Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
D'ABBONDIO, G & M & Family 1949 Toscana

Guido and Maria D ̉ Abbondio travelled to Fremantle with their first born child Marisa. They joined Meris parents in Fitzgerald St Perth until...

D'ABREU, Reginald NM 1947 Manoora

Educated at Victoria School, Kurseong & Bishop Cotton School, Nagpur, India. Studied at Dairying Institute, Bangalore. In the RAMC serving in...

D'ADAMO, Angela 1955 Neptunia

Left Vasto at age 19 to join her husband Vincenzo (arr, 1951) and soon became part of the Italian community in North Perth. She had three...

D'ADAMO, Gaetano 1956 Paolo Toscanelli

Gaetano arrived in Fremantle with 56 other friends from his home town of Vasto. He met & married Anna Celenza & raised three children,...

D'ADAMO, Leonardo 1946 Neptunia 48
D'ADAMO, Maria 1947 Neptunia 49
D'ADAMO, Vincenzo 1951 Surriento

After periods of working in the South West bushlands he settled in Perth. He worked in a variety of industries including 11 years in Fish and...

D'ADDARIO, Corrado 1962 Neptunia 384
D'ADDARIO, Olga 1966 Guglielmo Marconi 384
D'ADDARIO, Roberto 1951 Oceania

Born Salle, Italy, 1947. Arrived in Australia with mother Adeline, sisters Adelia and Maria aboard the Oceania 30 November 1951 to join father...

d'ADHEMAR, J, P & Family 1963 Northern Star

Wife and three children arrived in Fremantle on 6/9/1963.

D'AGOSTINO, Antonio 1956 Neptunia

Worked in Bridgetown for 6 months then moved to work on the Wellington Dam in Collie for 3 years. Transfered to Kimberly, Northern Territory.

D'AGOSTINO, Carmela 1949 Ugolino Vivaldi 61
D'AGOSTINO, Dante 1960 Roma 391
D'AGOSTINO, Domenico 1940 Remo

Arrived in Australia at 13 years of age to join Father who passed away that same year. Worked to progressively sponsor the migration of Mother and...

D'AGOSTINO, Francesco 1951 Australia

Arrived with Mother Maria Nunziata and Sisters Rosa and Immacolata. Reunited with Brothers Domenico and Angelo. Settled in Harvey.

D'AGOSTINO, Maurizia & Rob 1961 Oceania 391
D'AGOSTINO, Michele 1952 Oceania 34
D'ALESSANDRO, Antonio 1956 Sydney 91
D'ALESSANDRO, C & Family 1959 Oceania 100
D'ALESSANDRO, Gina & Family 1958 Sydney 91
D'ALESSANDRO, Giulia Lucia 1955 Neptunia 211
D'ALESSANDRO, Michele 1967 Angelina Lauro 26
D'ALESSIO, Enzo,Maria,Grace 1952 Cyrenia 12
D'ALONZO, Alberto 1955 Sydney 42
D'ALONZO, Antonio 1955 Sydney 191
D'ALONZO, Domenico 1957 Sydney 372
D'ALONZO, Elda (Di Giuseppe) 1953 Surriento 86
D'ALONZO, Filomena 1957 Sydney 191
D'ALONZO, Giovanni 1952 Sydney 86
D'ALONZO, Maria 1956 Neptunia 42
D'ALONZO, Maria (nee Barone) 1957 Australia 87
D'ALONZO, Maria Antonietta 1956 Neptunia 42
D'AMATO Family 1962 Neptunia

Antonio migrated in 1962, Nicoletta, Vince and father Giuseppe followed in 1963, on the Neptunia and all seeking a better life. They met with...

D'AMORE, Salvatore 1966 Oriana 182
D'ANDREA, Assunta 1957 Sydney

nee Valentini. Husband worked on the Hydro-Electric Scheme in Tarraleah.

D'ANDREA, Beniamino 1957 Sydney

Lived in Tarraleah, then moved to Hobart.

D'ANDREA, Gaetano 1956 Aurelia

Arrived ahead of Assunta, Beniamino & Maria Angela D'Andrea. Worked on hydro-electric scheme.

D'ANDREA, Maria Angela 1957 Sydney

Moved back to Ascoli Piceno, Italy.

D'ANDREIS, Guido 1938 Romolo

Married Linda Vuaran in Italy. Left wife & 2 children to work in Australia. Worked in QLD as a sugar cane & tobacco cutter; built a road...

D'ANGELO, Antonio & Maria 1969 Galileo Galilei

Maria D'Angelo was also known as Giovanna.

D'ANGELO, Camillo 1956 Surriento 146
D'ANGELO, Emilia 1961 Sydney 364
D'ANGELO, Guerino 1956 Neptunia 364
D'ANGELO, Mario Giuseppe 1969 Achille Lauro

Father served in Navy. Came out alone and lived with Uncle.

D'ANGELO, Raffaele 1956 Australia

Raffaele, one of ten children came to Australia 1956 for a better life. He first worked at a nursery and later bought land and established a...

D'ANGELO, Sabato & Giovana 1952 Aurelia

Migrant here with wife and daughter. Today he still resides in Mt Lawley and has 3 daughters, 5 grand children and 6 great grand children.

D'ANNUNZIO, Michela 1962 Australia

My Mother was sent by her family to Australia as a 16yr old to start a new life. Her Sister Maria was living in North Perth where my mother...

D'ANTUONO, Angelo S 1962 Roma 27
D'ANTUONO, Giovanni 1952 Roma 296