Title Arrival Year Ship Namesort icon Story Panel #
WARREN, Tony & Rita 1968 Achille Lauro 14
WEBB Family 1970 Achille Lauro

Charles Richard Webb (Catering Manager) Muriel Ivy Webb (Housewife) and four children

WIEZEL, Derk J 1967 Achille Lauro

Dick was determined to come to Australia, sailing away from Holland at the age of 20, leaving behind his family, friends & fiance. His fiance...

WIMPRESS, Colin Thomas 1969 Achille Lauro 420
WILSON, John R 1969 Achille Lauro

My Uncle Tom Williams came out to Australia as an immigrant. He joined the Australian Army & fought on the Western Front 1914-1918. His best...

WALDECK, Frederick G 1836 Addingham

A missionary with WA Missionary society, Guildford. Superintendent of the Methodist Native mission, Wanneroo. Superintendent Methodist Sunday...

WARREN, Elsie Mary 1911 Afric

Married Robert Keith Gardiner of 'Blantyre' Moora. Wed 1914. Mother of Joan Mary, James, Robert Warren & Phyllis Rosemary.

WALLACE, Katherine Rose 1913 Ajana

Katherine (Kitty) eventually had two more sisters and a brother born in Australia (Doris, Elsie & George) after joining father in Perth. On 27...

WOOD, Agnes & Gordon 1912 Ajana 386
WATKINS, Daniel Glyn 1870 Amur

Sailed to Greenough as Chaplain - moved to Fremantle as Colonial Chaplain and Rector at St John's Anglican Church. Stayed thirty years.

WEINBAUER, Rupert & Mimica 1969 Angelina Lauro

Rupert came to Wellington to visit brother 1967. Mimica came to Wellington to visit Aunty 1966. We married in Wellington in 68 and came to Perth...

WILLEMS Family 1969 Angelina Lauro 46
WERYNSKA, Kosiek Kazimiera 1972 Angelina Lauro 89
WALL, William, Mary & Family 1968 Angelina Lauro

Karl 6/12/1965 born Dublin, Shane 9/7/1967 born Dublin, Aisling 12/7/1969 born Narrogin, Jason 18/2/1973 born Kwinana, Liam 24/6/1980 born...

WYNNE, William & Mary 1971 Angelina Lauro 151
WEGGELAAR Family 1967 Angelina Lauro

Robert emigrated from Netherlands with his mother and settled in Perth. He then moved to New Zealand meeting his bride, Kalesita there and...

WOOKEY, Judith & Family 1967 Angelina Lauro

Came with children to start a new life in Western Australia with husband George (panel 268), ex-RN diver, who had sailed his own boat from Malta...

WINKELS Family 1966 Angelina Lauro 446
WOLFE, Bruce & Judy 1969 Angelina Lauro 483
WOZNIUK, Vera 1949 Anna Salen

Vera,the daughter of Wasyl and Natalia Wozniuk, died shortly after their arrival in Western Australia. They were originally headed for Melbourne...

WITKOWSKI, F & E 1949 Anna Salen

Settled and built a home in Cannington in 1952, Daugther Danuta born 1950, Sons Robert 1954, Peter 1956. Franciszek was welder in Australia and...

WOZNIUK, Natalia 1949 Anna Salen

Vera,the daughter of Wasyl and Natalia Wozniuk, died shortly after their arrival in Western Australia. They were originally headed for Melbourne...

WOZNIUK, Wasyl 1949 Anna Salen

Vera,the daughter of Wasyl and Natalia Wozniuk, died shortly after their arrival in Western Australia. They were originally headed for Melbourne...

WRZOSKIEWICZ, Stanislaw 1951 Anna Salen 56
WEYRICH Family 1953 Anna Salen

Wolfgang came as a meating engineer, Erica as a homemaker. Terrible conditions at Bonigilla - maggots in the food.

WYDRA, Wladyslaw & Paula 1950 Anna Salen

The Wydra family lived at 7 Broad Arrow Rd Kalgoorlie which Wladylsaw (Wally) rebuilt over a period of 15 years. It had formally been a miners...

WYDRA, Johann & Kazimierz 1950 Anna Salen

Johann arrived in Fremantle on his birthday and is married to Sonja Hedwig (nee Vicziany). The daughter of Stefan and Hedwig Vicziany, who were...

WYBRANIEC, Andrzej 1949 Anna Salen

On the third day of the war Andrzej's father was killed by Germans in his own backyard. Andrzej at 14 was forcedly taken to work in Germany....

WELHAN, Alexander & Erika 1949 Anna Salen

Arrived in Australia 1949 with 1 son (2 daughters and 1 son born in Australia). Now has 14 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren.

WARLIK, Wladyslaw 1949 Anna Salen

Born and raised in Poland. In 1944, at the age of 16, seperated from family and taken to work in labour camps in Germany. Remained in Germany at...

WASYLKEWYCZ, AW & PB 1950 Anna Salen

Wlodimyr was from Poland & Anna was from Germany.

WEREMEJENKO, P & M 1950 Anna Salen 241
WOOKEY, George Alan Morley 1967 Anne Judith

Sailed own vessel (M.F.V Anne Judith) from Malta to Fremantle, departing Malta 03/11/1966 and arriving Fremantle on 02/05/1967. G Wookey, ex RN...

WILLIAMSON, Mary Ann 1888 Annie McDonald

Mary Ann Williamson was five years old on arrival in 1888. Growing up in Fremantle she travelled to Broome in 1904 to be married by the Captain of...

WILLIAMSON, Emily Mary 1888 Annie McDonald

Emily, nee Siggens, was the 1st child of Henry Siggens & Mary Ann Frost. Henry was an old soldier who served in India. Emily and her husband...

WILLIAMSON, Grace Virginia 1953 Arawa

Later married to Pietro DI CAPUA who arrived in Fremantle on the Hellenic Prince from Naples, Italy in 1952.

WATT Robert Hill 1954 Arcadia

Bob and I have been married for 46 years, we have two daughters and six lovely grandchildren. He was a baker for 30 years. He is now retired, and...

WILSON, John & Florence 1960 Arcadia 80
WHITHAM, J William 1972 Arcadia

William was a widower without children. Aged 80, he migrated to Bunbury to live with his niece and family, Dorothy & Charles Grimshaw and...

WRIGLEY, David B 1954 Arcadia

Returned to WA 1959. Lived Dalwallinu, Moora, Carnamah, Narrogin and Kalamunda

WEDDING, J, A, T, B & J 1968 Arcadia 237
WOODS, JD & FS 1960 Arcadia

Emigrated from South Africa to Canada in 1958, as not in favour of the apartheid regime. Came to Western Australia, first to a hotel in Claremont...

WARD, Alice 1913 Armadale

The Ward family ran a pub called The Bay Horse in Wigan, England. After mother Alice and daughters emigrated to Australia, the sons took over the...

WHITAKER, James & Sarah 1913 Armadale

James was a nurse at the Claremont mental institute, They had 3 children in England and two more in WA

WALLACE, Roy & Margaret 1912 Armadale

In 1927 Roy attended the New Forestry School in Canberra. He married Kathleen Munyard in 1933. He joined the WA Forests Department in 1929...

WALLACE, William & Nellie 1912 Armadale

William was the Chemist in Keswick. Due to health reasons migrated to Perth with his wife and two children and established the chemist shop in...

WOOLLEY, William 1910 Armadale

William's wife Mary, son Thomas (3½yrs) & sister-in-law Sarah Brankin arrived on the 'Rangatira' 1911. William & Mary settled in...

WEIL, Gerhard, Lydia & Ruth 1939 Ascanius

Refugees fleeing from persecution in Nazi Germany. First to Holland then Great Britain prior to embarkation for Australia.

WOOD, Frank 1947 Asturias

Was stationed in Fremantle during WW11 serving as a Petty Officer in RN on the submarine tender HMS Adamant. Met Jill Walmsley and after...

WHITE, John & Clara 1952 Asturias

John trained as a gardener at Kew and was employed by the Countess of Norbury, Clara was a housemaid and cook in service. In WA, John's employment...