Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
FAAS Family 1955 Sibajak

Left Port of Rotterdam on a cold winters day. Arrived in Fremantle mid-summer in 100+ deg F. Mum & Dad took some years to really settle ....

FABI, Aldo & Iride 1950 Skaugum

Aldo Fabi son of Giorgio and Italia Martinuzzi, brother of Mario Fabi. Father of Liliana Fabi-Marino, grandfather of Luciano, Roberta and Anna...

FABLE, Raoul A 1950 General Hersey

Raoul arrived in Fremantle aged 2 with parents Romano & Maria Fable. Brother Enzo was born in Northam 1952. Raoul was married to Kerry Wills...

FABLE, Romano & Maria 1950 General Hersey

Romano & Maria arrived in Fremantle with their son Raoul age 2 yrs. Through the Northam Immigration centre the family was sent to Bakers Hill...

FABRIZIO, Elda E 1960 Flaminia 249
FABRIZIO, Vitale 1928 Unknown

Reunited with his wife Antenizia (Genezia) and kids after 21 years of working abroad. Heavily involved in sponsoring not only his family but a...

FACCHIN, Giovanni 1933 Viminale

Giovanni Facchin immigrated to Australia in 1933. He was joined by his wife Rosalia and son Mario in 1938. Their daughter, Mary, was born in...

FACCHIN, Rosalia & Mario 1938 Romolo

Rosalia and Mario migrated to Australia to be reunited with husband and father, Giovanni. They settled in Kalgoorlie, ran a market garden and...

FADICH, Gordana 1962 Roma 304
FAGAN, Hugh 1926 Unknown

Came to work with 3 brothers who migrated in 1924. Finally settled in Kalgoorlie where he worked in the mining industry. Never married but had a...

FAGAN, PJ, WL & JF 1924 Largs Bay

Parents were Patrick and Mary Fagan. Three brothers Pat, Leo & Jim came on the Largs Bay. Pat settled in Mukinbudin farming. Leo settled in...

FAGENCE, Lillian Louisa 1911 Australind

November 1910, David Fagence, left England for Perth. On 21st May, 1911 his wife, Henrietta, and 8 children arrived in Fremantle, after an 8 week...

FAGERHOLM, Axel 1927 Unknown

Axel Evald Mattss Fagerholm

FAGERHOLM, Emil Albert 1926 Orvieto 186
FAGGETTER, Pamela 1952 Cheshire 169
FAHEY Family 1954 Stratheden 72
FAHEY Family 1913 Suevia

Edmund and Alona had lived in Australia, but because of religious differences in the family, had to travel to Cape Town to be married.They lived...

FAHEY, Thomas & Marjory H 1974 Ellinis

Thomas & Marjory came to WA after retirement to be with their two daughters who had immigrated earlier. They docked in Fremantle on the 28th...

FAHRER, Werner & Ursula 1966 Galileo Galilei

We left Switzerland shortly after our wedding. Our honeymoon on the ship "Galileo" took us to Australia. After a short stay in the imigration camp...

FAIRBOTHAM, Stephen J 1967 Oriana

I was a Mechanical Design Draughtsman and I worked in the construction and mining industry until I retired in 2001. I was ordained as a Minister...

FAIRBRASS, Ernest & Ethel 1924 Orsova

Rail strike prevented luggage arrival until May. Clothed by Methodist Mission. Arrived in Northcliffe, lived 4 years in half a shed. 10 shilling...

FAIRBRASS, Raymond Ernest 1924 Orsova

Lived in Northcliffe until 1941, then joined airforce. Lived in Harvey after the war. Married in 1948, brought farm at Margaret River in 1952....

FAIRCLOUGH, Charles & Mary 1922 Themistocles

As a Journeyman Carpenter in England, Charles Fairclough helped build the landmark Blackpool Tower. He travelled to the Channel Islands pursuing...

FAIRCLOUGH, JA, S, RJ, T & M 1968 Fairstar

John and Shirley both born Oughtibridge a small village outside Sheffield, UK. Met while at school and married 1956. Emigrated with sons Robert,...

FAIRHEAD, James 1853 Pyrenees

Convict # 1863. Granted Ticket of Leave 01/05/1853 on arrival in Fremantle. Pardoned 15/09/1855. Employed seven Ticket of Leave men. Married Mary...

FAIRHURST, B, S & R 1973 Australis

Myself, my wife and our young daughter Rachel were amongst the last of the '10 pound migrants'

FAIRLEY, Thomas J 1966 Fairsea

My son now resides in Fremantle with his family and is the Dean of Arts at Notre Dame University. A great achievement for the son of an Irish...

FAIRS, George 1912 Orsova

George settled on 5 acres in Collier Road in Bayswater and worked as a Gardener at Queens Gardens in Perth. Eric, Victor and James fought at the...

FALAVIGNA, Nino 1952 Castel Bianco 96
FALCETTA, Antonio 1949 Napoli 472
FALCINELLA, Clara Maria 1948 Al Sudan

Clara Falcinella married Allan Styles. They have twin daughters Julie Styles & Maria Granucci. Grandchildren Karina & Jayden Granucci.

FALCONE, Luigi 1952 Castel Bianco 400
FALCONER, Angus Gordon 1973 Guglielmo Marconi 431
FALETTI, Cosima 1950 Skaugum 371
FALETTI, Cosimo 1950 Skaugum 371
FALETTI, Dorina 1950 Skaugum 371
FALETTI, Edmondo 1950 Skaugum 371
FALETTI, Ines 1950 Skaugum 371
FALITI, Angela & Francesca 1953 Oceania 369
FALITI, Emilio 1950 Ugolino Vivaldi 369
FALKINGHAM, A, J & Family 1966 Fairstar

Arrived with 3 children. Twins born 1968 at KEMH. Now living in Rockingham.

FALKINGHAM, Robert 1911 Seydlitz

Wife Melanie nee Verity b:1883, son Alfred, b:1909 Arrived Gothic 12/04/1912. Worked for Princeps Busselton. AIF 1916-1919. Became Builder/Funeral...

FALLARA, Andrea 1958 Neptunia 252
FALLENS Family 1963 Fairsky

Parents: Bernard & Elizabeth. Children: Bernard, Anne, Susan, Lynn and Donna.

FALLON, Jim, Patricia & Paul 1965 Australis

Departed Fremantle Nov 1965. Destination Melbourne however, due to horrific weather crossing the Gt. Aust. Bite, the ship could not dock in...

FALSHAW, Linda & Raymond S 1968 Fairsea 428
FALSHAW, Raymond 1968 Fairsea 140
FALSHAW, Sherren L 1968 Fairsea 442
FALSHAW, Thomas & Laura 1968 Fairsea

My father installed the most remote phone box in Australia at Minlya, North West Highway, Exmouth turn off

FAMIANO, Salvatore 1960 Australia 5