Title Arrival Year Ship Namesort icon Story Panel #
ZUVELA, Petar 1968 Achille Lauro

Son of Jerko & Mara Zuvela. Married to Dihna (nee Skarica) (born 1954) in 1974. Children: Jerko (born 1975) and Steven (born 1981). Worked for...

ZEE, Richard & Willy 1967 Achille Lauro 224
ZANON, Lorenzo 1968 Achille Lauro 380
ZEC, Danko 1962 Achille Lauro 419
ZAPPARA, Joe, Odette & Les 1948 Akti

Joe & Odette had another two children, Ronald 1-8-1949 & Wendy 18-2-50. Les dob: 19/03/1946

ZALAISKALNS Edgar & Aina 1949 Amarapoora 13
ZALAISKALNS, Austris 1949 Amarapoora 16
ZUBROWSKI, Marian & Helena 1949 Amarapoora 41
ZAWIERUCHA, Stefan & Halina 1949 Amarapoora

Had two children; Daniel and Krystyna

ZAZULSKI, Jozef & Stanislawa 1949 Amarapoora 273
ZAMORSKI Family 1949 Amarapoora

Arkadjusz (Eric) Zamorski, Antonina Zamorski & Jerzy (George) Zamorski (18/2/1947).

ZVERK, Josof & Amalia 1949 Anna Salen 29
ZELANIEC, Bronislaw 1949 Anna Salen 42
ZELANIEC, Horst 1949 Anna Salen 42
ZELANIEC, Sophie 1949 Anna Salen 42
ZLAMAN, Katy 1950 Anna Salen

Arrived as a Refugee to Northam Army Camp. Worked on the vineyards in Swan Valley to support her children. Married Joseph Bebich and went to...

ZLAMAN, Joseph 1950 Anna Salen 344
ZLAMAN, Peter 1950 Anna Salen 344
ZWAAN, Cornelis Pieter 1951 Annenkerk 121
ZAPRIS, Evangelos & Marianthi 1954 Arosa Star

The Zapris family consisting of Evangelos and Marianthi and four children left Greece in 1954, arriving in Fremantle late December of that year....

ZUCHETTI, Giovanni 1908 Asturias 76
ZUCHETTI, Guiseppe 1908 Asturias 76
ZARACH, Sidney & Kathleen 1952 Asturias

Sister & brother-in-law of Swift family. Kathleen was the eldest sister of Christine, Helen and Lesley. Kathleen's parents Kitty and Reg and...

ZARB, Charles 1950 Asturias

One of Dad's first jobs was working as carpenter on Royal Perth Hospital. It took 6 years before Mum and some of our large family followed. It was...

ZIMMER, Bert & Waltraud 1966 Aurelia

Has been involved with some of Australia's largest Dam building projects. Member of Lions International.

ZAKNIC, Nikola 1955 Australia

My wife came from Croatia in 1957 - we married in 1956. We have 2 children Franya and Michael born in Australia

ZERRA, Pasquale 1960 Australia

He came with his father Nicola to join his brother Angelo. Pasquale married Valmen Cariani in 1969 and had 2 children, Claudia (b.1970) and...

ZUVELA-DODA, Jasna 1961 Australia

Arrived with mother Franica. Married to Basil Jansen, mother of Stephanie and Bradley Jansen. Sister to Janita & Kristine Zuvela - Doda

ZAPPIA, Maria 1958 Australia 55
ZUVELA-DODA, Franica 1961 Australia

Arrived in Fremantle to join husband Kresimir Zuvela - Doda. Sister of Rajko Vlasic of Calif, USA & sister of Ruza Oreb from Vela Luka Croatia...

ZANNINO, Claudio 1962 Australia

Relatives found work logging in forest - later worked on railways. Married Giulia, bought small vineyard in Swan Valley. Had 3 Sons. Worked for...

ZAGARI, Annunziato 1962 Australia

Australia was sold as "the place to be" and this concept hooked Annunziato. News arrived from 'word of mouth' that the chance of having a better...

ZACCARIA, Clotilde 1954 Australia

Clotilde was born in Vasto, Italy, a farmer & fisherman's daughter, one of 8 kids. She went to school before the war for 4 years. It was very...

ZAMBOTTI, Luigi & Giuditta 1955 Australia 420
ZEGULEWSKI, Michael G 1966 Australis

Single 17 years of age on arrival with a group of young men all under 21 years of age who came under the auspices of an organisation called the "...

ZOLLO, Luigia 1956 Castel Bianco

Luigia (known as 'Gina') at sixteen was the oldest of two sisters and one brother. Her mother, Luisa and her siblings travelled to WA to be...

ZARALIAKOS, Alexandra 1955 Castel Felice

Alexandra was 19 when she arrived in Fremantle to marry her fiance Arthur. This was an arranged marriage. Both had known each other as children....

ZARB, Maria & Family 1956 Castel Felice

Mum, my brothers, Tom, Fred, Joe and myself (Antoinette), arrived 6 years after Dad. Two other children, Lionel and Mary with her family followed...

ŽIVKOVIĆ, Jaka 1930 Cephee

Travelled with mother, Mara and sister Marija. Naturalised 1930

ŽIVKOVIĆ, Mara, Marija 1930 Cephee

Naturalised in 1930.

ZENCICH, Adam 1928 Citta di Genova

Adam Zencich joined the navy in 1926 & moved to Australia in 1928. Settled in Busselton with wife Dinka 1930. Adam worked cutting sleepers...

ZUPANOVICH, Blaz 1928 Commissaire Ramel

Worked as woodcutter in Kalgoorlie (and surrounding towns). Went back to Croatia (date unknown) but returned permanently to Australia on ship...

ZAPPARA Family 1949 Continental

Although British subjects, most of the family were born in EGYPT. Due to political unrest after WW2 the family made the decision to immigrate to...

ZULIANI, Angelo 1951 Cyrenia

Rita and the girls arrived in 1952 (Castel Bianco). Moved to Jardee Timber Mill. 1954 bought mixed farm, kero, fridge and generator for dairy,...

ZAMBONETTI, Giovanni (John) 1952 Cyrenia 480
ZATCHEJ, Joseph & Emelia 1950 Dundalk Bay

Wanted to get as far away from Europe as possible.

ZLATNIK, Zdenek D 1950 Dundalk Bay

Came as an iro Refugee & a Bonded Migrant contracted to the government's pleasure for two years.

ZAWAL, Peter P 1950 Dundalk Bay

Met wife Aniela Kusiak in 1952. Married and settled in Katanning. Aniela arrived at Fremantle in 1950 on the Anna Salen.

ZWART, Els 1971 Ellinis

Settled in Perth and married Gianfranco Fiore in Dec 1973. They have two daughters, Daniela born in 1978 and Monica born in 1980. Els is still...

ZEMPILAS, Jessie OAM (SIMEON) 1937 Esquilino

I was left behind with my grand-arents. I followed after 2½ years & I joined my mother, father and my brother and sisters. It was very hard at...