Title Arrival Yearsort icon Ship Name Story Panel #
VAN DONGEN, Hubertus G 1950 Volendam 125
VAN DONGEN, Margaretha 1950 Volendam 125
VUGA, L & E & Family 1950 Oxfordshire

Arrived in Australia from Europe as refugees and were placed at the Northam Camp until our father found employment in Perth. Lived here in Perth...

VOKE Family 1950 Georgic

After 9 months as an Ambulance Driver in Perth, moved to Noonkanbah Station in the Kimberley as a station overseer, then after 10 years moved to...

VANDER KLAU, Jacobus Nicolas 1950 Chitral

Jack was head mechanic for the state sawmill in Dean Mill. He came ahead of his family to find work and accommodation. He was a qualified engineer...

VALBUZZI, Pietro 1950 Ugolino Vivaldi 158
VAILLANT, Charles Edward 1950 Ranchi

Came to Australia to start a new life and prepare a home in Gooseberry Hill for the arrival of future wife Nellie Akehurst and three children,...

VAN ZAANEN, Aagje Aafje 1950 Volendam

Married 30 Nov 1950 to Mr PA Boekelaar. Lasted 53 years. Loved Australia. Travelled a lot. Worked in the Snowy Mountains Scheme and overseas....

VERMEULEN, CS & G 1950 Volendam

Case and Greta lived in Big Bell for three years. Having two more children. They bought a farm at Tingledale. With great hardship they finally...

VINCIULLO, Salvatore 1950 Napoli

Seventh of 8 children of Vincenzo Vinciullo and Agata Orifici. In the Italian Army towards the end of the war and in Torino, Italy. Married...

VERMEULEN, J, S & J 1950 Sibajak 198
VALAS, Vladimir & Magdalen 1950 Skaugum

First settled in Northam camp. Moved to Perth and eventually settled in Kewdale. Vladimir worked as Welder, Magdalena worked at domestic duties

VAN DER WOUDE, Lambertus 1950 Himalaya

Lambertus and Margaretha were married in Holland on 08/04/1950. Lambertus left two weeks later to travel to Australia. He was joined by his wife 6...

VAN DER WOUDE, Margaretha 1950 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Lambertus and Margaretha were married in Holland on 08/04/1950. She joined Lambertus in Western Australia after he found suitable accommodation...

VLAMING, Simon J 1950 Arendskerk

My dad wanted to see the world. He had just come out of the Dutch Army. He loves sunny weather so he paid for the trip himself & went to...

VAN SCHAYK, Arnold 1950 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt 279
VAJDA, George 1950 Skaugum

Arrived with family Aladar & Eszter Vajda. Worked with Westrail (WAGR). Retired as Senior Design Engineer - Structural Section Leader.

VENDITTI, Addolorato 1950 Napoli

At the age of 32 years, Addolorato left his hometown Santa Maria del Molise, Italy & arrived in Fremantle in 1950. He left his pregnant wife...

VINCIULLO, Giuseppe 1950 Surriento

Prior to immigrating to Australia, Giuseppe served in WWII and spent several years in Africa, some as a POW. A hard worker who would 'lend a hand...

VULETIC, Novica & Waltraud 1950 Skaugum 325
VAN HAMERSVELD, J & Z 1950 Sibajak

Johannes Van Hamersveld was one of the first people to introduce European smallgoods to WA, working with Johnson & Co.

VAN HAMERSVELD, J, R & J 1950 Sibajak

Jozef's date of birth: 17/12/1947.

VAN DER VLERK, Guus FR 1950 Cyrenia

Guus Van Der Vlerk, born in Delft, Holland. Spent a long time in concentration camps during WWII. In 1950 he migrated to Perth, Australia with...

VELLIOS, Naoumis 1950 Toscana

Naoumis (Norm) travelled with his brothers Sam and Steve and settled on a farm in Manjimup. He married Vasillki (Vicki) Andreou who arrived at...

VALENTI, Eugenio 1950 Sebastiano Caboto

Eugenio arrived in Australia to work for the Lakewood Firewood Company. In 1955 he married Maria Argia Murace and together they had 5 children....

VAN STAVEREN, Robert J 1950 Maetsuycker

Born in Java. Dutch parents. Father in Army. Came to Australia after re-organisation after Sukano's rise to power in Indonesia.

VANDERHARST Family 1950 Maetsuycker

The Vanderharst family left Indonesia after President Sukarno forced the Dutch to leave the country. They visited family in the Netherlands before...

VAN DEN DRIES, MJ & Family 1950 Volendam

Mother (MJ) arrived on the Volendam with her three children. Father (FJ) arrived six months earlier on the Sibajak.

VINTILA, Teo, Edith & Elena 1950 Skaugum

Teodor & wife Edith arrived with daughter Elena. Four children were born in Australia. Also eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren....

VAN DER BIJL, Jan & A 1950 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Settled in Albany where two more children Siebe and Jacob were born. Self employed motor trimmer for many years before retiring to Perth.

VIOLA, Andrea 1950 Sebastiano Caboto

Andrea Viola, born 15th June 1926 St. Agata, Sicily. At 20 joined Band Leader Edmundo Ross & travelled the world playing the trumpet. Arrived...

VELING Jan & Els 1951 Waterman

I was 23,and my wife 19, when we got married and decided to start a life, on our own, in Australia.

VAN BEEM, Gerardus & Hilda 1951 Toscana

Graduate Building Construction
M.T.S Haarlem
Hilda born Palembang Sumatra 01 02 1929.
Married; Heemstede
11 02 1950

VAN BEEM, Henk & Adriana 1951 Sibajak

Henk and Adriana arrived with their five children and followed at a later date by a married son and daughter.

VEREVIS, Katina 1951 Asimina

Left home island Kastellorizo when it was bombed in 1943. Refugee in Palestine and Cyprus for 2 years, on the Empire Patrol being repatriated to...

VAN NUS, Herman 1951 Groote Beer 17
VAN KEMPEN, Harold 1951 Maetsuycker

Harold is Dutch born, arrived in Indonesia as a youth with his parents. He was interned in a prisoner-of-war camp following the World War 2...

VAN KEMPEN, Laura 1951 Maetsuycker

Born in Brussels from Dutch Parents who migrated to Indonesia whilst she was in her early teens. Interned in women's only Japanese Prison of War...

VAN DER SCHOOR Family 1951 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

As family we lived through-out Tasmania for 10 years. Dad and Mum lived the rest of their years, 12 and 38 respectively, in Geelong, Victoria. In...

VAN AST, K & M & Family 1951 Sibajak

We lived in a Caravan at first. We had brought a prefab house with us, but this was not released until August 1951. We shifted to Geraldton in...

VUCKOVICH, Radovan & Vera 1951 Anna Salen

Went from Northam Army Camp to Kalgoorlie ( woodline)

VAN DEN BRINK, M & G & Fam 1951 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Marinus, Gerdina, Corrie & John first set foot on Australian soil at Fremantle 30/04/1951. This was the land of sunshine, opportunity and...

VICZIANY, Elisabeth & Peter 1951 Anna Salen

Vicziany Family nee Guggenmos. Settled on the goldfields. They had more children after Elizabeth & Peter. Soice born 04/08/1951 married John...

VICZIANY, Stefan & Hedwig 1951 Anna Salen

Vicziany Family nee Guggenmos. Settled in Kalgoorlie (Lakewood). They had more children after Elizabeth & Peter. Sonja born 04/08/1951 married...

VANOPOULOS, Helen 1951 Kirinia

Father settled in Perth 1932 and reestablised contact with Helen 1951. Applied to emigrate and join father in Perth.

VALENTI, Francescantonio 1951 Ugolino Vivaldi

Francescantonio Valenti like many Italians at the time ventured to Australia to find a better life leaving behind his pregnant wife until he could...

VELLIOS, John & Letta 1951 Radnick 66
VAN DEN ENDEN, Antonius 1951 Groote Beer

Married by proxy 4 October 1951 to wife Gertrude (nee Pisters) who arrived Fremantle 11 September 1952 on ship - Johan Van Olden Barnevelt. Worked...

VERSACE-DATTILO, Caterina 1951 Ugolino Vivaldi 73
VALOM, Hendrik 1951 Sibajak

I was going to E.S., an opportunity arose at the Tooke farm in Dardanup, WA. My wife and 5 children followed in 1952.