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LINCOLN, Domenico 1952 Hellenic Prince

On arrival continued his trade as a Stone Mason with Wilson and Grey and then Paganin. Remembrance Wall at Kings Park, first stages under Narrows...

LINCOLN, Francesco 1953 Surriento

5 years of age when he arrived. After finishing school he worked as a Technician with PMG - Telecom for over 30 years. Has 2 sons, Christian and...

LINCOLN, Maria 1953 Surriento

Apart from being a Wife and Mother, was a competent Tailoress and Seamstress. Married to Domenico Lincoln, 2 sons, Umberto and Francesco.

LINCOLN, Umberto 1953 Surriento

Worked as a Tailor, then took a break working in the first coffee shops serving only cappuccinos with the arrival of the first coffee espresso...

LISCIA, Filomena A 1958 Sydney 191
LARDICOS, DB, O & BD 1952 Strathmore 193
LANESE, Iolanda 1962 Oceania

Left Italy to rejoin husband Luigi Tudino already in Australia who arrived in 1956. Second eldest daughter of Giovanni Lanese and Maria Trivisonno...

LOPRESTI, Carmelo 1958 Toscana

Left Italy to join his father Francesco already in Australia who arrived in 1956. Married Angelina Tudino and have three children Rosemarie, Nancy...

LOPRESTI, Francesco 1956 Paolo Toscanelli

Left Italy to build a life of great opportunities for his family. Son of Carmelo and Rosaria Lopresti who both went to America for a better life....

LOPRESTI, Maria 1958 Toscana

Daughter of Leone and Maria Giglia. Left Italy with son Carmelo, daughters Maria and Sarina to rejoin husband Francesco who was already in...

LYNE, Albert & Elizabeth 1948 Asturias

All loved Australia. Dad built us a nice home. Between the children, we had eight offspring. Two are teachers. Three are nurses. One is a...

LYNE, Jean, Sheila & David 1948 Asturias

All loved Australia. Dad built us a nice home. Between the children, we had eight offspring. Two are teachers. Three are nurses. One is a...

LARNEY, Anne Patricia 1953 Strathmore

Anne Patricia Larney settled in Dongara at St Dominics Priory where she trained in preparation for her life as a Dominican Sister. In 1955 she was...

LITWINCZUK, George 1950 Skaugum

George Litwinczuk came to Australia to find a new life. He was a hard worker and provided a secure family environment for his wife and children....

LOWTHER, Brian & Patricia 1974 Guglielmo Marconi

The Lowther family originally settled in the Fremantle area and later moved to Rockingham.

LEEUWANGH, Gerard 1950 Maetsuycker

Divorced in 1950 and remarried (Audrey Ruth Evans) in 1956, brought up 8 children, 6 daughters and 2 sons. Settled later in Morley. Became a...

LETTIERI, Antonio 1961 Sydney

His love and interest was his own family, to give a better life and more opportunities to his children. He always gave his best and was a very...

LOCKERBIE, Myrna 1961 Strathnaver 199
LOCKERBIE, Stuart Ewen 1961 Strathnaver 199

Thank God I'm here.

LUCCHESE, Francesco 1967 Galileo Galilei 199
LUCCHESE, Vincenzina 1967 Galileo Galilei 199
LUKASIK, Gabriele Theresia 1950 Anna Salen

Gabriele arrived with her parents in 1950 when she was 18 months old. Gabriele was raised in Boulder with her 6 younger sisters and 2 younger...

LUKASIK, Stanislaw & Lydia 1950 Anna Salen

Stan and Lydia with their daughter Gabriele settled in Boulder. Stan worked as a miner and Lydia in the Hotel Industry. They raised 9 children in...

LYSZCZAK, Zofia-Maria 1950 General ML Hersey

Married Des Hughes 23/12/1964 @ Northam. Children: Richard, Wendy and Jennifer became Australian Citizens on 13/05/1973.

LANG, E, WM, GA & WE 1970 Fairsky

Our decision to emigrate was easy. In the cold, economically drpressed winter of 69-70 the lure of endless summers and boundless opportunity was...

LOFTHOUSE, Richard & Dora 1910 Seydlitz

Richard & Dora became farmers in Wokalup and raised four children - Marjorie, Richard, Ben & Joan.

LLOYD DA SILVA Family 1968 Angelina Lauro 20
LAZARUS, Margaret Joy 1950 Cameronia 20
LENNOX, John & Annie 1951 New Australia

John Lennox was sponsered by his sister Agnes who arrived in Fremantle 16/10/1928. Agnes had come to Australia to join her brother Patrick Lennox...

LONGBOTTOM, Peter 1963 Orcades

Worked for Laporte Aus. Ltd.Bunbury1963 - 1981
1983 - 1993 Aquanal Services BY,then retired and moved to Rockingham

LOVELL Family 1973 Australis 20
LAITY, Evelyn Joyce 1957 Fairsea

Arrived in 1957 as Evelyn Joyce Burnett - Re-married in Port Hedland in 1969 - Evelyn Joyce Laity.

LANZA-VOLPE, Antonio & Maria 1970 Angelina Lauro 20
LAZZARONI, Domenica 1934 Oronsay 200
LODA, Giuseppe 1969 Galileo Galilei

With his trade as a Glass-Glazier, Giuseppe arrived in Australia looking for work and a new life. Married in 1973 to Mary Bartolomei and had 3...

LINTOTT Family 1920 Ceramic

Arrived in WA under the 'Returned Soldier Scheme', with children, Ernest (15), Mabel (13), Olive (10), Fred (8), Charles (2) and Florence (1)....

LISHMAN, Derek & Family 1966 Iberia

Got involved in voluntary work, School Canteen, P & C. Derek a Founder Member of Whitford & Districts Cricket Club. Coach, manager, umpire...

LOUGHNEY, Carmel 1972 Ellinis 204
LYS, Michal, Janina, Irena 1949 Anna Salen

When first arrived in Australia lived in tents and worked on the railway line. Have since raised seven children and now have 21 grandkids and one...

LA TOSA, Michele 1969 Achille Lauro 205
LOCKETT, Marc J 1966 Achille Lauro 205
LOCKWOOD, Brian 1960 Fairsea

Married WA. Girl 4/11/67 Daughter Natalie Ruth 30/12/70 Son Robert Sean 12/2 73 Retired Nov. 1993

LAMBIE Family 1950 New Australia

Sam and Nan Lambie with their three children and family dog (Boxer, first bitch in WA). Eldest son retired as LTCOL in the Australian Army, second...

LIVESEY, CR, EH, SR & A 1968 Achille Lauro 207
LINDSEY, Francis & Frances 1867 Norwood

Francis came out as a Prisoner Guard,was made Warden Fremantle Prison by 1876 & gave 11years service. He was foreman of works at Convict Dept...

LISSINGTON, Bruce R 1969 Southern Cross

Read about the new Iron Ore industry in the Pilbara when en route in Melbourne and thought thats where I am going . Lived in Port Hedland 1969-...

LOFFELMANN, Adolf 1955 Fairsea 209
LORRIMAN, Susan 1966 Australis

I was a reluctant migrant, being 19, but came to please my parents, always intending to go home after 2 years. 39 years later married with 2 sons...

LOSIK, J & M & Miroslaw 1950 General Hersey

Miroslaw Losik migrated with his parents, Jan and Michalina to Western Australia in 1950 and still resides here. Jan and Michalina had three more...