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DENNANT, Janet A 1974 Britanis

Lived in Cervantes for first 6 months then Como for 10 years before moving to Yokine. Built house in Quinns Rocks in 1989. Involved with...

DAVIS, JC, PA & LJ 1966 Fairsea

Not sure of exact date of arrival

DELANEY, AJPM & S 1974 Patris 397
D'ERCOLE, Vincenzo 1927 Palermo

Left Italy, wife & 6 month old son whom he did not see again for 23 years. He helped build the Kalgoorlie Pipeline & worked in Manjimup...

DI CICCO, Giuseppe 1960 Australia 396
DUFFY, Mark A 1967 Fairsky

Arrived with his parents, Anthony L.P. Duffy and Sylvia Duffy, together with sister, Tanya. Attended South Coogee Primary and Armadale High...

DALAIS, Kenneth & Blanche 1966 Northern Star 395
DALAIS, Neil 1966 Northern Star 395
DHU (DEW), Heffer & Jane 1853 Clara

Agricultural labourer - migrated to Australia (WA) 34 years old with wife and 6 children - had 4 more children in Australia. Farm labourer and...

DUNNE, Bernard 1951 Orion

Worked on Emerald Farm, Watcham, Victoria, then went to Portrenlhla Steel Works until 1956 - We then returned to Ireland.

DUXBURY, Annie Constance 1923 Balranald

Annie Duxbury - nee Wood - WW1 widow leaves son Oliver with parents and migrates with Mary Kindle. Meets Fred Keading, married 1925, pioneered...

DA RE, Claudio 1954 Australia 394
DA RE, Florio 1954 Australia 394
DA RE, Franco 1949 Ugolino Vivaldi 394
DA RE, Lidia 1954 Australia 394
DA RE, Seconda 1954 Oceania 394
DA RE, Vittorio 1952 Oceania 394
DELL'ANNA, Anelia 1955 Oceania 394
DELL'ANNA, Gino 1951 Napoli 394
DI GIACOMO, Sergio 1960 Australia 394
DANIELE, Giovanni 1968 Guglielmo Marconi

Giovanni came to Australia to seek new fortunes, adventures and to continue his trade as a professional carpenter. He married Filomena in 1972 and...

DEMARTE, Gaetano 1950 Ugolino Vivaldi

Gaetano was one of seven children. At 19 he served in World War II from Feb 1940 - Apr 1946. He departed Italy in 1950 for Western Australia to...

DI CESARE, Filomena 1969 Angelina Lauro

Filomena came to Australia as a young girl with her family to start a fresh life. She married Giovanni Daniele in 1972 and had three wonderful...

DI BIASE, Annamaria 1952 Roma 392
DI BIASE, Giulia 1952 Roma 392
DI BIASE, Giuseppe 1950 Surriento 392
D'AGOSTINO, Dante 1960 Roma 391
D'AGOSTINO, Maurizia & Rob 1961 Oceania 391
DANN, Thomas & Elizabeth 1886 Oriana

The Dann Family had been successful Hop farmers in Kent. Their ten children accompanied them, seven girls & three boys, from nineteen years...

DUGMORE, Charles Stephen 1927 Baradine

Charles Stephen Dugmore was fourteen when he arrived at Fremantle with his parents, brothers and sisters. Settling on the Golden Pipeline....

D'ANGELO, Sabato & Giovana 1952 Aurelia

Migrant here with wife and daughter. Today he still resides in Mt Lawley and has 3 daughters, 5 grand children and 6 great grand children.

DEL CASALE, Grazia 1952 Oceania

Married Giuseppe Del Casale via correspondance from Italy. Immigrated to Australia to meet up with her new husband. No Children. Amazing sewer and...

DEL CASALE, Guiseppe 1927 Palermo

Married Grazia Passeretto (DOB 25/6/1923) from Vasto Italy via correspondance whilst in Australia. Lived in Mt Hawthorn until his death (stroke...

DENIC, Bronislawa 1949 Amarapoora

Captured by the Germans at the age of 13. Forced to work in a German Hospital. Worked hard in Australia supporting her husband to raise four...

DENIC, Olivera 1949 Amarapoora

Was educated at St.Joseph's, Victoria Square, Perth. Has two brothers and a sister. Married, has two sons.

DENIC, Vlastimir 1949 Amarapoora

Was an interpreter for Australian Army at Guildford Barracks. Worked at the Midland Workshops as a painter for 30 years. Played soccer, later...

DICHIERA, Ilario 1951 Australia

Left his pregnant wife in Italy to migrate and search for employment to pay to send for his wife and new born son to follow to Australia

DICHIERA, Maria R 1956 Neptunia

Came with new born son to meet husband who had arrived in 1951 to settle in WA. Had another son 1 year later.

DICHIERA, Pasquale 1956 Neptunia

Arrived as a 4 year old to see his father for the first time in Australia, as his Father had left Italy in search of work before he was born.

DONATTI, Luigi & Maria 1908 Roon

Luigi settled in Kalgoorlie, worked as a woodcutter / prospector for 5 yrs before returning to Ponte, Italy for 6 mths. He returned to Kalgoorlie...

DORIGO, Giusepppe 1938 Viminale

Giuseppe worked in machinery maintenance for mining industry around Cue(W.A.) It was 10 years before he could afford to send for his wife,...

DI MARCO, Alba Maria 1959 Oceania

Married Giuseppe Odorisio in 1964. Has 2 children - Nino and Angelica, and 3 grandchildren - Sienna, Christian and Emilia.

DI MARCO, Antonio 1950 Napoli

Sponsored by Lazzareno Marrone. Was injured clearing farmland. Returned to Italy in 1952, then back to Australia in 1954. He was joined by his...

DI MARCO, Giovina 1959 Oceania

Married to Antonio Di Marco. Raised Maria and Peter and worked the small family farmland while Antonio worked in Australia. Grandmother of Nino,...

DI MARCO, Peter Nicola 1959 Oceania

Attended CBHS Highgate then UWA where he graduated with a BSc (Hons) and PHD in biochemistry. Worked in Inglewood fruit market during high school...

DEERE, William & Mary Ann 1854 Victory

Also known as 'Deer'. Farmed at Swan 1872-1879. Employed 4 T/L men 1867-1872 at West and Upper Swan. Mary Ann received outdoor relief 1882. Family...

DIXON, Edward G & Amelia J 1913 Australind

Married Normington England 25 December 1888. Amelia reunited with husband Edward 'George' arrived in 1912 with son James Herbert 'Bert' and...

DAVIDSON, Paul Robert 1972 Achille Lauro 386
DAVIES Family 1960 Strathnaver 386
DI MASI, Fillipo 1927 Re D'Italia 386