Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
KAAKS, BÉ & Ruth 1950 Volendam

BÉ joined the RAAF after naturalization. Ruth taught at MLC; also broadcast talks on the ABC

KAAKS, Bernie 1950 Volendam 149
KAAKS, Maria 1950 Volendam 149
KAAKS, Michael 1950 Volendam 149
KAARD, Johannes 1949 Mozaffari

eldest son. large farm in estonia. brother heino stayed with parents-joosep & alviine(lall) & sisters aino & salme

KAAS-RASMUSSEN, S & C 1972 Galileo Galilei

Carole (a born and bred Australian) married Soren in Denmark. Australian Authorities granted both Assisted Passage to Australia ( it must have...

KACIUBA, Antonia & Kazimierz 1949 Mozaffari

First settled at Holding Camp in Northam and worked in the crushing plant at the Mundaring Weir Dam site before gaining employment at various...

KACZMARCZYK, Wladek & Sonia 1950 Dundalk Bay

Met and married in Bavaria. During the war worked in the Schloss Teizing near Neumarkt St.Vie.

KACZMAREK, Wladek & Anna 1950 Fairsea

Wladek & Anna resided on York rd in Norinam. They had a furthur four children, Joseph, Christina, Vicki & Stan

KAERGER, Irene 1950 Moreton Bay 408
KAIGG, William James 1927 Berrima 31
KAILIS, Diasoulou & Mary 1915 Orsova

Married Michael Penklis (1899-1987) and had one son Paul. Lived at 29 Campbell St. Kensington (South Perth, WA) for over 50 years.

KAILIS, Evangelea 1916 Unknown

Evangelea had 4 sons who formed the nucleus of the Kailis Seafood Success, as well as 2 daughters.

KAILIS, George Palassis 1914 Unknown

George Kailis was the founder of the Kailis Seafood Dynasty.

KAILIS, Michael Emanuel 1922 Raccongi

Married Evangelia. 6 children; Emmanuel (2), George, Marina, Christina & Despina. Arrived Darwin 1919 on Montoro. Wife came with Mariana's...

KAILIS, Vassili George 1905 Unknown

Early pioneer day dawn goldfields near Meekatharra. Supplier of food and ice to prospectors. Later lived in Hay Street Perth with wife Helene and...

KAIMAKAMIS, Athanasios 1965 Queen Frederica

Athanasios A Kaimakamis departed Greece (Elassona) December 1965 to begin a new life in Australia. Leaving behind his family of ten, and Mt...

KAIN Family 1968 Fairsea

Kain Family consisted of Father Joseph, Mother Maureen and two daughters, Shirley and Julie. Joseph spent his working life with Alcoa Refinery,...

KAINZ, Joe, Trudi & Margaret 1955 Arosa Kulm

Jo and Trudi Kainz arrived in Australia in 1955 with their 10yr old daughter Margaret.

KAIS, Paul & Maria 1950 Dundalk Bay

Veronika Daughter, Franz Son, Paul Son, Jacob Son

KAISER, Herman & Erna 1930 Orama

Pioneer farmers in the Balla area 37kms north of Yuna

KAKULAS, Evangelia 1918 Minderoo

Evangelia was the youngest of a family 8 siblings and a member of the the well known Kakulas dynasty, major contributors to the the development,...

KAKULAS, George, Trantaflia 1926 Ville De Verdun

Father Evangelos & brother Stavros arrived 1923. Mother Trantaflia, brother Michael & sister Christina 1926 lived 3 yrs Fremantle moved to...

KAKULAS, Mary 1918 Minderoo

Father Bartholamew was already in WA. Mother and sisters arrived in July 1918. Mary also came with brother Peter who was 10yrs old, on KS Dontas'...

KALAF, Con Nicholas 1910 Unknown 61
KALAF, James Nicholas 1912 Unknown

Well known fruiterer with the Dearest Little Shop In Town - proprietor of The Repertory next to Palace Hotel St Georges Terrace Perth. Married...

KALAF-KARAMINAS, Evridiki 1936 Esquilino 61
KALAFATAS, Andrew John 1937 Unknown 105
KALAFATAS, Ekaterini 1940 Unknown 106
KALAFATAS, John Andrew 1938 Unknown

Greek Orthodox Community President for forty years. President of Castellorizian Association.

KALAFATAS, Kyriacos N 1901 Unknown 88
KALAITZIS, Demosthenes 1964 Grecian Valour

Radio Operator on 'Grecian Valour'. Faked appendicitis & had operation at Fremantle in order to have time to determine whether or not WA would...

KALAITZIS, Irini 1948 Misr

Irini's father Constantine arrived in Sydney pre WWII and was separated from his family. Irini and her brother Ayapito, were the only members of...

KALAU VOM HOFE, Kurt 1909 Friedrich deGros

Kurt Kalau vom Hofe was a pioneer of the Shire of Manjimup. He took up 540 acres of virgin bush soon after arriving in December 1909. The township...

KALAU VOM HOFE, Luise 1913 Konigin Luise

Mrs Luise Kalau vom Hofe arrived in Fremantle on the 1st December 1913 and joined her husband on the farm near Manjimup. She had 5 children and...

KALEBIĆ, Božidar 1968 Guglielmo Marconi

Married Marica Dragičvić on 02/04/1970. Father to Antony born 01/10/1970

KALEBIĆ-DRAGIČEVIĆ, Marica 1966 Guglielmo Marconi

Married Božidar Kalebich on 02/04/1970. Mother to Antony born 01/10/1970

KALIS, Nadim Saman 1967 Patris

Nadim married Nadia Zomot and had two daughters: Lana (born 1975 in Perth) and Claire (born 1977 in Exmouth). Lana married Nathan Darbyshire in...

KALKMAN, Pieter & Wilhelmina 1957 Siberjak 49
KALLIDIS, A & S 1963 Orcades 294
KALNĀRS, Eizens 1949 Goya

Eizens was born in Daugavpils which is the nearest city. His family had a farm in a small area called Vecsaliena which is south-east of Daugavpils...

KALNINS, Elza, Vija, Zedones 1950 Skaugum III

Departeo Riga Latvija 1942 for Berlin and Fhankehrt. We stayed in Germany for 8 years. Departed Germany for Australia. Arrived in Fremantle Port...

KAMENZIN, Otto 1955 Castel Felice 36
KAMINSKA, Bronislawa & Julia 1950 General WC Langfitt

Sisters Bronislawa and Julia arrived with their mother Maria, brother Romuald and his wife and 4 children from East Africa. Their trip from Poland...

KAMINSKA, Maria 1950 General WC Langfitt

Maria Kaminska arrived with 2 daughters, a son, daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren. Her journey took her from Poland to Siberia, Persia and East...

KAMINSKI, Anna & Zofia 1950 General WC Langfitt 124
KAMINSKI, Jozef & Teresa 1950 General WC Langfitt 124
KAMINSKI, Marian & Katherine 1950 Fairsea 80
KAMINSKI, Michael & Kazio 1950 Fairsea 80
KAMINSKI, Romuald 1950 General WC Langfitt 124