Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
AARTS, Jan & Martha C 1952 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Arrived with 6 children, Elizabeth, (Lawerence n Aarts), Arie Adrianus Aarts, Peter Aarts, Johanna (Glenister n Aarts), Martha Cornelia Aarts,...

ABATE, MARIA (FAVARO) 1955 Oceania

Mother to Michael Mariano Favaro.

ABATE, Vincenzo & Iolanda 1955 Oceania

DOB above for Vincenzo. DOB for Iolanda 02/06/1910 -10/03/1991

ABBES, B, J & Family 1955 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Family Abbes - 5 children, started a new life in Tasmania. Boele worked as a Fitter & Turner at Pulp & Paper Mills, Burnie. The family was...

ABBONDANZA, Luigi 1957 Australia

Born Roseto Degli Abbruzzi. Married 27 October 1946 to Maria Pracilio in San Salvo. Had two children - Remo & Eva. Left Naples 6 December 1956...

ABBONDANZA, Maria 1958 Australia

Maria Matilde Abbondanza (nee Pracilio) left Italy with children Remo & Eva on 10 May 1958 to join husband Luigi. Maria was sick throughout...

ABBONDANZA, Remo & Eva 1958 Australia

Remo & Eva arrived with their mother Maria on Foundation Day holiday. They were greeted at Fremantle by their father Luigi.

ABBONIZIO, Antonio 1955 Roma

Oldest of seven sibling (four brothers & two sisters). First to arrive in 1955 of three brothers & one sister. Returned to birth home to...

ABBONIZIO, Assunta 1961 Oceania

Youngest of three siblings, one brother & one sister. Married Antonio at San Antonio Di Padoa, 09/02/1961 before arriving in Perth.

ABBONIZIO, Francesca Rita 1968 Guglielmo Marconi 485
ABBONIZIO, Giuseppe 1955 Neptunia

Guiseppe worked in a quarry for four years before the rest of his family, wife Rosa, daughters Domenica and Maria and son Michael, was able to...

ABBONIZIO, Stefano 1956 Castel Bianco

Stefano Abbonizio worked at the Wittenoom Mines when he first arrived in Australia. Later Stefano became a builder, contributing to the...

ABBONIZIO, Timiti Dina 1968 Guglielmo Marconi 485
ABBOTT Family 1964 Ellinis

Family consisted of John, Joyce (mother and father), Ann, David, Brenda and Susan. John deceased 27/1/76. All others still in Perth. Family now...

ABBOTT, Harry Frans 1928 Beltana

Admitted Barnardos Home for Destitute Children, London, aged 3 years. Foster Home - Little Wretton, Norfolk. At 11 years, sailed on SS Beltana and...

ABBOTT, John, Maud & Family 1953 Oronsay

After staying with relatives at Fairbridge Farm School Pinjarra. Cleared a block in Mandurah and lived in a garage while building a house while...

ABBOTT, N, S & Natalie 1971 Britanis

We came to Australia to be with friends who found the country so interesting and different. It has provided our children with a great lifestyle....

ABBOTT, Ralph, Nita & Family 1968 Aurelia

Parents moved to Perth with four of their 5 daughters, Sharon Linda, Shona Lee, Sheena Lois and Shane Leslie. Sherry Lyn stayed behind as she had...

ABBOTT, Sidney 1923 Orsova 407
ABBRUZZESE, Antonio 1961 Neptunia

Father worked with railways doing track work up to Kalgoorlie & back to arrange passage for rest of family who arrived a few years later....

ABBRUZZESE, Maria G 1963 Oceania

Family having great expectations from a new land, a new beginning with major cultural diffenences & language barriers to be overcome. Mother...

ABELHA, Alfredo Fernandes 1952 North Cape

First arrival of Portuguese fleet in Fremantle, WA . Total 22 passengers included Captain and Engineers. The North Cape was a sardine boat from...

ABELHA, Teresa Bernardo 1963 Oriana 224
ABELL, Clive & Carol 1973 Australis

Clive Abell Public Servant FESA:
Carol Abell Public Servant Education:
Three Children: Karen Nichola Abell, Helen Louise Abell &...

ABELL, RS, JC & Malcolm 1971 Arcadia 289
ABERCROMBY, Robert Ralph 1906 Oruba

Robert Abercromby married 19/2/1910 Ruby Helliwell Daughter of Isaac & Rosina Helliwell of North Fremantle. 7 Children. Army service 44th...

ABERNETHY, F & RC 1961 Fairsky

Francis worked on the farm with his father in Kincardine-O-Neil since leaving school. Rosemary was Nannie to Brigadier and Mrs Bradford's four...

ABETZ, W, I & Family 1961 Castel Felice

Walter and Irmgard (Inda) migrated with their six children: Hilde, Walter, Gerhard, Peter, Ingrid and Eric. Walter (Snr) had prearranged a job in...

ABLETT, Peter & Ann 1976 Australis 475
ABOLAFIO, Emilia Maria 1951 Strathaird

A young migrant fleeing the Egyptian crisis, she came to Perth to join her sisters. Met her husband, Rolando Martini and married in January 1952....

ABRAHAM Family 1909 Orsova

Family knew Sir James Mitchell who encouraged family to move to WA. Herbert wanted to be a farmer. Bought potato farm in Torbay Junction. Too...

ABRAHAMS, Harry, Jo & Family 1963 Orsova

Harry worked as a travelling Optometrist serving the South-West from Northampton, Mt. Magnet, Kalgoorlie & Albany. He later established his...

ABRAHAMSOHN, Betty 1939 Orama

Arrived by 'Children's Transport' in Fremantle. Spent a day wandering around and then went to Melbourne & lived in children's home 'Larino' in...

ABRUGIATO, Francesco 1952 Orontes

Initially Francesco worked at La Tosca in North Perth before opening the Roma Restaurant in Fremantle in 1954 with his wife Nella. The Roma was to...

ABRUGIATO, Sebastiana 1953 Oceania

Arrived in 1953 to join her husband Francesco who was working in North Perth as a chef. Together in 1954 they moved to Fremantle where they opened...

ABRUSCI, Leonardo 1952 Neptunia 165
ABURROW, Colin J 1965 HMS Ark Royal

Purchased discharge from Royal Navy to join family in WA. Worked in Northwest WA at the building of the Ord River Dam and other mining projects,...

ACALINOVICH Family 1948 Napoli

The Acalinovich Family arrived in Fremantle in 1948 after a 3-month journey from Egypt, where son Vincent was born in a displaced persons camp....

ACASON, George & Rosalyn 1973 Galileo Galilei

Youngest daughter Melody born on 25/12/1974 Manly Hospital. Returned to settle in Perth January 1976. Son David served in Australian Navy. We now...

ACASTER, Phil & Maureen 1968 Fairsea 214
ACKRILL, Walter & Alice 1969 Ellinis 195
ACKROYD, Barry 1971 Britannis

Youngest son of 5 siblings of Madge and Walter Ackroyd. Resident of Perth WA since 1982. One daughter-Kathryn Anne born 1985 (18/9/85)

ACKROYD, Florence (COE) 1951 Chitral 368
ACKROYD, JAN & JA 1974 Ellinis 203
ACKROYD, Joseph 1950 Cameronia 368
ACKROYD, Joshua & Mary 1955 Esperance Bay

The Ackroyd family were sponsored by Joshua's uncle Mr. Joe Abbott where they lived in one room of Joe's home for 4 months before finding their...

ACKROYD, Mary Christine 1955 Esperance Bay

Mary loves her sewing. She has her own little sewing business. She also runs the family Plastering business. Enjoys her walks with her pet...

ACOTT, Charles Frederick 1913 Armadale

Second eldest son of Arthur John & Emily. Brother of Herbert, Beatrice, Arthur, Leslie & John. Married Eva Florence Batten 27/1/1934....

ACTON, Anthony 1968 Castel Felice 457
ACTON, Daphne M & Doris AR 1926 Jervis Bay

After their arrival Daphne (6) & Doris (4) Acton & family lived in Banksiadale, near Dwellingup. Following their mother Amy's death in...