Title Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #sort icon
MANSAS, Edwinas & Martha 1949 Goya

Loved Australia, but always longed to know what happened to his parents, brothers & sisters who he never saw again when he left his home as a...

MARCHESANI Family 1954 Sydney

Michele and Maria Vincenza arrived at Fremantle with their two year old son Pietro. They followed Michele's parents and brothers in search of a...

MENCSHELYI, Imre 1950 Skaugum

Left Hungary in 1948 for political reasons. Lived a total of two years in Austria, France and West Germany.

MOORE, CG 1927 Moreton Bay

Known as Gil. Joined Northcliffe Group Settlement Scheme following migration. Moved to Boorara Road farm in early 1930s. Married May Atkinson,...

MOSTERT, Teunis 1951 Waterman 470
MARTIN, EA, K & Family 1961 Strathnaver

Edward Martin (metal worker) with wife Kathleen (sewing machinist) & sons Stephen (5) & David (2) arrived from Liverpool, England in 1961...

MORTELMAN, LS & VJ, JS & H 1971 Patris 472
McINTOSH, Angela & Ian 1969 Fairstar 473
MURRAY, Victoria (née PATON) 1951 Ormonde 474
MARSH, John Howard 1970 Ellinis

John emigrated to experience a new life. He stayed with the family of his girlfriend who had emigrated in 1969. They married in 1971.

MOORE, Edith (née WICKS) 1950 Ranchi

Sponsored by the Cant Family, and been made very welcome.

MACZURAD, Mykola 1949 Mozaffari 476
McCORMACK, John & Eleanor 1955 Strathaird

John McCormack born in Coatbridge, Scotland met Eleanor Cormode, born in Bride, Isle of Man, after he served in the RAF during WWII. They married...

McNALLY, Mac & Julie 1968 Ellinis 476
MacINNES, Duncan James 1952 Orontes

Arrived 18/07/1952 at Port of Fremantle in Western Australia. Ship continued on to Sydney NSW. Caught a train to Junee and started employment at...

MOHAMED, Moe & Celia 1988 Belorussiya

We flew from London with our young daughters Hannah and Sara to Aden, Yemen via Dubai to farewell Moe's family. Our cruise ship was the first to...

MacLEAN, Norman 1924 Orcades

Norman migrated from the village of Knockaird in Lewis, Scotland and after some time working near Northcliffe and Toodyay, went prospecting near...

MORGAN, Frank 1928 Nagina 478
MUXWORTHY Family J, S, J, L 1966 Fairstar

John 32 years, Sheila 32 years and our two girls Julia 11 years and Linda who turned 7years on the day we arrived in Fremantle. We bought a home...

MAYERS, Brian & Anne 1965 Castel Felice

We arrived four children Paul aged 8, Jayne aged 6, Jeffrey aged 3, Andrew age 1. Later on in 1968 Jason was born in England, Brian a contract...

MESSOM, John & Vivienne 1970 Ellinis 479
MEYER, Borchardt & Elfriede 1953 Castel Verde

Left East Germany 1947 for a better life. We both worked as watchmakers. Were welcomed in Western Australia, found peace and happiness, raised a...

MACARLINO Family 1955 Sydney

Giuseppe brought his family to Australia in the hope of providing his family a better future that he could provide for them in Italy. He found the...

MANCINI, Antonio 1950 Ugolino Vivaldi 48
MANCINI, Iolanda 1956 Sydney

Iolanda came to Perth to settle with her husband Antonio.

MANNOLINI, Placido 1926 Osterley

Placido came to Australia twice, initially arriving in around 1903 and then returning to Italy to marry. He came back with his brothers in 1926....

MARSTON, Ernest Lester 1911 Orsova

Family farmed dairy/slghtrd cattle for their Butchery in Brunswick.Arrived 5 yrs. Marrd 24yrs to Bell Ericka Wallgren at Pinjarra COE,23.2.1926. D...

MATHER, Jeff, Glen, Russ, Ali 1965 Oriana 48
MCCALLUM, Malcolm & Susan 1970 Fairstar

Malcolm doctor & Susan nurse had third child Kristie 25.06.1970. Lived & worked in Perth until Dec 1971. Lived in Port Hedland and worked...

MEIGHAN, Catherine & Robert 1960 Orsova

Children of Robert and Agnes Meighan.

MILLIGAN, Elizabeth 1950 Dorsetshire

A woman, whose indomitable spirit took her on her journey to Australia and saw her through the many challenges of her life. Her three children...

MINKEY, Keith & Jean 1964 Fairsky

David Minkey was born 14/9/1965. Family returned to England in 1967, then arrived back in Fremantle on the Ellenis in 1969. Settled in Sorrento....

MITCHELL, James Ernest 1867 Zephyr

James and his brother Samuel operated the Wheal Ellen mine. Married Mary Ann Bartram (1875). Mary died in 1876 and James remarried (1879) to Leah...

MOORE, Charles 1924 Esperance Bay

Sold Moores' Mossley Farm Congleton UK before migrating to Northcliffe under Group Settlement Scheme. Worked on tobacco farms in Pemberton....

MARGARIA, GC & C 1909 Yorck

Worked on mines in Gwalia then a market gardener in Osborne Park. A Perth road board member he and wife Catherine (née Giordano) had six children...

McILHAGGA, Dorothy & Basil 1947 Asturias 480
MEINEMA, Pieter & Elisabeth 1955 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Because of old age and uncertainty about the settlement destination in Australia Opa Christiaan Rietkerken who had been a member of the family...

MAJEWSKI, Stefan & Maria 1950 Skaugum

Immigrated from Germany, arrived in Port of Fremantle and transferred to Northam holding camp. Built house in Bellevue, had five sons (one...

MICHELSEN Family 1973 Britanis

It was our great adventure into the unknown, we didn't know anyone or speak the language. Just knew we were going to a better place.

MILNER, Ronald & Annie 1951 Orcades 482
MARSHALL, Kenneth 1949 Empire Brent

Kenneth Londen' left England to make a new life (he came from a broken home) so he changed his name to Marshall which was done legally June 1954....

MAZZEGA, Giovanni 1951 Neptunia 484
MYSIOR, Wilhelmine & Krista 1949 Dundalk Bay 484
MYSIOR, Zdzislaw 1949 Dundalk Bay

Zdzislaw & Wilhelmine met & married in Germany during the final years of WWII. Their daughter, Krista was born 21/09/1946. The family...

MACCIONE, Giovanni & Maria 1951 Napoli

Giovanni arrived Fremantle 1951. His wife Maria and son Francesco arrived on ship Napoli 1952. He worked the Collie mines, as brickie and Perth...

MALCO, Kosma 1937 Oronsay

With courage, strength & sheer determination, my Father & Mother came to Perth, Western Australia to forge a new life for themselves...

MARCON, A & C & A & M 1937 Viminale 486
MARCON, Giuseppe 1927 Palermo 486
MARSHALL, Albert Edward 1906 China

As a young 20 year old, Albert was sent to Perth as a marine fitter to install the engine in the police launch 'Cygnet'. He stayed in Perth,...

MEIGHAN, Robert & Agnes 1960 Orsova

The family settled intially in Willagee, then Shelley and Willetton. Robert and Agnes ran pastrycook businesses in Cottesloe. South Perth,...