Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
RAAS, Rita & Pieter 1953 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Both parents and family were to disembark in Melbourne, Victoria, but due to family friend did so in Fremantle. Now have descendants working all...

RAATS, A & MP 1955 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt 166
RABBITT, Aub, Vi, Tony, Pete 1947 Ormonde

Left England 10-10-1947. Arrived Brisbane 21-11-1947, stayed approximately 12 months. Moved to WA. Settled in Gosnells 1949. Father was a gear...

RABEL, Winston & Crystal 1967 Orcades

Winston & Crystal Ragel were the pioneers of the Rabel family to migrate to Australia. Over time our parents, brothers, sisters together with...

RACMAN, Ludmila 1954 Oceania 394
RACMAN, Palmira 1954 Oceania 394
RACMAN, Sandra 1954 Oceania 394
RACMAN, Vladimiro 1954 Oceania 394
RADAIC-KROVAT, Antonio 1953 Oceania

Life in Brazil was hard & Anton wanted to go to Australia & join his other brother Petar. Petar could only sponsor immediate family. Anton...

RADAIC-KROVAT, Antun 1937 Ormonde

Anton left Yugoslavia late 1920's & migrated to Uruguay, South America. In 1932 left Uruguay for Brazil to join his brother Vid in Sao Paulo....

RADAIC-KROVAT, Jela 1953 Oceania

Margarita and Antonio met their father for the first ime. Anton and Marija had two more children, Velko and Jela. Anton returned to Australia in...

RADAIC-KROVAT, Marija 1953 Oceania

Andrijic Marinera Marija lost her mother when she was 12. At 14 she was sent to Brazil to live with her Uncle & Aunt. Anton and Marija were...

RADAIC-KROVAT, Veljko 1953 Oceania

In 1937, Marija headed back home and Anton migrated to Australia with intentions to work and save money, then sponsor his family to join him. The...

RADAICH, Ivan 1937 Remo

Ivan migrated from Blato Croatia, arriving at Fremantle aboard The Remo, on 24/05/1937. He worked in the Kalgoorlie - Boulder mines until he...

RADALJ, Anje 1929 Ville de Strasbourg

Married Nikola Brajkovich on 14th June 1930 in Boulder, WA. Home duties and mother of thirteen children.

RADALJ, Ante (Tony) 1958 Neptunia 64
RADALJ, Diana (Dianne) 1958 Neptunia

With mother and uncle joined father in Australia. Now married to Ivan (John) URSIC

RADALJ, Dinko 1959 Toscana 489
RADALJ, Dragica 1958 Neptunia

With daughter joined husband (Jozo) in Australia. Father (Marko Vujcic) had previously lived in Australia.

RADALJ, Dragica 1961 Oceania 489
RADALJ, Jozo (Joe) 1956 Toscana

Sponsored by uncle (Anthony Begovic) to migrate to Australia.

RADANOVICH, Lazar Simov 1901 Unknown

Married to Stana Bijelich in Kalgoorlie in 1913. Had 5 children - Jovan, Milica, Simo, Aneta & Petar. They had 12 grandchildren, all born in...

RADBURN, Charles & Mary 1923 Sophocles

Charles Albert served in the 1st World War in Italy, and came to Australia on the Group Settlement Scheme. Charles and Mary were given land and...

RADCLIFFE, D, P & Karen 1971 Ellinis 437
RADECKI, Stan & Natalie 1949 Amarapoora 469
RADEMAKERS, Peter & Anna 1956 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt 325
RADETIC, Petar 1964 Guglielmo Marconi

Came here as 17 yr old, couldn't speak English. Lived with sister and brother in-law in Carnarvon on plantation.

RADFORD, Arthur A 1950 Empire Brent

British Ex-service man Royal Engineers. Served 4 yrs in Burma theatre of war. Took out Australian Citizenship in 1974. Loved Australia and...

RADFORD, Elsie 1953 Orontes

Came out single as Elsie Shaw and married Arthur Albert Radford 29/08/1953. Took out Australian citizenship in 1974. Australian by choice.

RADFORD, JFR 1921 Ormonde

His future wife, Margaret Burrows arrived on the Orsova on the 30/04/1929 & they married at Merredin on the 22/06/1929. They had two children...

RADI, Pasquale 1968 Angelina Lauro 156
RADICH, Ante 1966 Guglielmo Marconi 257
RADICH, Antica 1940 Oronsay 215
RADICH, Marija 1963 Flavia

A hard working migrant who worked in various places such as Guildford Grammar School, Arnotts Mills & Wares, Fremantle Hospital & Villa...

RADICH, Marija & Antonija 1967 Angelina Lauro 257
RADICH, Pasko & Ivan 1940 Oronsay 215
RADICH, Stipan 1937 Viminale

Arrived at the age of 15. Started labouring job on arrival in Wanneroo in Lime Kilns. Served in Australian Army for 4 years. After army, worked in...

RADICH, Stipan 1928 Maria Christina 215
RADICI(E), Leone 1927 Citta di Genova

Leone came to Australia sponsored by his brother Peter. He worked clearing land before settling in Wanneroo. He married Leuzza Conti in 1932 and...

RADICI, Anna & Concettina 1951 Achille Lauro 58
RADICI, Carmela 1958 Oceania

Live with Uncle L. Grida in Spearwood. Eloped and married Guiseppe Mondello in 1959. Lived in Wanneroo. Moved to family home in Westminster 1965....

RADICI, Carmelo 1949 Toscana

Was a kind gentleman, very hard working, a loving husband, father & granfather. Respected by work mates, family & friends. Was in WW2...

RADICI, M & Family 1965 Marconi

Hard working father who left his homeland for a better life for his wife and six children in a new country.

RADICI, Michele 1950 Sebastiano Caboto 58
RADICI, Michele 1952 Cyrenia

In 1952 at age 18 Mick emigrated to Australia. He began working on the railways from Perth to Meekatharra, but later established his joinery "...

RADIONOW, Ksenia & Taisa 1950 General W C Langfitt 90
RADIS, Kristine & Tom 1958 Neptunia 119
RADIS, Maria (MALCO) 1955 Arcadia

With love & determination Mum, you came to Perth, Western Australia as a teenager & started a new life. You worked hard, found love with...

RADIS, Panagiotis 1952 Toscana

With courage, strength & sheer determination, my Father came to Perth, Western Australia to forge a new life for himself & family. He...

RADIS, Sotiris (Sam) 1958 Aurelia

With courage, strength and sheer determination my father came to Perth, Australia to forge a new life for himself and family. He worked hard and...