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Centaur (1874/12/09)

Marmion Marine Park, south-eastern side of Centaur Reef

Built Aberdeen 1849, used there until 1866. Worked Champion Bay to Melbourne in the 1870s Carrying lead ore, 9 crew and four passengers en route Champion Bay to Fremantle got too close inshore. Struck reef in strong southerly. An early iron vessel, contemporary of iron hulled SS Xantho and SS Georgete.

Ship Built

Owner Mr A. J. Johnson of Melbourne

Master Captain Frederick Brabham

Builder Messrs Blaikie Brothers

Country Built Scotland

Port Built Aberdeen

Port Registered Melbourne

When Built 1849

Ship Lost

Gouped Region Metro

When Lost 1874/12/09

Where Lost Marmion Marine Park, south-eastern side of Centaur Reef

Latitude -31.86376

Longitude 115.7111183333

Position Information GPS

Port From Champion Bay

Port To Fremantle

Cargo Lead Ore (Galena)

Ship Details

Engine N

Length 30.00

TONA 188.00

Draft 3.30

Museum Reference

Official Number 17568

Unique Number 1150

Sunk Code Wrecked and sunk

File Number 2009/0086/SG _MA-408/71

Chart Number AUS 112, DMH 001

Protected Protected Federal

Found Y

Inspected Y

Date Inspected 1994

Confidential NO