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Sanko Harvest (31821)

Harvest Reef, 12 miles off Esperance

Co-ordinates 12' off Esperance


Ship Built

Owner Seawall Shipping Corporation (The Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd, Tokyo - managing agent)

Master In Hyeon Kim

Builder Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd

Country Built Panama

Port Registered Panama

When Built 1985

Ship Lost

Gouped Region South-Coast

Sinking Hit reef

Crew 20

Deaths none

When Lost 31821

Where Lost Harvest Reef, 12 miles off Esperance

Latitude -34.1239666667

Longitude 122.08105

Position Information chart

Port From Tampa, USA

Port To Esperance, WA

Cargo Phosphate, 570 tons fuel, 74 tons diesel

Ship Details

Engine N

Length 167.60

Beam 27.00

TONA 33024.00

Draft 14.80

Museum Reference

Official Number 8307521

Unique Number 1504

Registration Number 14984-85-B

Sunk Code Wrecked and sunk

File Number 2010/0034/SG _MA-69/72

Protected Not protected Federal

Found Y

Inspected N

Confidential NO