Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
CABASSI, Gaetano Michele 1928 Orvieto

Married Giuseppina Della Vedova and became a potato and hereford farmer in Eastbrook, Western Australia

CABLE, Thomas & Alice 1924 Osterley

Alice, Tom & 3 children arrived Fremantle 8th January 1924 on the Osterley. Travelled to Group Settlement at Forrest Grove - a pile of tin...

CACE, Danica 1956 Paolo Toscanelli

Young girl alone with no knowledge of English,working in CBA 25 years 1985 recived Nat.Accreditation level 2 for interpreter in English and...

CACE, Marijan 1961 Aurelia 140
CADDY, Alfred & Dorothy 1954 New Australia

Lived in Albany with son Frederick & family.

CADDY, James & Constance 1884 Lady Douglas

James arrived with a patent for a furnace grate and worked at the foundry in Northam. Having Arrived as newlyweds in Northam, James and Constance...

CAESAR, Frederick 1871 Strathmore

Frederick was the Publican for the Pier Hotel in Cliff Street when he settled; then the Emerald Isle which became the Hotel Orient in High Street...

CAFFIERI, Romelio & Giovanni 1951 Sebastiano Caboto

Romelio arrived in WA as a miner. Family came out in 1952. Lived in Wittenoom for 10 years. Giovanni became a mechanic, shifted to Osborne Park...

CAHILL, George Frederick 1926 Orsova

rose from the rank of private to lieutenant in the british army

CAIACOB, Paul,E & Michael 1963 Strathmore

Paul went on to found P R Paul Co P/L Master Painter, Master Builder, a successful business. Elizabeth was awarded Citizen of WA in contribution...

CAIN, George & Sylvia 1971 Fairsky

Other relatives who migrated to Perth: Reg and Gwen Downing, Ken and Vera Hickling, Sid and Eileen Plummer and Sons John and Jim Plummer. All the...

CAIN, Mark & Brian 1971 Fairsky 191
CAINE, Chris & Ann & C & B 1911 Otway

Became proprietor of the Metropolitan Tailoring Company. Letters back to England showed they enjoyed the new way of life & worked long hours...

CAINE, Douglas & Avril 1967 Fairstar 126
CAIRNEY, Sarah P 1926 Hobsons Bay 88
CAIRNS, Harry & Eileen 1963 Fairsea 202
CAIRNS, Leonard & Terry 1972 Australis

Visited Fremantle many times with British Merchant Navy. Settled with family in 1972 on a permanent basis. Wife Terry Cairns, daughters; Andrea...

CAITHNESS, Albert & Patricia 1961 Oronsay

Two daughters born in Australia. At present 5 grandchildren. Employed for 25 years in the north west with Hamersley Iron and Woodside Petroleum....

CAIZL, Emanuel 1950 Skaugum

Self taught the English language. Article published in West. Australian Newspaper Re: 'New Australians' travelling to Melbourne in a 1930 Morris...

CAKE, Ernest William 1911 Rimutaka

Second son of William & Maria (Robins). Left school at 10 & worked on farms. Then went to London. Guard on underground railway. Emigrated...

CAKE, Leonard Richard 1922 Sophocles

After arriving in Albany Richard worked around Bornholm & Newdegate until taking up a virgin block in Bornholm. He married Lilian Dorothy...

CALA, Antonio 1927 Palermo

Antonio's original surname was Calà-Lesina. Left Sicily 4 months before birth of Son Giovanni to first wife Giovanna Conti-Papuzza. Wife died....

CALABRESE, Giovanni 1950 Sebastiano Caboto

Giovanni married Antonietta Gliosca and together had five children. He worked as a truck driver and motor mechanic and learnt welding. He started...

CALABRO, Carmelo 1951 Neptunia 52
CALABRO, Fortunata 1961 Sydney 52
CALABRO, Giuseppe 1961 Sydney 155
CALABRÓ, Maria MARZOCCA 1957 Australia

Came to Australia with Mum & Dad (Michele & Angela). Had 10th birthday aboard ship.

CALABRÓ, Michele & Angela 1957 Australia

Came to Australia, as Micheles's sister & two brothers had settled here, saying it was a great place to live & bring up a family.

CALANNA, Calogero 1949 Sebastiano Caboto

He was the first of his family to immigrate to Australia leving his wife, Rosalina, behind. Taking him 3 1/2 years of hard work and saving money...

CALANNA, Giuseppe 1956 Surriento

Giuseppe married Concettina Peloponneso by arrangement, they have 3 children born in Fremantle.Married 10/10/1959. Francesco Martino 20/10/1960...

CALAUTTI, Antonietta 1955 Oceania

Daughter of Salvatore & Maria. Sister of Domenico, Graziella & Rita- Wife of Armando Yozzi

CALAUTTI, Domenico 1955 Oceania

Son of Salvatore & Maria. Brother of Antonietta, Graziella and Rita. Husband of Vera Lacerenza

CALAUTTI, Giuseppe & Lena 1938 Esquilino

Each born in Siderno Calabria, Italy. Giuseppe (Joe) born 14th March, 1928. Lena and their stepmother, Carmela Vitale settled in the Balcatta...

CALAUTTI, Graziella 1955 Oceania

Daughter of Salvatore & Maria. Sister of Antonietta, Graziello & Dominico. Wife of Gerrardo Giustiniano

CALAUTTI, Maria 1955 Oceania

Mother of Antonietta, Domenico, Graziella and Rita. Wife of Salvatore

CALAUTTI, Salvatore 1952 Oceania

Husband of Maria, Father of Antonietta, Domenico & Graziella. Rita was born in Australia

CALCEI, Antonio & Concetta 1961 Neptunia 91
CALCEI, James Valentino 1951 Australia

Travelled to Australia with mother and sister. Father, Mario Calcei had arrived a couple of years earlier. Jim undertook an apprenticeship as a...

CALCEI, Mario 1949 Sebastiano Caboto 156
CALCEI, Rosina 1951 Australia 156
CALDER, James & Christina 1910 Ottway

James and Christina Calder came from Inverness to Fremantle with children James (18), John (16), Elizabeth (13) and Christina (10). Settled in...

CALDERA Angelo 1950 General Hersey

Working as a motor mechanic at Houghton & Diesel Motors in Vic Park. Angelo found time to build his own home. Then with two friends decided to...

CALDERA Claude 1950 General Hersey

Claude finished schooling in 1967 & went crayfishing at Jurien Bay. Got skippers ticket in 1971 & own boat in 1981. Married Jackie Hudson...

CALDERA Leda 1950 General Hersey

Leda lived in a caravan with husband Angelo & son Claude until home was built by Angelo working at night laying bricks. She worked at Rosco...

CALDERBANK, RK, P & BS 1966 Castel Felice

The Calderbanks settled in Ongerup as wheat & sheep farmers & are still there today. Russell worked the farm & Pamela was a...

CALEGARI, Giuseppe 1930 Remo

Mr Giuseppe Calegari worked on the Sons of Gwalia Mine 1931 to 1940. Hoovers Gold Documentary 31st President of the United States. Mine Manager of...

CALENDE, Elisa Maria 1951 Toscana

Elisa married Alinio Petruzio on the 20/12/1952 and had 4 sons, Frank 16/12/1954, Louie 18/4/1956, Robert 19/2/1962 and Anthony 9/11/1969

CALEY, Stan, Beryl & Family 1966 Fairsky 288
CALGINARI, Antonio 1952 Oceania

Wife & two children followed in 1954.

CALGINARI, Lidia, Pina, Fred 1954 Australia 310