Title Arrival Yearsort icon Ship Name Story Panel #
TAVERNITI, Edoardo 1952 Sydney 22
TRANCHITA, Michele 1952 Ravello

Married to Sebastiana Tranchita (nee Foti) Born 9/11/1921 - Rocca di Caprileone, Sicily on 15/9/1945. Children:Gina Tranchita & Salvatore...

TROIANO, Michele 1952 Australia

Michele came to Australia for a better life leaving behind his family. He worked in the Goldfields for many years and also in farming areas...

TEUNE, Abraham & Gerritje 1952 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

There were 8 children in the family. Aged between 3 & 18, 5 girls & 3 boys. A sixth daughter was born in Bunbury in 1953.

TASSONE, Angela 1952 Castel Bianco

Arrived with 2 young children to settle in Aust with her husband, who had arrived the previous year.

TADDEI, Francesco F 1952 Castel Bianco

When Frank arrived in Perth he worked in the forresty industry. In 1957 he married Julie Nadine and became an orchadist. Julie and Frank...

TIEMAN Family 1952 Johan van Oldenbarnevelt

We came to Australia to establish a new and different life than the life we were living in Holland. We found the Australian way of life was not as...

TILLI, Paolo Donato 1952 Napoli 58
THOMAS, Ken & Gwen 1952 Esperance Bay 64
TEDESCO, Angelo & Maria 1952 Cyrenia

Wonderful father of Johnny & Susanna. Had own small business as concrete carrier. Married again to Maria

TASSONE, Domenic & Celestina 1952 Castel Bianco

Domenico and Celestina arrived with their mother. Their father, Giuseppe, had settled in Kalgoorlie the previous year. As sister, Vincenza was...

TURNER, Ann Clare 1952 Ranchi

Sponsored by family in Geelong worked in Child care capacity throughout eastern states. Later worked in WA. Married West Australian Ivan Clune...

TRAVAGLIONE Family 1952 Cyrenia

On arrival at Fremantle, they were met by Orsola's husband Tony who had arrived the previous year. They stayed for one year at Main Camp in...

TATASCIORE, Alberto 1952 Ravello

Left behind all his family to start a better life in Australia, working hard to help his family in Italy.

TEUNE, Peter 1952 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt 123
THOMAS, Stephen 1952 Esperance Bay 138
TASSONE, Edmondo 1952 Oceania

The day I arrived, after being processed, I was taken to an area south of Cannington (approx where Lynwood is today, to chop wood for Mills &...

TRANCHITA, Giuseppe 1952 Cyrenia 170
THYSSEN, Martin & Joyce 1952 Maetsuycker

Martin and Joyce arrived on the Maatsuiker from Indonesia with there 1 year old son Robin and settled in Kalamunda

TORRI, Bruno 1952 Castel Bianco

Arrived in WA and was sent to the Shannon River to fell trees for the timber industry. I moved to Sydney and worked on the Snowy River Scheme then...

TOMASSETTI, Alessandro 1952 Neptunia

Immigrated when a family friend, Giovanni Di Renzo, sponsored him to Australia. He was the only sibling of 7 who immigrated to Australia. The...

TRISCARI, Antonino 1952 Surriento 192
TORRESE, Isaia Geremia 1952 Hellenic Prince

Italian Prisoner of War. Captured Bardia North Africa 3/1/1941. Interned at Murcheson Vic. Repatriated on the Otranto on 10/1/1947.

THOMSON, John, Maud, J, D, I 1952 Somersetshire

John & Maud Thomson lived to see their children, John, Daniel & Isobel marry, & their Australian grandchildren born (2005)

THOMPSON, Pat & Mike 1952 Ranchi

Pat married & had 4 children - Hamish, Melanie, Corinne & Rory. Mike remained a batchelor. Pat has 2 grandchildren - Alexander &...

TRAVAGLINI, Nicola 1952 Surriento

Nick arrived in WA in 1952. He shared a house with other immigrant friends in Riverton. He worked as a 'Steel Fixer' & helped to build many...

TOP, André & Adelheid 1952 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Newly married & pregnant with first child. Had to sleep in separate quarters on ship. Rough, heavy seas in Indian Ocean & Bay of Adelaide...

TOMKINS, John M & Sylvina 1952 Cameronia

Lived on a farm in a tent with three small children, in the middle of summer until a mill house became available. After leaving Nannup, they lived...

TOGNELA, Cesare 1952 Toscana

Following a period of clearing bush for farmland, Cesare settled in Perth. He completed an apprenticeship as a Boilermaker at Tomlinson Steel...

TEMPRA, Pierino 1952 Napoli

Worked in Fremantle before spending time cutting sandalwood, eventually moving to the Goldfields to work in the mines. In the mid 1960's, Peter...

TOMIZZI, Francesco 1952 Sydney 395
TORTO, Arcangelo P (Andy) 1952 Ravello 410
TERWINDT, CGF, TP & WPM 1952 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Cornelis Garardus Franciscus Terwindt married Theodora Petronella van den Berg on 11/11/1950. Wilhelmina Petronella Maria was born on 19/01/1952...

TASSONE, Emilio & Mariangela 1952 Toscana

Left Messina on the Toscana in very bad conditions. From Fremantle to Bunbury on steam bus, then to Kirup to Uncle Frank Cavallaro. Bought...

TASCONE Family 1952 Cyrenia

Antonino left his wife Grazia D'Agostino and son Giuseppe in May 1952. His brother Nunzio followed in 1954. Grazia and Giuseppe arrived in...

TOMASI, Frank 1953 Surriento 2
THEUNISSEN PJ & GFJ 1953 Fairsea 13
THOMPSON, EW & DI 1953 New Australia

Later on had three more children. Family has now grown to 13 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren to present date

TAVERNITI, Speranza 1953 Sydney 22
TRUSCELLO, Salvatore 1953 Sydney

Arrived from Sicily as a 22 year old leaving all his family in Italy. After various jobs around the state he ended up in Kalgoorlie and then...

TOMIZZI, Antonio Franco 1953 Neptunia 47
TONEMAN Family 1953 Sibajak

Toneman family included mother, father, 2 girls and 2 boys. After a short stay in Northam we settled in Gosnells.

TAYLOR, Derek James 1953 Orontes 97
TAAFFE, Patrick & Bridie 1953 Chitral

Pat came out first in May 1952, on the recommendation of an Aussie soldier in Normandy. Found a job as a chippie, working on Fremantle Wharf and...

TOGNELA, Adelina 1953 Australia 104
TORNATORE, Franco & Rosa 1953 Surriento

Francesco arrived alone and stayed with his brother, Rosario. A year later, his wife, Rosa and son, Salvatore arrived. In 1955, the first family...

TICHELAAR Family 1953 Sibajak

Petrus Tichelaar left Frauker, Holland with wife Johanna & children Peter, Margaretha, Theo, Maria & Nelly on Sibajak 2nd May 1953...

TYBURG, Joseph & Dora 1953 Sibajak 130
TIGCHELAAR Family 1953 Fairsea

Father was born in Sneek. Mother was born in Enschede, arrived with 3 children; Vrookje, Thys & Henk

TERSIGNI, Virgilio 1953 Neptunia

Dedicated most of his working life to the construction of many of Perth's finest skyscrapers & public buildings, hospitals & universities...