Title Arrival Yearsort icon Ship Name Story Panel #
TRIGG, Graham John 1934 Moreton Bay

2 daughters, 3 grandsons, 1 grand daughter. Worked for Chamberlain John Deere for 33 years

TOTTEN, Alfred Frank 1934 Jervis Bay

Sent to Australia through the Fairbridge Farm School System at the age of 13.

TOMASELLI, Michele (Mike) 1934 Remo

Travelled alone. Met his father in Adelaide who emigrated in 1927. Married Australian girl. 5 children. Sheet metal tradesman. Left Italy for a...

TURPIN, Alexandra & Jean 1935 Esquilano

Alexandra and daughter Jean were reunited in Perth with husband Vic who earlier arrived from Victoria. They lived in Canning Vale and worked at...

TATCHELL, William (Bill) 1935 Otranto

William (Bill) Tatchell (13) arrived with other underprivileged Britsh children bound for Fairbridge Farm School in Pinjarra. During WWII, Bill...

TALLIS, Peter 1935 Remo

Original name Periclis Ioannopoulos, but changed his name by Deed Poll in 1958 to Peter Tallis.

TSOKOS, Mersina (née PSAROU) 1935 Ormonde

Mersina came out to Australia in her sister's name as the family were to send the eldest daughter but she refused so they sent the fairest

TAYLOR, Joseph 1935 Balranald

Joseph was born in Rochdale, England and was taken from his mother by welfare and sent to Pinjarra, WA, by the Fairbridge Society.

TOLI, Stefanos & Theodora 1936 Viminale

Stefanos was a early pioneer who worked clearing bush, farmworks & railway, sleeper cutting. Later in life he worked on the tobacco farm with...

TERACI, Frank 1936 Ormonde

Original name Francesco Ieraci. Went first at 15 yrs to Kalannie to help father clearing. 1941 interned Rottnest then Harvey 1942 chopping wood...

TOLLIS, Kata & Jean 1936 Romolo 141
TAMPALINI, Maria & Dorina 1936 Orontes 182
TRANDOS Family 1937 Orontes

Wife - Vassiliki (maiden name Tragianis) Son - Tom DOB 13/10/1936 Daughter - Connie DOB 18/09/1948 Daughter - Diane DOB 20/09/1951

TWADDLE, Eileen 1937 Ormonde

Eileen Ferrall came out to marry her fiance, Edward Twaddle. They married in St John's Church, Fremantle the next day of arrival. She had 3...

TOMASOVICH, Jozip 1937 Orient Line

Arrived at Fremantle at age of 17 yrs and joined brother to work as woodchopper in lakewood for goldmines in Kalgoorlie. In 1943 he came to Swan...

TSALIS, Lambro 1937 Strathnaver

Left Macedonia to try and build a better life for his family in Australia, leaving behind his wife, Stravroly and children, Chrissie and Phillip....

TSOLAKIS, Michael 1938 Esquilino

Michael arrived at 16 to join his sister in Boulder. Worked as tailor to bring over family. Served in Australian Army during WW2. He married Lola...

TRAVICICH, Marko 1938 Unknown

Followed his father , Peta who had emigrated to Australia over a decade before.

TARCA, Giovanni Attilio 1938 Viminale

Lake Grace for 10 years and then Perth for the rest.

TAGLIAFERRI, Giulia P 1938 Esquilino

Spent the first 13 years in the mining town of Gwalia with husband Luigi and had 2 children, Lucia & Giulio. Owned a delicatessen in Fremantle...

TOMASICH, Marica 1938 Otranto 299
TOMASICH, Rafajel 1938 Viminale

Rafajel (Rafe) travelled to his brother Marko who worked in mines at Boulder. Work could only be found as a woodcutter in Woolgangie. He married...

TRENDOS, Christos 1938 Ormonde

Born 11 April 1908 in Posdivischa, Macedonia. Married Keratsa Shianos in 1931. Daughter, Hrisanty was born in 1932. Arrived in Australia on 26...

TROPIANO, Paolo 1938 Viminale

At the age of 14 he left Italy (Rome) and sailed 32 days arriving in Fremantle in 1938. Worked on the railways, forestry and then went to Morawa...

TROPIANO, Paolo 1939 Viminale

Original Agricultural Pioneer in Morawa District. Responsible for clearing land in Morawa & South West. Also made mud bricks for Morawa Town...

TONIOLO, Adua A 1939 Remo

Aged 3 years. Travelled with mother (Santina Cecchele). Father Andrea already in Australia.

TOLCON, Elefteria 1939 Romolo

Elefteria married and became Elefteria Toccon on 16/04/1939. The Sioldas part of the name was often spelt Sholdas.

TASEFF, Pata 1939 Viminale

Pata, Michael and Spasa joined Tanas on the farm in Morawa. Sons Tom, Nick and George were born in Morawa. Their grandchildren are Maria, Chris,...

TAUSSIG, Oskar & Bertha 1939 Orontes

Engineer Oscar Taussig born Pilsen, 1877, died Sydney 1958, arrived in Australia with his wife, Bertha, having first ensured that his three...

TAGLIAFERRI, Osualdo 1939 Remo 386
TOMLINSON, Peter 1939 Orontes

Worked as a metallurgist - then came to Perth to work at TAFE and retired. Son of Albert Edward & Elizabeth Tomlinson.

TOPELBERG Family 1940 Oronsay

Born in Bessarabia, Ephraim Topelberg fled to Israel in 1922 where he met his Perth born wife Dora. They returned to Australia in 1940 with...

TRIMBOLI, Rosa 1940 Romolo 445
THOMSON, Doreen Joan 1947 Largs Bay

Served 45 years with the Red Cross at the Wellington St. blood bank and many fund raising events.

THOMSON, George Harvey 1947 Largs Bay

George was responsible for the total rescue of the Australian Armys 2/2 independent company from Timor 16/12/1942 while he was serving in the...

THOMSON, Michael Charles 1947 Largs Bay

Worked 33 years with state electricity commisson.

THOMAS, Olive & Angela 1947 Asturias 29
TSOLAKIS, Anastasios 1947 Asturias

Left the island of Castellorizo bound for Australia on the Empire. Ship sank in the Mediterranean. Was rescued and taken to Palestine as a refugee...

THOMPSON, Jean M 1947 Asturias

Sent to Australia under the Government Child Migrant Scheme.

THOMPSON, Patricia 1947 Asturias

Sent out to Australia under the Government Child Migrant Scheme. Nazareth House.

TAGLIAFERRI, Nina & Olivia 1947 Misr

Olivia married Teresio Scherini 28/4/1962. Had sons, Robert b. 27/3/1963 & John b. 16.12.1965. Both graduated from the University of WA with a...

TOUSSAINT Family 1947 Asturias

Family migrated as Ceylon unsettled & language changed. Settled in Perth. Sidney Lorain b. 28/10/1888 & d. 11/2/1958. Druzylle Analive...

TIDMARSH, Harry 1947 Chyebassa

Harry Tidmarsh, my husband, was serving in the RAF in India. He was an engineer flight co-pilot in bomber command.

TERLECKI, Leon Antek 1948 Asturias

Leon Terlecki came to Perth on R&R with the Polish army post ww2. He settled in Perth working a farm hand on orchards then as a rigger. He...

TERRIACA, Domenico 1948 Toscana

Came to Australia for work. Later his wife (Lucia) and two children (Giovanni & Palma) came across also. They had another 3 children (Rina,...

TROTTER, Anita 1948 Asturias

Had wonderful trip over Cabin 698 D Deck via Malta. 100 Malties came on board. Next ports Said, Aden, Columbo. Aunt Lil and Vic Trotter met us....

TAYLOR, Ralph Reginald 1948 Asturias 123
TOOP, John Reginald 1948 Mooltan

Travelled alone to Australia. Quarantined at Woodman's Point with other passengers on arrival. Married 1954, 3 children. Lived in Wyndham W.A....

TRESHAM, Albert & Daphne 1948 Gorgon

Albert and Daphne Tresham were granted Australian Citizenship on 4th May 1955 and received certificate of Australian Citizenship No. C (1) 698.

TURNER, Edwin & Victoria 1948 Ranchi

Edwin fought in WWII. Captured in Greece alongside Australians from 2/6th Bat. with whom he spent four years as a POW in Austria Stalag XVIII A....