Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
ZABEL Family 1950 Skaugum 3

Arrived with $20, a small trunk, 2 suitcases. Worked hard on arrival and built their own home.Raised 4 children.11 grandies , 2 great grand kids...

ZABOROWSKA, Jadwiga 1950 General W C Langfitt 86
ZACCARIA Michele 1951 Napoli 13
ZACCARIA Nicola 1927 Palermo 13
ZACCARIA, Clotilde 1954 Australia

Clotilde was born in Vasto, Italy, a farmer & fisherman's daughter, one of 8 kids. She went to school before the war for 4 years. It was very...

ZACCARIA, Giuseppe 1950 Surriento

Left school aged 7. Worked as a child labourer. Continued to teach himself & was the scribe for friends & family. Italian navy for 2 years...

ZACCARIA, Maria Antonia 1952 Sydney Star

Left school aged 7. As a teenager attended local convent. Loved books. Learnt to sew, draft patterns & decorative hand stitching. Beautiful...

ZACCARIA, Nicola 1950 Surriento

Nicola was born in Vasto, Italy & left school at an early age because of war times. Worked as a labourer & then as a bricklayer. Arrived...

ZACCHIGNA, Mario, Sil, Julie 1950 Skaugum

Settled in Wyalkatchem where our first home was a tent. Beds were chaff bags filled with hay. Kerosene lamps, Coolgardie safe for fridge. Water...

ZADKOVICH, Tony & John 1937 Otranto 234
ZAFFINO, F & Family 1968 Marconi

Francesco and Italia Zaffino arrived with thier two daughters Maria-Grazia, aged 6, and Ermelina aged 4. Unfortunately, our arrival was marked...

ZAFFIRO, Liana MC 1951 Toscana

Italo and Liana married in Venice Italy on July 22nd 1950. Italo left for Australia a few days after the wedding ceremony as Post War jobs were in...

ZAFIRIS, Eleni 1959 Fritheriki 224
ZAFIRIS, Pantelis 1962 Patris

Known to his friends as Peter, husband to Angeliki (Angela) and father to Spiro, Angelo and Katina. A religious family man who started life in...

ZAGAR, Delfino 1950 Skaugum

Arrived in Australia with parents and siblings under the I.R.O.

ZAGARI, Annunziato 1962 Australia

Australia was sold as "the place to be" and this concept hooked Annunziato. News arrived from 'word of mouth' that the chance of having a better...

ZAGORIANOS Family 1972 Patris 337
ZAHALKA, Karl & Erna 1954 Skaubryn

Karl and Erna arrived in Fremantle with two children, Albert & Sonja, hoping for a better life. They settled in Medina. Karl worked for B.P....

ZAHRA, Carmela & John 1951 Florentia 418
ZAITI, Sebastiano 1962 Neptunia

Came to Australia for work & to eventually bring his wife & children to settle.

ZAITI, Teresa, Guy & Silvia 1963 Galileo Galilei

I came to Australia to join my husband, Sebastiano who had migrated in 1962. My children were Gaetano 6 years & Silvia 4½ years.

ZAJDA, Stefan & Anna 1950 Skaugum

Stefan, Anna & Family (Cseslawa daughter & Marian Son) lived in the Northam Migrant Camp till January 1951 then Narrogin for the rest of...

ZAKLAN, Milan & Elsa 1950 General Hersey

They came to aust with two children Milena & Milan Jnr. After a breif stay at Northam Migrant camp, Milan worked for two years land clearing...

ZAKLAN, Milena & Milan 1950 General Hersey

Milena & Milan are the children of Milan & Elsa Zaklan

ZAKNIC Augustina 1961 Oceania

Augustina Zaknic (nee Grego Ruzir) travelled from Blato, Korcula to Genoa, whence she sailed to Fremantle with her three children, to join her...

ZAKNIC Tonci 1961 Oceania 49
ŽAKNIĆ, Beor Petar 1957 Oceania

I left my birthplace 'Blato na Korculi' Croatia. I was 16 years old. I arrived in Fremantle 9.9.1957 on the ship Oceania. I was sponsored by Mrs...

ZAKNIC, Dragica 1956 Oceania

I joined my husband Nikola in Australia in 1957. Settled down in Bunbury where we are still living. My parents Bogdan and Bosiljka Jelic joined me...

ZAKNIC, Franica 1956 Surriento 152
ZAKNIC, Ivan (John) 1926 Palermo

Worked in Manjimup cutting sleepers then went to Boulder working on the mines. Shifted and settled in Bunbury in 1931.

ZAKNIC, Jakica 1961 Oceania 61
ZAKNIC, Katica & Franica 1958 Oceania

Mother & daughter arrived to join husband & father, Miroslav who had arrived the year prior (1957).

ZAKNIC, Marko 1926 Ville D'Amiens 50
ZAKNIC, Mirjana 1961 Oceania 55
ZAKNIC, Miroslav 1957 Neptunia

Miroslav travelled to Australia to join his father, mother and brother who had settled in Bunbury.

ZAKNIC, Nikola 1955 Australia

My wife came from Croatia in 1957 - we married in 1956. We have 2 children Franya and Michael born in Australia

ZAKNIC, Tomislav 1959 Oceania 50
ZAKNICH, Jakov 1959 Oceania

Came out as a single man at the age of 23 years. Boarded in Fremantle and continued his career as a wooden boat builder for the crayfishing...

ZALAISKALNS Edgar & Aina 1949 Amarapoora 13
ZALAISKALNS, Austris 1949 Amarapoora 16
ZALEWSKI, S, L, & Grazyna 1950 Skaugum 199
ZALEWSKI, Zyg't, Nina, Henry 1950 Skaugum 51
ZAMBON, Angela & Tersilla 1952 Surriento 247
ZAMBON, Francesco 1950 Roma 247
ZAMBON, Lino, Vanda & Clara 1952 Surriento 247
ZAMBONETTI, Donato 1956 Neptunia 26
ZAMBONETTI, Edvige Maria 1955 Neptunia 480
ZAMBONETTI, Giovanni (John) 1952 Cyrenia 480
ZAMBOTTI, Luigi & Giuditta 1955 Australia 420
ZAMMIT, Alfred 1955 Skaubryn 150