Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
JUVAKKA, Pirjo & Sirpa 1960 Strathnaver 35
JUVAKKA, Eino & Annikki 1960 Strathnaver 35
JUTTE, Johannes & Aleida A 1955 Sibajak

Johannes Jacobus Antonius and Aleida A ten Broeke married 21/1/56 Highgate parish and have four children, Roger, Mary-Ann, Lynette and Michael....

JURY, Richard & June 1952 Oronsay 44
JURKIEWICZ, Pawel & Lucja 1950 Fairsea

After the end of WW2, Pawel Jurkiewicz and Lucja-Stefania Kaczmarek were displaced persons in IRO camps in Germany. They married at Hohenfels on...

JURISICH Janice Rose 1966 Arcadia

Came for working holiday only but met future husband in Perth and settled permanently.

JURICH, Mate 1938 Remo 121
JURICH, Danica 1938 Remo 121
JURICEV, Stjepan 1940 Oronsay

Arrived in Fremantle and joined his uncle and aunt who were living and working on a market garden in Munster. He corresponded and sent for his...

JURAS, J, A & Family 1950 General Hersey

First impression of Australia end of the world. After just blue sky & sea for days, rusty 44 gallon drums on wharf and people handing out...

JURACICH, Simon 1924 Orsova

Simon travelled to USA from Le XXXX France on ship named "France". Returning home to Mune (Austria) he was conscripted into the Austrian Army and...

JURACICH, John 1927 Osterley

Born Austrian Territory, moved Italy after WW1 and Yugoslavia after WW2. Arrived Australia with one suitcase, could speak three languages (...

JUPP, Samuel H & Sarah Ann 1866 Robert Morrison

Publican of Miners' Arms Inn, Nabawa. Orchardist on 100 acres, on Roadboard Church of Eng layman, Farmers Fruit Growers Assoc., 1st chairman...

JUNK, William 1934 Bendigo

Married Bessie Turner 5/02/1938 Three children, Maurice William Junk, Courtney Alexander Junk and Ronald Dennis Junk

JUNG Family 1972 Australis

Anton and Helga were enticed to Perth by relatives who had migrated after the Second World War.

JUMP, James C 1971 Ellinis

Moved to Sydney NSW in 1971, got married in 1973, went to PNG in 1974 returned to Perth in 1977 now have two adult sons and reside in Perth's...

JULIAN, NW, HM & Family 1965 Fairsea 89
JULIA, Danuta 1958 Sydney

My parents, Wanda and Zydnazab Horawicz became what's known as "quiet achievers" in Australia and Tadeusz, my brother, represented WA in bridge...

JUKES, Ron & Brenda 1959 Iberia 68
JUJNOVICH, Ante 1968 Galileo Galilei

Son of Ivan and Mila Jujnovic.

JUHASZ, Josefine 1950 Anna Salen

Josefine & Imre had 7 children, (from eldest to youngest) Trudi, Gunther, Eva, Edith, Ilona, Cathy & Carolyn.

JUEITT, Anne (O'HARE), B & S 1968 Fairstar

Anne Jueitt (nee O'Hare) along with her mother Irene Sarah O'Hare arrived in Fremantle with her 2 children Barbara Jueitt (now Lee), mother of...

JUDD, Susan Patricia 1957 Hector

Susan worked for 3 years before travelling overseas in Europe and New Zealand on a working holiday. She returned to Australia in 1963 and married...

JUDD, Reginald P & Celia A 1963 Northern Star

After arriving in Australia with nothing, in nine years we were running our own musical instrument repair business

JUDD, John 1904 Oldenburg

Carpenter. Teacher at Tech. school 1913-1949. Lived until 99-1/2 years.

JUDD Family 1925 Orama

Mary Judd along with her 2 children Emma & Edward Judd came out to WA to join her husband, father Charles Judd to settle & start a new...

JUBB, Irvine & Nellie 1957 Orontes 14
JOZWICKI Family 1950 Skaugum

Stanislaw & his wife Antonina, Polish WWII refugees, came to WA with their children - Janina, Stanislaw (Jnr), Eugieniusz, Karol (Bogumil),...

JOZEFOWICZ Family 1950 Anna Salen 13
JOYCE, Violet & Mervyn 1949 Arawa

The Joyce family was repatriated from India to UK on British Army's Operation Biscuit in 1948, later re-locating to Western Australia in 1948...

JOYCE, Louisa 1843 Success

Louisa Joyce (Betsy?) daughter of William Joyce - carpenter (quote Solomon Cook & Louisa Burgess' marriage cert. nee Joyce). She was a...

JOYCE, John 1830 Rockingham

On arrival on the sailing ship Rockingham, early records show he carried Lady Stirling ashore. He was granted 3000 acres of pastoral lease, built...

JOYCE, Edith & Madeleine 1964 Northern Star

Edith Laura Frances Joyce was widowed in January 1963 and migrated with daughter Madeleine Frances Joyce in 1964. One other child Martin Howard...

JOYCE Family 1921 Demosthenes

1st person - Harry William Joyce. 2nd person - Caroline Sarah Joyce nee Wellard. The family lived in Edmonton, London. After arriving in Albany...

JOYCE Family 1966 Castel Felice

We had nine children when we arrived in Fremantle.

JOY, Frank, Lorna & Family 1967 Fairsky

We were a very young and optimistic family with two small boys and no other family in Australia.We had no idea what to expect, except a lot of...

JOWLE, G & M 1974 Eastern Princess

Arrived in Australia with four children to start a new life. Settled in the Rockingham area.

JOVCIC, Radomir 1971 Marconi

Husband of Boja Jovcic, father of Zdravko & zoran. Grandfather of Marc and Jasmine. Father in Law of Susan Jovcic

JOSLIN, David & Sarah 1868 Hougoumont

David was a soldier in the 2nd Regiment in the Queen's Royal Kaffir war in India, 1850-1853 and also at the 2nd Chinese war 1856-1860. The...

JOSIFOVSKI, Vesela 1962 Neptunia

aged 8 when she arrived in Australia. Married Cane Icanovski Nov 1972, has three sons by this marriage, Paul (born May 1974), Michael (born July...

JOSIFOVSKI, Mitre 1960 Flaminia

Mitre was followed by his family, wife Marija, son Illia (Lou) and daughter Vesela (Val) in 1962

JOSIFOVSKI, Marija 1962 Neptunia

Husband Mitre settled in Australia in 1960 then arranged for wife Marija and their children son Illia (born July 1950) and daughter Vesela (born...

JOSIFOVSKI, Illia 1962 Neptunia

Illia was aged 12 when he arrived in Australia. Married Stephanie Lorraine Smith in October 1982 and has two children Brianna Mara (born July 1985...

JOSEPH Family 1972 Malaysia

Teresa Joseph, accompanied by sons Mervyn, Zacharia Jnr, Tom, John and Paul arrived to join husband/father (Zacharia Joseph Snr)who had arrived...

JOSEPH Family 1948 Esperance Bay

Clara Beatrice (mother 11/3/1919), Ernest Rodger (son 18/4/1939), Vernon Peter (son 7/10/1940), Spencer Ian (son 14/9/1944), Montague Emil (son 16...

JORY, Edward John 1959 Oronsay 154
JÖRISSEN, Herman & Elizabeth 1954 Sibajak

The Jörissens arrived with their sons Jan & Gerry (19 + 12 years). Jan married Shirley Hall. Children; Gerald, Elizabeth, Peter, Maria &...

JORISSEN, Arnold Peter 1955 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Noel and family had many war-time experiences. Also assisted father and grandfather in cigar making and basket weaving. Father (dec), Mother, 3...

JORGENSEN, Henry 1950 Tureby

Served with the State Shipping Service 25yrs & State Sidecar Champion Claremont Speedway 1952/53 season. Married Nancy in Fremantle settled in...

JORDAN, Roisin & Cailin 1974 Fedor Shalypin

Rosin married David Bombardieri 17/10/1991 at Lesmurdie, daughters Laura & Matilda, living Maida Vale. Roisin 13 years Qantas & David...