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BAT - Taler or Dukaton (Not Known)


Coin Heritage

Province Mint Unidentified

Soverign Issuer Unknown

Coin TypeTaler or Dukaton

Date Not Known

Coin Details

Weight 45.65g

Condition Encrusted

Museum Reference

Map of shipwreck


Under commandeur Francisco Pelsaert, and Ariaen Jacobsz skipper, newly built Batavia sailed from Texel 27 October 1628 for the Dutch East Indies with bullion, goods and silver. On 4 June 1629 the ship struck a reef near Beacon Island in the Houtman Abrolhos. Of the 322 aboard 40 drowned and the rest got ashore. In search of water and food Jacobsz, Pelsaert and others left site in a 30-foot (9....