Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
NAARSTIG, TJ, AM, TH & FJ 1952 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Wanted to start a new life after WWII.

NADILO, Ante Buran 1961 Australia 243
NADILO, Marija & Jadrana 1962 Roma 243
NAGLAZAS, Enrikas 1949 Goya

The greatest decision of my life. I have never had any regrets about coming to Australia.

NAGTEGAAL Family 1953 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt

Two members of the Nagtegaal Family had migrated to Australia already in 1952, calling at the Port of Fremantle on the 'Fairsea'. However they...

NAGY, Ferenc & Margareta 1962 Oceania 278
NAGY, Laszlo & Anna 1950 Oxfordshire

Laszlo worked for the WAGR & his promotions in the organization meant frequent shifts. Their first child, Susan, born on 12/8/1950 in...

NAHAJSKA, Elzbieta J 1950 General WC Langfitt 149
NAHAJSKA, Izabela J 1950 General WC Langfitt 149
NAHAJSKI, Antoni Piotr 1950 General WC Langfitt 149
NAHAJSKI, Maria 1950 General WC Langfitt 149
NAIRN, William & Mary 1829 Marquis of Anglesea

William and Mary came to Australia with their four children, James 12yrs, Margaret 5yrs, Charlotte 3yrs and baby William. William Snr was a Smithy...

NAIRN, William & Mary Ann 1829 Marquis of Anglesea

WILLIAM was a blacksmith. He and MARY ANN had 8 children who survived to adulthood. Some of the children pioneered farming on the IRWIN RIVER and...

NAISBITT, Dorothy 1922 Euripides

Dorothy Naisbitt had a family of ten children. After the death of her husband and five of her children in England, she migrated to Australia where...

NAISBITT, Dorothy Frances 1922 Euripides

Dorothy came to Australia with her mother and brother. She moved to Tarin Rock where she married a local farmer, Herbert Hills. After his death,...

NAISBITT, Edward 1922 Euripides

On arriving in WA Edward took up a 1000 acre C.P. block of land at Tarin Rock which he cleared. He married a local girl and they had 9 children....

NAISBITT, James C 1911 Beljic

When first arrived,walked with brother out to Wickerpin then Tarin Rock some 200 miles inland ,with nothing much more than an axe,waterbag & a...

NAJMAN, Jerzy & Doris 1950 General Hersey 18
NAK, Bert & Janny 1953 Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt 213
NAKAS, Juozas (Joseph) 1947 General Stuart Heintzelman 132
NALDRETT, CD, ESQ, EM & DA 1960 Orontes

Charles D and Eleanor M Extended Family's David A married Linda M Pike 1975, Daughter Virginia A 1975, Defacto Jason E Smith, Grandchildren Joel E...

NANI, Vincenzo B 1938 Lloyd Triestino

When Vincenzo first came to Australia, he was a sleeper cutter in the Donnybrook area. He then moved to Bunbury to be a wood cutter and started...

NANNI, Carmela 1958 Roma

Came to Australia after sister Margerita then was followed by sisters Angela,Giovanna and brother Donato.Worked in various jobs in cleaning,...

NANNI, Romano 1956 Fairsea

Came to search for a better life in Australia.Laboured at Timber mill,goverment railway line,Water Authority and many various jobs.Started own...

NAOUM, Albert Gamil Elias 1966 Achille Lauro 446
NAOUM, Anastasia 1956 Unknown 123
NAOUM, Athanasios 1938 Unknown 123
NAOUM, Joannis 1951 Protea 123
NAOUM, Maria 1952 San Giorgio 123
NAPOLI, Isabella 1949 Ugolino Vivaldi

Mother to Biagio (deceased) and Carmelo (deceased). Socorrsa and Teresa arrived in Perth (aged 36) 1949. They joined husband and father in Burekup...

NAPOLI, Salvatore 1939 Orontes

Father to Biagio (deceased), Carmelo (deceased). Socorrsa and Teresa arrived in Perth 1939. Worked in Burekup as a farmer. Ten years later was...

NAQUESAGE, Slawko & Bruno 1969 Galileo Galilei

Arrived in 1969. Went to Boniglia Victoria, to Wacol Queensland and in Western Australia September 1969 and stayed in Western Australia.

NARDI, Antonietta 1953 Neptunia

Arrived in Fremantle with two small children, to join her husband.

NARDI, Antonio 1950 Ugolino Vivaldi 277
NARDI, Luigi 1928 Commissaire Ramel

One of the first veneer workers in WA who built a reputation for fine furniture.

NARDI, Maria-Luisa, Silverio 1953 Neptunia

Accompanied Mother on ship from Italy.

NARDI, Pina 1957 Neptunia 376
NARDINI, Adolfo 1929 Citta di Genova

Two sons also arrived in Fremantle in different years. Ugo arrived in 1934, and Sestilio arrived in 1935.

NARDINI, Sestilo 1935 Remo 219
NARDINI, Ugo Pietro 1934 Viminale 219
NARDUCCI, Maria Incoronata 1954 Surriento

Maria arrived In Fremantle With her mother (Palma {nee Arcaro}), sister (Michelina) & brother (Tony) & met here by her father Addolorato (...

NARDUCCI, Paolo & Pietro 1938 Esquilino

From Italy to Pingelly, the first Italians to migrate to Pingelly. Work done was to clear land for farming.

NARUSTRANG Family 1950 General ML Hersey

Displaced by communist forces in WWII.

NASH, Fred & Thea 1950 Dorsetshire

Frederick William Nash was born in Scunthorpe, UK. Dorothea Beatrice Nash (nee Richards) was born in Alahabad, India. Met in India during the war...

NASH, Frederick & Gladys 1923 Berrima

Because my parents left England with no money my resourceful Father earned pocket money during the journey by becoming the ships unofficial barber...

NASH, Sid, Doris, Steve & Jo 1959 Fairsky

We will never go back to 'Pommie Land'. Saw WA during 1945 aboard HMS 'Anson'. I did return.

NASH, Stan G, Eliza & Thomas 1912 Ajana

Thomas, brother of Stanley (Snr) married Mabel Putnam, lived Goldfields and Perth. Irene Grayson, sister of Elizabeth, married Oscar Becker, lived...

NASH, Ted, Lily & Ronald 1947 Asturias

We were kindly sponsored by Lou & Fred Grainger, Lou being an Aunt of Lily. Other relatives were helpful & enabled us to settle quickly....

NASH, Theo, Gladys & Family 1960 Strathmore

Later went to Narembeen then Westonia.

NASSKAU, Raymond & Susan 1964 Canberra

This is the only Nasskau family in Australia. We have two daughters - Karen & Tracy.