Title Arrival Yearsort icon Ship Name Story Panel #
QUARTERMAINE, Elijah 1838 Britomart

Pioneer farmer of Katanning and woodmilling started there in 1848. Prior at York at Yangedine for Viveash 1839 and at Guildford at Oabroad Farm...

QUARTERMAINE, Elijah 1838 Britomart

Elijah was the original white settler at Katanning in 1842 where he took up farming leases and settled in 1854. Elijah and Elizabeth had 13...

QUARTERMAINE, Charles 1838 Britomart

Charles married Ellen Jane Wright in 1860 and settled in Wagin where he was a successful farmer at Mayfield. They had one daughter and two sons....

QUARTERMAINE, Elijah & Eliz 1838 Britomart

Elijah settled in Katanning in 1862 and was the first white settler there. He was a pastorilist holding significant tracts of land, running his...

QUINN, Catherine 1853 Clara

Catherine Quinn born in Meath, Baalbriggen County, Ireland came on a 'bride ship'. She worked as a maidservant for Mrs Chidlow after being...

QUINN, Stephen 1912 Belgic

Known as the "Little Scotchman" he was employed by the Fremantle Harbour Trust on the "Ivanhoe" as a stoker. He married Nellie Coram in 1923 and...

QUINN, Alice 1912 Beljic

Born Glasgow Scotland, migratef to Fremantle with brother Stephen in 1922. Married George Coram 1913. He was Capswain on Ivanhoe, Lady Forrest...

QUINN, Anne Kathleen 1921 Ormonde

Anne migrated with her mother and sister to Australia following the death of her father a career soldier in Ireland. In 1924 she married James...

QUIGLEY, Barbara & Nancy 1923 Moreton Bay

Following Father's death Nov 1924 the family moved to King River where mother Beatrice taught school. Accommodation was provided. Nancy married...

QUIGLEY, John & Beatrice 1923 Unknown

John & Beatrice travelled ahead of daughters Barbara, Nancy & Suzanne. John died, result of an accident Nov 1924. January 1925 the family...

QUAYLE, Robert & Florence 1923 Barrabool

Three subsequent children were born in WA - Vernon Moore Quayle (1923-1992), Gloria (James/Mansom) (1930-2000) & Judith (Allen) (1935-). The...

QUADRIO, Cristofo & Caterina 1929 Ville D'Amiens

In 1925 Cristoforo & Caterina had returned to Italy with Joseph, Josephine & Dolores (children born in Kalgoorlie). After 4 years they...

QUINN, Tom, Sarah & Family 1948 Empire Brent

Sarah (Nell) & Tom Quinn, and their chldren Sheila, Michael & John left England with sister Molly & Jim Campbell and their children,...

QUINLAN, Michael Joseph 1950 Otranto

Michael left Ireland following the early death of both parents. Upon arriving in Australia, Michael married Joan and raised six children James,...

QUIGLEY, Joseph 1951 Somersetshire

One of 8 Quigley brothers, all born in Ireland. Joseph (Joe) and brother Tom initially left Ireland to work in London, returning to Ireland erly...

QUINZI, Sabatino 1952 Castel Bianco 10
QUAYLE, Anthony 1952 New Australia 12
QUATTRINI, Fernando 1952 Florentia

Came to Australia for a better life. Worked on the railways for many years before becoming a taxi driver. Met and married his wife Anna in...

QUAKERNAAT Family 1953 Fairsea 273
QUIGLEY, William James 1953 New Australia

In the care of the Sisters of St. Joseph's, then moved to CBAS Tardun in care of Christian Brothers.

QUARLES DE QUARLES, W & H 1954 Maetsuycker

After arriving from Dutch East Indies, settled in WA, studied accountancy, graduated and eventually established own accountancy practice.

QUARESIMIN, Danilo 1954 Fairsea

Married Agata Vecchio in 31/12/1956. Had 2 children Frank & Robert. Main occupation after arrival was shoemaker.

QUINN, Colm 1955 Otranto

Joseph & Anne Quinn from Durrow co.offaly raised nine children. Two of them Colm & Pyllis settling in Australia. Colm married Eileen Breen...

QUILTER, Theresa (Tess) 1955 Otranto

Migrated with family - father Ted, mother Rose & sister Bridget Christine.

QUVANG-PEDERSEN, Bernhard F 1956 Orontes

Transferred initially to Holden Immigration Centre, Northam, WA before moving to Mackay, Queensland in November 1956. Retired to Nambour,...

QUVANG-PEDERSEN, Hjørdis 1956 Orontes

Moved to Mackay Queensland with parents, November 1956. Married (Marley) & currently living in Brisbane.

QUVANG-PEDERSEN, Inger M 1956 Orontes

Transferred initially to Holden Immigration Centre, Northam, WA before moving to Mackay, Queensland in November 1956. Retired to Nambour,...

QUVANG-PEDERSEN, Jette 1956 Orontes

Moved to Mackay Queensland with parents, November 1956. Currently living in Brisbane.

QUAYLE, William 1958 Fairsky 53
QUINE, Maureen 1958 Strathaird

Maureen married Australian John Rock in the Isle of Man on 10 June 1958 and departed for Australia a month later.

QUANTRILL, June Kathleen 1961 Fairsky

May 5th 1962 June married Alan Belton at St Albans Church Highgate. Alan was also a paaenger on the Fair Sky. After 3 years in Perth they spent 28...

QUARMBY, Elsie & Sally 1961 Strathaird

My father worked in Roebourne at the time. My grandmother & we settled in Scarborough.

QUICK Family 1962 Castel Felice

My father Kenneth Quick had spent most of his life in the British Army (28 yrs). There was nothing in England and he was going to settle in South...

QUINN, P, J & Family 1965 Iberia

Patrick and Jean were 'Ten Pound Tourist's' sponsored by BHP. Children, Susan, Michael, Patrick, Danny, Kevin and Sean. Tony born in Whyalla. The...

QUARTERMAN, Max & Erica 1965 Orcades

Arrived with toddler daughter Karen. Karen practised architecture & built first 'villas' in WA. Owned & sailed clinker cadet dinghy, now...

QUICK, Edward & Edna 1967 Fairstar

Edward (Ted) Quick and Edna Quick (nee Cleary) originally from Bow, East London. Sold their Newsagency business to emigrate to Australia with...

QUIRK, Pat 1968 Oronsay

I worked my passage to Australia from England via Holland, West Africa, to South Africa and on to Australia after coming here as a ships engineer...

QUINN, Bill & Ivy 1968 Fairsea

Ivy and Bill arrived after a harrowing trip, worked very hard, and returned to England several times. Three of their adult children settled and...

QUAGLIO, Franco & Patrizia 1969 Galileo Galilei 481
QUINTELA, Angel 1972 Ellinis 297
QUINTELA, Lara 1972 Ellinis 297
QUAH, Sally & Andrew 1972 Khabarovsk 415
QUINN Family 1973 Ellinis 101