Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
L'ECLUSE, Herve JW 1968 Galileo Galilei 257
L'HERMITE Family 1970 Oriana

Family was due to go to the Migrant Camp in (Wyalla)Melbourne, but the Immigration Department found employment in WA for my father while on our...

LA CAVA, Antonino 1914 Otranto

Pioneer professional fisherman in Fremantle & West Australian coast. Devoted brother of Emma Pittorino (widow). Loving & devoted to Mary,...

LA CAVA, Calogero 1949 Surriento 149
LA CAVA, Carmela 1951 Protea 149
LA CAVA, Gaetano 1956 Oceania

A hard working man who took his family to a new world and a new life.

LA CAVA, Salvatore 1957 Oceania

A young 17 year old who worked as a tailor and then became a builder in his new adopted country. Married and had three children and now 4...

LA CAVA, Vincenzo 1956 Oceania

He has been involved in the building industry since his arrival in Australia and heavily promotes links and commerce between Italy and Australia...

LA FALCE, Alberto 1968 Guglielmo Marconi

Alberto came to Perth after his sister Concetta had explained what greatness Perth had to offer him. In Perth he married and had 2 children. Now...

LA FALCE, Giorgio & Elena 1971 Guglielmo Marconi

Giorgio and Elena travelled with their young family to Perth, to join their son Alberto and daughter Concetta in Perth to start La Dolce Vita.

LA FALCE, Orazio 1971 Guglielmo Marconi

Orazio came to Perth with his parents and sisters. As a young teenager school did not interest him, so he went to work with his father and brother...

LA FALCE, Rita 1971 Guglielmo Marconi

Rita accompanied her family to Perth, and soon met her husband Giuseppe Care. They have two children, John and Maria.

LA GALIA, Aida 1963 Neptunia

Aida La Galia married Carmelo Conti 22/08/1964 & had 2 sons, Fedele & Colin

LA GALIA, Basilio 1963 Neptunia 50
LA GALIA, Modesta 1961 Oceania

Modesta is one of 13 children. She was the third to leave her home town of Naso and join her two older sisters in Australia. She met and married...

LA GALIA, Rosaria (Sarina) 1961 Oceania 211
LA MACCHIA, Antonina 1963 Neptunia

Mamma married papa in 1964 and soon after began raising a family. Mamma has always been a homemaker endeavouring to rear her three children as...

LA MACCHIA, Frank 1958 Oceania 435
LA MACCHIA, Nunzio 1959 Sydney 212
LA ROCHE, Con, Tess & Fmly 1952 Asturias

Con & Tess & 4 girls settled in Cannington. Son Neil (Cornelius) born in 1954. By 1958 Con had re-qualified as an accountant whilst...

LA ROCHE, TM, CM, GF & MM 1952 Asturias

Teresa married Brian Conway (1966) Children Paula, Matthew, Josephine. Catherine married David deLittle (1979) Children Siobhan, Anna, Tess....

LA ROSA, Maria 1920 Orontes

Maria La Rosa was on one of the first Italian migrant woman to settle in Fremantle. As a result she provided a home, support and refuge to the...

LA ROSA, Vincenzo 1903 Orvieto

Arrived in Fremantle aged 10 to earn a living for his family. Worked as a barman at a later age at Fremantle club, Bannista until WW2 broke out....

LA SPINA, Caterina 1923 Ormuz

Caterina followed Mario to Innisfail in 1923. Moved to Melbourne & then to Fremantle. She died in 1964.

LA SPINA, Mario 1920 Osterley

Mario farmed sugarcane at Cowley via Innisfail to 1949. Moved to Melbourne in 1949 & then to Fremantle in 1956. He died in 1973. Son, Rosario...

LA TOSA, Michele 1969 Achille Lauro 205
LA VERGHETTA, Luigi 1956 Oceania 48
LABROU, Dimitrios 1955 Tasmania

Departed from the island of Rhodes where his new bride-to-be was from and came to Perth together for a better life for him and his family. Had he...

LACEY, Alan 1953 New Australia

Was sent out as an orphan and sent to Boys Town in Bindoon.

LACEY, June May 1947 Asturias

Migrated to Australia. Settled in Perth. In 1952 married Mieczyslaw Kwietniewski and raised three children, Mark, Kim and Lee.

LADAGE, August Tom 1952 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Tom was born in Indonesia while it was under Dutch rule. His father Anton Ladage was the Managing Director of a tea plantation named Tjireundeu...

LADBROOK, David A Edward 1970 Ellinis

David came to Perth to work as a Cartographic Draftsman. He came to a job with the Lands Department in Perth. He married Franceine O'Leary in 1972...

LADD Family G, S,K,T,M 1968 Fairsea

Just a normal Family

LADZINSKI, Stan & Greta 1949 Amarapoora

LADZINSKI: Stan & Greta

LAFERLA, Liliane & Children 1957 Neptunia 103
LAFERLA, Rowland Vincent 1956 Oceania 103
LAFFIN Benjamin Robert 1962 Castel Felice 8
LAGALLA, Nicola & Maria 1956 Australia

They have 4 children; Marida Lagalla Parkes, Robert Lagalla, Paul Lagalla & Sabrina Lagalla. Grandchildren; Ryan Parkes, Rebecca Lagalla,...

LAGERWEY, Gerard & Cornelia 1955 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

After another long cold winter & no work for Gerard as he was a house painter, Cornelia applied for an immigration form to Australia. With...

LAGRIFFOUL Family 1970 Australis

Came from Paris France in 1970. Our family was going to Africa, our plans & ideas changed. We were destined to come to Australia. Mum was born...

LAING, Brian 1951 Maloja

A child migrant, I lived & worked on Fairbridge Farm until 1956. Served Australia in the Defence Force for 20 years.

LAIRD Family 1963 Fairsky

Although immigrating is not an easy process, it was a journey we never regretted making. We love this country and are very proud to call...

LAIRD Family 1910 Osterley

Marion had 7 sons. She was widdowed aged 43, when the youngest (twins) were just 1 year old. She never remarried.

LAIRD, Carole Anne 1953 Stratheden 10
LAIRD, Christopher 1964 Fairsky

Youngest of nine chidlren to James and Helen Laird nee Thomas. God Rest Her Soul

LAIRD, Elizabeth Morrison 1953 Stratheden 10
LAIRD, James 1953 Stratheden 10
LAIRD, Jim & Bet, H & C 1953 Stratheden

The best move my parents could have made.

LAIRD, Thomas 1962 Zuiderkruis ALBANY
LAIRD,William Laurence 1964 Fairsky

Sixth born to James and Helen Laird nee Thomas. Loved by all missed by more