Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
YABUKA, Luka 1907 Unknown

Born in Tribunj, Dalmatia, Luka travelled to USA in 1904 and migrated to WA in 1907. He worked in the country for 6½ years and later established a...

YAKAS, Ante 1938 Otranto

Ante Yakas migrated at the age of 25. He was a pioneer market gardener in Spearwood and proud to become an Australian Citizen. He was a member of...

YAKAS, Frane 1928 Caprera

Worked on the Woodline in Kalgoorlie, had his own fishing boat in Fremantle and Esperance. Settled in Spearwood and worked his own market garden...

YAKAS, Maria 1936 Oronsay

Arrived and settled in Spearwood. Married Frane Yakas in October 1941 and had 2 children, Nellie and Frank

YAKOVINA, Ante Martinev 1926 Ville de Verdun 314
YARNOLD, Connie & Norah 1928 Bendigo

Connie married and had seven children 6 boys and 1 girl. Norah remained single and served as a Salvation Army Officer until her retirement.

YARROW, B, A & Family 1975 Australis 185
YATES Family 1968 Fairsea 193
YATES, Alison MF 1950 Strathaird 298
YATES, Anne 1955 Orsova

Family migrated in dribs & drabs. Eldest sister first. Three sisters came seperately, then only brother & mum & dad. Anne travelled...

YATES, Brenda 1969 Fairsky 303
YATES, Capt John WW 1911 Earnock 14
YATES, Catherine 1969 Fairsky 303
YATES, Eric & Heather 1957 Strathnaver 158
YATES, F, M & Family 1923 Themistocles

Arrived under the Group Settlement Scheme.

YATES, Gerard Charles 1959 Fairsky

Sailed on 17th birthday to join 4 sisters. Lived in Melbourne until 1967, then PNG until 1973. After two year working holiday to U.K. & back,...

YATES, John C & Margaret H 1962 Fairsky

Charles & Helen Yates came to Australia to join their 5 children. Helen remarked before she died "these are the best 10 years of our lives"....

YATES, Mary 1953 Chitral

Sponsored by sister, Josephine Cheyney. 18 years old, I came alone to Australia for £5.00 from Beaumaris, North Wales. Later seven members,...

YATES, Peter 1969 Fairsky 303
YATES, Robert DM 1953 Mooltan 273
YATES, Walter Percy 1912 Unknown

Arrived to take up a position as a GP in York. Eventually settled in Busselton and practised as a GP. He and his wife became pioneers of the...

YATES, William James 1969 Fairsky 107
YEARDLEY Family 1972 Fairstar

Arthur and Patricia Yeardley with their two daughters. Left all their family behind in Stainforth to try a new life in Australia. Supposedly for...

YEATMAN, Brenda & Sheila 1951 Stratheden 155
YEATMAN, Mary & Valerie 1951 Stratheden 155
YEATMAN, Stanley & Norma 1951 Stratheden

Mum & Dad came to Australia and went on to farm successfully in Serpentine, later to retire to Gosnells. They had 4 Daughters, 14...

YEATS, Frank 1964 Canberra 76
YELAS, Nikola 1924 Ville de Verdun

Married Matija Vukovich 1935. Worked on the Goldfields, then owned a vineyard at Upper Swan. Lakewood Woodline. Later had 2 sons & 2 daughters...

YELCICH, Karmela 1938 Remo 136
YELCICH, Mande 1938 Remo 136
YELCICH, Maurie 1938 Remo 136
YELVERTON, Henry John 1841 Unknown

Born, raised and educated in England. Arrived in Fremantle 1841 via California USA. First worked in Fremantle as a Cooper - 1848-49. Set up as a...

YENDLE, PA & ADM 1972 Guglielmo Marconi 274
YEOMAN, Christopher 1910 Ophir

Christopher Yeoman worked as a farm hand in the Northam and Kellerberrin districts, before enlisting in 11th Battalion AIF in 1915. He returned...

YEOMAN, Ellen, Helen, B & C 1910 Ophir

From Fremantle the family (with husband Christopher) went to a virgin block of land 7 miles from Merriden. They built a 2 room house, taking...

YEOMAN, John, Pat & Seth 1968 Fairsky

We were originally supposed to arrive in Adelaide but seasickness and the prospect of crossing the Bight by sea changed our minds. We got off the...

YEOMANS, Charles and Jane 1927 Ormonde

Fremantle area was home until a block of land at Rosa Brook (Margaret River Shire) was allocated under the group settlement scheme. Hardtimes...

YEOMANS, JH, MA & WJ 1910 Unknown 147
YEREMICH, John 1960 Toscana

Initially stayed with wife's uncle's family (Barbarich) in Middle Swan before working in the Sawmill Industry. Wife Dragica and children Zaga and...

YERKOVICH, Marija 1935 Orama 189
YERKOVICH, Petar 1927 Unknown 111
YETTIE, Ivy, Mary & Family 1954 Stratheden

My Mother, a single mum brought us to Australia (Western Australia) for a better life. Things were tough! We all had to get jobs and employment...

YLIOFF, Nestor & Menka 1928 Commissaire Ramel

Nestor left wife Menka & children Peter, Krstin & Kota (d.1949 Macedonia) in Shulin.Reunited in 1955. Nestor worked in the wheatbelt. In...

YLIOFF, Peter & Vanca 1955 Oceania

Peter and Vanca left Shulin, Albania during WWII. Settled in Macedonia. In 1955 with children, Danka, Kota, Terry, Helen, mother Menka, brother...

YLIOFF, Terry P 1955 Oceania 244
YONGE, Brian & Ursula 1963 Oriana

Moved to Adelaide 1964. Moved overseas late 1965 and lived in various countries returning Perth 1990-93. Left again returning Perth in 2000.

YORDANOFF, Minka 1935 Remo

After six years of separation from her husband, arrived to be reunited with him.

YORDANOFF, Stoian 1929 Orontes

Left behind his bride of ten months to find his fortune in the lucky country.

YORK, Ellen M & Hilda 1929 Largs Bay

The York sisters were 13,11,10 & 8 yr old child migrants who came to WA without their parents, Hilda Moore & Charles Ephrain York. They...

YORK, GH (Harry) 1909 Runic ALBANY