Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
UDECZ, Ewgenius 1949 Anna Salen

Eventually settled in Albany and married Joyce Ralph on 1/6/1951. They had 3 children, Steven, Tony and Helen. His main occupation was a Flenser...

UHLEMANN, LW, A & Brigitte 1954 Fairsea

Werner helped to build Kwinana Refinery

UINK, Albertus 1955 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Ben arrived to work at the Kwinana Oil Refinery & was a mechanic. Blue eyed, 5ft 9ins, aged 19 with many dreams & ambitions. He loved the...

UKICH, Ante Cikada 1913 Seydlitz

Ante arrived in Australia 1913. Leaving his wife and three sons in Yugoslavia working hard as a labourer, sleeper hewer and fisherman he was able...

UKICH, Milka (MIJAT) 1937 Oronsay

Milka came to WA 1937 to marry Yure Ukich a week later. Happily married with 3 daughters, Elsie, Rina and Katie. Worked very hard in their market...

UKICH, Roko 1924 Orvieto

Roko aged 17 came to Australia with his mother and two brothers. His father had migrated in 1913. He worked as a labourer as well as fished. He...

UKICH, Ruza (CUKROV) 1937 Oronsay

Ruza came to Australia as a bride. Never saw her husband to be before. Married four days later. She had two daughters and was happily married for...

UKICH, Yerka 1924 Orvieto

Arriving in Australia with three young sons to join her husband. After eleven years of separations she settled well working hard on a market...

UKICH, Yure 1924 Orvieto

Yure arrived Fremantle 1924 with mother Jerka, brothers, Roko and Grgo to be with father Ante which they had not seen for 11 years. Worked as a...

ULIJN, JCLG, JT & MA 1953 Fairsea

We arrived in Perth only to be told that we were bound for Melbourne. Dad said No he wanted Perth, so was told he was on his own. So with Mum, me...

ULINOVICH, Riccardo & Zita 1957 Roma

Riccardo Ulinovich (b 1920-d1990) was born in Fontane, Istria. A fisheman all his life he married Zita Ipsa (b 1919-2000) Laura was also born in...

ULRICH, Luigi, Elda, Cristina 1950 Skaugum

Settled in Perth in 1953. Walter was born on 14/9/1956. Cristina married Sandro Sandri in Jan1971

UMBRAS, Bronislaw & Irene 1949 Anna Salen

Bronislaw was a postmaster in OPSA to 9/1939 joined Polish Cavalry Volunteers 1/9/39. Captures 14/9/39 P.O.W., forced labour, Stollberg Germany....

UMBRELLO, Giuseppe 1952 Oceania 94
UMPLEBY, Joyce Mary 1961 Fairsea

Nursed in Balmain General, then to Thursday Island Hospital for 6 months. Arrived Perth in 1962 for Commonwealth Games. Midwife at KEMH for many...

UNDERHILL, Denis & Doris 1926 Osterley

Underhill: Denis Humphrey & Doris Gertrude (nee Wassall) went pioneer farming with the Walpole Land Settlement Scheme in 1931. Their children...

UNDERWOOD Family 1956 Orontes

Went straight to country town of Broome Hill (via Katanning) to run store. Retired as Centre Manager Floreat Forum in 1981.

UNDERWOOD, Frederick AE 1926 Bendigo

After 5 years working in various farming districts throughout Western Australia, he married in 1931 and settled in Bunbury. He established a...

UNKOVICH, Ivan & Ivica 1960 Neptunia

Arrived in Australia with four children all under the age of 11 years, with only our suitcases

UNKOVICH, Kata & Srecko 1929 Orontes

Kata arrived with son Srecko to be with husband Nikola who was farming at Southern Cross after arriving in 1924.

UNKOVICH, Nikola 1924 Regina D'Italia

Settled in Southern Cross as a farmer.

UPENIEKS, Harijs 1948 General Stuart Heinzelman

Arrived on the first DP transport to Australia 13.2.1948. Under Gov contract to work for the Gov for two years. Railway training at Peterburough...

URBANIAK, Jan & Maria 1950 Anna Salen

5 children, George born Germany, Teresa, Elizabeth, John and Bernadette born Bruce Rock. German forced labour during war. Came to Australia as...

URLINGS, Jozef MM 1959 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt 13
URQUHART, Duncan & Pamela 1950 Ranchi

Duncan Urquhart and Pamela Cuff met on board the Ranchi, married in Perth and brought up a family of 3 boys and 2 girls. There are 11...

URQUHART, William & Rachel 1854 Ramillies 80
URSIC, Ivan 1938 Romolo

Joined brother (Milan) in Australia. Returned to Yugoslavia in 1948 and died there in same year.

URSIC, Ivan (John) 1961 Oceania

With mother and grandmother joined father (Nikola) in Australia.

URSIC, Ivanica 1961 Oceania

With son and mother-in-law joined husband (Nikola) in Australia.

URSIC, MA, AN, & RE 1937 Unknown 382
URSIC, Milan 1926 Unknown 465
URSIC, Nikola 1957 Toscana

Sponsored by uncle (Milan Ursic) to migrate to Australia. Father (Ivan) had previously lived in Australia between 1938-48. Worked first 2 years in...

URSIC, Nikolina 1961 Oceania

With daughter-in-law and grandson, joined son (Nikola) in Australia.

URSICH, Regina 1937 Viminale

Arrived to join father, Milan (arrived 1926) and brother, Blaz (arrived 1936) on their market garden in Roleystone. Married Ivan (John) Petkovich...

USHER, Colin & Veronica 1965 Orcades

Left England to Australia January 11th 1965, to new life in new country. Married just over one year, left London arrived Shannon River Mill Town...

USHER, Florence M 1895 Warrigal

Worked as a dressmaker upon arrival. Married Thade (Timothy) Sullivan at Fremantle on 29th August 1896. Children: Thomas Daniel 1897, Timothy...

USHER, Frederick 1923 Ballarat

Married Rose Rule 26/8/33, deceased 9/11/91. One son Ron born 30/5/34. Decorated many buildings in Melbourne including Tivoli & State Theatre...

USHER, HST, EI, SE & J 1985 Oriana

Accompanied by daughters, Susan Elizabeth (aged 20) & Jeanette (aged 18) Flew from UK to Singapore where we embarked on 'Oriana' for Fremantle...

USHER, John M 1955 Orontes 181
UT, Theodorus 1950 Orcades 139
UYEN, John William 1955 Sibajak

We came to have a better life. We joined my two sisters who migrated three years before and our family still have a good time together.

UZUNOVSKY, Risto 1957 Neptunia

Arrived in Australian to be reunited with the rest of his family who had mirgrated in 1953. He married Nikolina Miovska in 1960 and had three...