Built Workington

Port Registered Kristiana, Norway

When Built 1883

Ship Lost

Gouped Region North-West

Sinking Loading at anchor, cyclone

Crew 18

Deaths 8

When Lost 1912/03/21

Where Lost Wreck Point, Depuch Island

Latitude -20.617493

Longitude 117.73213

Position Information Aerial Photo 2006

Port From Depuch Island

Port To Depuch Island

Cargo Copper ore

Ship Details

Engine N

Length 81.20

Beam 12.50

TONA 1847.00

TONB 1724.00

Draft 7.00

Museum Reference

Official Number 4039 (563 Ship)

Unique Number 308

Sunk Code Foundered

File Number 2009/0097/SG _MA-18/79

Chart Number AUS 740, 1055

Protected Protected Federal

Found Y

Inspected Y

Date Inspected 1978/08

Confidential NO