Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
TAAFFE, Patrick & Bridie 1953 Chitral

Pat came out first in May 1952, on the recommendation of an Aussie soldier in Normandy. Found a job as a chippie, working on Fremantle Wharf and...

TABAIN, Ursa 1929 Orama

Settled first in Spearwood for approximately one month, then went on as a pioneer woman to the lime kilns near Maretha east of Kalgoorlie in Trans...

TABBAKH, Sami 1957 Unknown 47
TABBAKH, Youssef Basil 1956 Cyrenia

Youssef Tabbakh better known as Joe came to Australia to be with his family who had previously migrated to Australia. He has since had his own...

TACOMA, Eelco 1950 Volendam

Eelco was the first migrant boy, and the eldest, at Bunbury High School 1950-51. Attended Claremont Teachers' College 1953-4. Became a...

TADDEI, Francesco F 1952 Castel Bianco

When Frank arrived in Perth he worked in the forresty industry. In 1957 he married Julie Nadine and became an orchadist. Julie and Frank...

TADDEI, Giuseppe 1962 Sydney

Arrived at an age of 18. Commenced work on his brothers orchard. 4 years later his met his wife and married 11 months later, and had 4 beautiful...

TADDEI, Natalino 1963 Galileo Galilei

Nat came to Perth as a labourer. He was married to Emilia Orsi at 21 and had 3 children with 4 g/children. Through determination & hardwork he...

TAFFS, Grace Harriet 1912 Runic

Grace & Alfred Lawrence were engaged in 1908. They married two days after her arrival in Western Australia and lived on "Sturry" farm in a...

TAGLIAFERRI, Bono & Flora 1950 Ugolino Vivaldi

Bono had lived in Australia for 25 years previously, returned to Italy, married Flora and returned to Australia a second time. He worked sawing...

TAGLIAFERRI, Eugenio 1956 Australia

My father arrived unable to speak english, but learnt the language quickly and fluently. He embraced his new home with open arms and is proud to...

TAGLIAFERRI, Giulia P 1938 Esquilino

Spent the first 13 years in the mining town of Gwalia with husband Luigi and had 2 children, Lucia & Giulio. Owned a delicatessen in Fremantle...

TAGLIAFERRI, Giuseppe 1911 Konigin Luise 276
TAGLIAFERRI, Luigi S 1927 Re D'Italia

Arrived in 1927. Worked at Mt Lyall copper mine, Tasmania . Walked from Quairading to Gwalia, WA, working on route on different farms. Spent 30...

TAGLIAFERRI, Nina & Olivia 1947 Misr

Olivia married Teresio Scherini 28/4/1962. Had sons, Robert b. 27/3/1963 & John b. 16.12.1965. Both graduated from the University of WA with a...

TAGLIAFERRI, Osualdo 1939 Remo 386
TAJNSEK, Ladislaus & Romana 1950 General ML Hersey

After arrival in Fremantle, Ladislaus & Romana travelled by train to Northam Camp. They stayed there for five weeks. Both were sent to Gwalia...

TALBOT, Derek George 1961 Fairsky

Last Talbot arrival to migrate from the UK after initally fleeing the Japanese occupation of Burma during the War years. All of us ended up...

TALBOT, Ken, Nor & Family 1963 Canberra 457
TALIANCHICH, Ante 1926 Ormonde

Cut sleepers at the age of twelve for two years. Then worked on Market garden in Osbourne Park. After two years bought own Market Garden at Lake...

TALIJANCIC, Rade & Milka 1970 Galileo Galilei 211
TALLIS, Peter 1935 Remo

Original name Periclis Ioannopoulos, but changed his name by Deed Poll in 1958 to Peter Tallis.

TALLON, Tom 1970 Ellinis 199
TALLY, James 1953 Orcades 480
TAMBURRI, Mario 1955 Surriento 179
TAMBURRI, Rosa (nee D'UVA) 1954 Oceania 179
TAMIGI, Giuseppe 1965 Morconi 10
TAMM, Vilem 1948 Kanimbla

Vilem (Bill) was caught up in the Second World War and parted from his family. At the time he was attending University. He now has two sons and...

TAMPALINI, Lorenzo 1913 Unknown 182
TAMPALINI, Maria & Dorina 1936 Orontes 182
TANDER, Hendrik & Family 1956 Sibajak

Hendrik Tander was the first person to arrive in Australia with his family with the surname Tander.

TANDY, Brian & Eunice 1968 Angelina Lauro 90
TANHAM Paul Lorcan 1954 Orion

Became President of The Irish Club of WA (Inc)
Played Cricket, Hockey and now Golf.
Family man six children, Nine grandchildren.

TANK, Liane 1955 Skaubryn

Liane celebrated her 19th birthday travelling to Australia headed for Sydney. Arrived in Fremantle on April 1st and intercepted by her fiancee...

TANN Family 1962 Orion

After years in the Navy the Tanns decided to leave the cold climate of UK. The arrived in 1962 with two small daughters and son Christopher was...

TANNER Family 1964 Fairsky

Sonia & Derek Tanner, together with their sons, Ricky & Gary migrated to Adelaide in 1964 to join Sonia's mother, stepfather, uncles...

TANNER, Denise & Kim 1969 Australis

Daughters of Walter and Hazel Tanner. Migrated at ages of 11 and 7 (respectively). Now happily married to "Aussie Blokes"

TANNER, Leonard & Meg 1924 Orsova

By train to Denmark to group settlement 101. Commenced farming on Mt Lindsay rd. 5 children born Denmark ( Ira, Hugh, Ursula, Wynne, Victoria)....

TANNER, RV & CA 1964 Fairsky

My wife Carol's uncle Fred & aunty Ivy Watson emigrated from England in 1951. Carol's parents Sydney & Nellie Ash emigrated to join Fred...

TANNER, Thomas & Florence 1927 Oronsay

Migration sponsored by Church of Enlgand. Expected employment by Lever Bros didn't eventuate. Employed as a sustenance labourer on road (Yanchep...

TANNER, Walter & Hazel 1969 Australis

Migrated to the "Lucky Country" in 1969 and have since lived "happily ever after". Walter & Hazel initially migrated from Asia to UK where...

TANSEY, T & E & Family 1970 Iberia 21
TAP, Karel 1950 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt 137
TAP, Wilhelmus & Catharina 1956 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Arrived in Melbourne 10/12/1956 (day after Olympic Games finished). Left Amserdam 1/11/1956.

TAPPER, Daniel 1830 Rockingham

Daniel Tapper came to the Swan River Colony on the Rockingham with his wife Ann and two children Corelius and Frederick. They came as indentured...

TAPSELL, Robert & Shirley 1974 Australis

Robert Tapsell was a historian who published many books. Assisted in establishing the Murdoch University as a Administrator in University services...

TARABOCHIA, Antonio 1909 Ophir

Antonio was first family member to call Australia home (1909). Previously shipwrecked on journey to goldmine in New Zealand, returning home...

TARABOCHIA, Margherita 1912 Otranto

Margherita was married in LussinPiccolo (Austria) an island town in the north Adriatic Sea. Followed her husband to Australia three years later....

TARANTO Family 1949 Sebastiano Caboto

Maria Taranto, aged 13 arrived with her mother Angela Taranto. Her father Antonio Taranto had previously arrived in 1938. Her future husband...

TARANTO, Felice 1950 Toscana 376