Title Arrival Year Ship Namesort icon Story Panel #
ARMENTI Family 1970 Achille Lauro

Antonino & Raffaella Armenti travelled on the final migrant voyage of the ship Achille Lauro with children Adriano, Walter, Tiziano &...

ALTAMURA, Antonio & Sofia 1963 Achille Lauro 105
ALTAMURA, Maria 1963 Achille Lauro 105
ALOIA, Giovanni 1968 Achille Lauro 143
AUSTIN, A, E & Family 1970 Achille Lauro

Settled in Canberra. Husband an Engineer with Navy. Wife became Chaplain in Uniting Church. Children, Pauline and Penny now both married.

ARNOLD, G, JD, P, M, R & K 1970 Achille Lauro

The Arnold Family comprising Geoffrey and Jeanette Dorothy and sons, Phillip aged 12, Mark aged 9, Robert aged 5 and Keith aged 3 arrived 1970 for...

ATTARD, Mary 1971 Achille Lauro 463
ADAMS, Edith A 1912 Ajana

Edith sailed to Australia with her two children to join husband Wesley. On arrival in Boulder supported family with dressmaking. Managed family...

ADAMS, Queenie CE 1912 Ajana

Queenie arrived in Boulder aged 9. Helped in parents businesses, then managed her own haberdashery 'Ideal Store' for over 60 years. Married...

ADAMS, Wilfrid CE 1912 Ajana

Wilf arrived in Boulder aged 7. Worked in father's painting business, then as Painter on Perseverance Mine, part-time Technical School Instructor...

ALFORD Family 1912 Ajana

At dusk on Saturday, the immigrant ship Ajana bearing 645 passengers, came to anchor in Guage Roads….she is the first vessel to sail for Australia...

ALTHAM, Sarah & Family 1912 Ajana

Sarah and her six children, Janie, Nathan, Beth, Annie, Adam and Sarah arrived in 1912 to join husband George who came to Australia in 1911 with...

ANAITIS, Hilda 1949 Amarapoora 26
ANAITIS, Kazys 1949 Amarapoora 26
ADASZKO, Stefan & Maria 1949 Amarapoora 211
ANURIW, Gleb & Lydia 1949 Amarapoora

Gleb & Lydia settled in Australia after the war with their two sons, Serge and George, to give their family a better life. They would like to...

ANURIW, Serge & George 1949 Amarapoora

Serge & George arrived with their parents Gleb and Lydia after the war. Serge married Natalie Zuh in March 1956 and had 3 children and a...

ANTICEVIC, Vinko & Tonka 1968 Angelina Lauro 7
ALLUM, David & Mary 1969 Angelina Lauro

The net lowering suitcases at Southampton opened, suitcases finished up in the sea. Steered off course 500 miles as seas were rough. Only 10% went...

AGIUS, Ben 1972 Angelina Lauro 171
ALLEN, Bertie & Eliza May 1969 Angelina Lauro

Bertie a Warehouse Manager and wife Eliza left their home and deceased infant daughter Kathleen in Melton Mowbry Leicestershire and assisted...

ANNESE, Chiara 1968 Angelina Lauro 201
ALLUM, D, M, Martin, Dawn 1969 Angelina Lauro

Survived Blitz of London, then seven years in an orphanage. Spent three years with 6th Royal Tank Regiment in Germany & 21 years with the...

ARHYPIW, Stanislaw & Vera 1949 Anna Salen

Moved to Sydney 1951 & settled in Cabramatta. They raised a family of 7 children. Presently they have 19 grandchildren & 2 great...

ARITONOVIC, Branislav 1949 Anna Salen 477
ADAMS Geoffrey & Leonora 1976 Arcadia

This listing honours our parents, Geoff and Leo Adams who sacrificed so much to bring us, their three children, Carrol, James and Stephen to this...

ALLAN, Bevan Stuart 1961 Arcadia

Emigrated as 18 year old, lived with Aunt & Uncle in Como. Parents emigrated following year after favourable reports. Married Fremantle girl...

ALEXANDER, Jim & May 1956 Arcadia

Jim and May arrived with two children - third born in Australia. Family lived in Sydney. On retirement Jim and May moved to Bathurst NSW. Daughter...

ABELL, RS, JC & Malcolm 1971 Arcadia 289
ALDONS Family 1962 Arcadia

In transit through Fremantle. Settled in Melbourne 1962. Married children now live in UK, Melbourne & Western Australia. Richard married...

ARCHER, Edith M & Family 1913 Armadale 225
ARCHER, Frederick Samuel 1912 Armadale 225
ALDERMAN, LRH (Bob) 1913 Armadale

Commenced teaching at Moonyoonooka 16/02/1914 and remained with Education Dept until 1955. Last school was Pickering Brook. Grandfather to Terry...

ACOTT, Charles Frederick 1913 Armadale

Second eldest son of Arthur John & Emily. Brother of Herbert, Beatrice, Arthur, Leslie & John. Married Eva Florence Batten 27/1/1934....

ARMOUR, William & Phyllis 1948 Asturias 3
AUSTIN F, D & WM 1948 Asturias

Frederick Austin first arrived in the 1920's. Worked his passage as Ships Carpenter. Worked with relatives on farm.Returned to UK just before WW2...

ALDERSON, John EA 1947 Asturias

Nuclear Physicist & Artist

ALDERSON, Patricia Mary 1947 Asturias 228
ALDERSON, Richard & Mary 1947 Asturias

UK to Fremantle via Suez. Ship met at Fremantle by Dame Senator Tangney. First migrant ship direct to Fremantle only. Sponsored by Parrant Family...

ALLAN, A, V & Family 1952 Asturias

Alexander & Vera Allan, arrived in Australia through Fremantle on the Asturias in 1952, with their two daughters, Linda & Vera. They then...

ALLEN, Basil Raymond 1949 Asturius

After working as engineer on ships in UK, worked as a fitter and turner for Govt Railways in Fremantle until retirement

AVERILL, Alan & Margaret 1968 Aurelia

Alan & Margaret Averill traveled with their daughter Janis 7 & son in law Brian Griffiths by ship to Fremantle. Their sons Alan & Ian...

ALLEN, Bob & Maureen 1966 Aurelia 29
ALLEN, Maria & Paul 1966 Aurelia 29
ALLEN, Peter & Sheila 1966 Aurelia 29
AGUILERA, Rafael & Socorro 1962 Aurelia

With the company of daughter Maria-Soledad, born 15/09/1958, and son Rafael Trinidad born 23/04/1960 all live today in Australia. Daughter,...

ADAIR, John, Meg, Lyn & Gill 1964 Aurelia

After settling in Perth we increased our family by the addition of a son, Darren 1967 and by a daughter Lorraine in 1969.

ALEXANDRIDIS, Ioannis 1959 Aurelia 256
ANTUNOVICH, Luka & Marija 1960 Aurelia

Luka & Maria had lived in Croatia, Italy, Germany & Holland before migrating to Western Australia. They have 3 children, 9 grandchildren,...

ARMSTRONG, M, ME, GM, SA, SE 1967 Aurelia

Maurice & Marjorie arrived with 3 children, Geoffrey aged 9, Shirley 7 & Sandra 5. Grandchildren born in Australia, Paul, Mark, Megan...