Titlesort icon Arrival Year Ship Name Story Panel #
SAARE, Erika 1949 Mozaffari 106
SAARE, Olev 1949 Mozaffari 107
SABATINO, (Monte) Giulia 1960 Neptunia

I left at the age of 17 as a single girl to have a better life. I applied for a position in a laundry in Leederville & worked there for 9...

SABATINO, Anna & Elisa 1957 Roma 360
SABATINO, C & Family 1955 Neptunia

Consiglia came to Australia with her three daughters, one brother & one sister in law to join her husband Nicola who came in 1952. They...

SABATINO, Francesco 1955 Australia

Came to Perth in search of a better life. Was sponsored by an Uncle who had migrated many years earlier. Francesco left his wife of less than 1...

SABATINO, Francesco,Grazia 1970 Marconi

Francesco & Grazia came to WA to be reunited with the family, after being apart for 15 years. After 6 months they moved to Osborned Park on...

SABATINO, Giuseppe & Ines 1971 Achille Lauro 22
SABATINO, Maria 1956 Oceania

Maria came to join her husband who had been in Perth for over 1 year.

SABATINO, Nicola 1955 Australia 360
SABATINO, Nicola 1952 Ravello

Nicola came to Australia with a few friends & originally stayed with cousins & found work on roads, farms, orchards & clearing bush....

SABETTA, Angiolino 1951 Napoli

POW for five years in England after which Angelo decided to start a new life in Australia. In 1954 sponsored his two married daughters Giuseppina...

SABETTA, Maria, Guy & John 1955 Surriento

Arrived in 1955 to reunite with father Angelino who had arrived on the Napoli 1951.

SACCHERO, Carlo Antonio 1967 Galileo Galilei

Carlo spent the first 18 months working as a contract labourer, welder & rigger for Transfield at various locations in NSW & SA before...

SACCOCCIA Family 1961 Sydney 33
SACH, Harcourt Beresford 1929 Orontes

Long time resident of Mosman park, ran a wood yard, was an ice vendor and then a lawn mowing contractor in the area, spanning a period of 35 years...

SACRISTANI, Giovanni 1924 Re D'Italia

His Wife Luigina Cefis arrived in Fremantle aboard the Re D'talia on November 13, 1927, and brought their son Batista (Pino) and Giovanna Angela...

SADDLER, George 1852 Marion

Dropped a 'd' from his name, moved to Victoria and took up farming in the Terang district where most of his descendants currently live.

SADLER, Michael 1966 Ellinis 334
SADLER, Stanley & Brigid 1970 Fairstar 329
SAEMANN, Salome 1929 Otranto

Salome arrived from Switzerland in 1929. Originally a nurse, she did not return to her profession in WA but rather spent the remainder of her life...

SAFET, Ibrahim (Charlie) 1939 Viminale

Very hard working. Family Man. Married, 3 children, 7 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren. Fencing was 1st job. Then in New Norcia farming. Then...

SAFFIOTI, Concetta 1951 Sebastiano Caboto

Concetta arrived with her mother and met up with her father and two brothers who had arrived earlier. Up until that point she had never met her...

SAFFIOTI, Nicodemo 1952 Toscana 54
SAFFIOTI, Rocco 1950 Ugolino Vivaldi 231
SAFFIOTI, Salvatore 1937 Unknown

Salvatore came to Australia with his brother. He left his family behind until he could afford to bring them out. His first wife had died during...

SAGE, Nicholas 1967 Fair Sea 35
SAGEBIEL, Hans 1954 Fairsea 235
SAIN, Domenik 1959 Aurelia

Father came to West Australia a few years earlier to settle. Then Domenik. A few years later him mother, brother and sister came. Leaving behind a...

SAIN, Jakica 1961 Oceania

Jakica arrived in Australia at age 13, with her mother and brother. Her father and older brother had arrived a few years earlier and they all...

SAIN, Jure 1961 Oceania

Jure arrived in Australia with his mother and sister at age 15. His father and older brother had arrived a few years earlier and they all settled...

SAIN, Marko 1957 Toscana

Arriving on his own Marko had left his entire family in Croatia. His son joined him 2yrs later, followed by his wife, youngest son and daughter....

SAIN, Tereza 1961 Oceania

Tereza arrived in Australia with her son and daughter to join her husband and son who had already settled in Spearwood. Her 2 eldest children...

SAINSBURY, John & Ann 1842 Simon Taylor

Wood merchant/carpenter. Employed a T/L carpenter in 1865. Qualified as a juror in 1860 owning real estate worth 50 pounds.

SAINSBURY, John & Ann 1842 Simon Taylor

Well known Fremantle carpenter and builder. With 50 pounds real estate. Died 18.12.1884 at dtr's residence Northampton. Married Ann Hall 1842 (d...

SAINT, Edward 1909 Omrah

Edward Saint, hoping to make a better life arriced as an assisted migrant in Fremantle in 1908. He undertook various occupations , fought in...

SAJICH, Vojko 1948 General Stuart Heintzelman 408
SAJTOS, Imre & Katharina 1950 Anna Salen

Imre Santos was working on the ship as a voluntary policeman. First work was with the government at Wave Rock. Then became a wool buyer, worked at...

SAKALO, Wasily & Maria 1949 Oxfordshire

Wasily Sakalo (Snr) was a surgion from Odessa, Ukraine. Unable to endure the rigours required for Australian Registration as a medical practioner...

SAKICH, Petar Matin 1924 Ville de Metz 361
SAKICH, Tonka 1936 Otranto 361
SALA TENNA, Pietro 1922 Elders & Smith 30
SALA TENNA, Savina 1923 Omar 30
SALAMONE, Rosa (nee ADDAMO) 1926 Palermo

Rosa Salamone (nee Addamo), daughter of Giuseppe Addamo & Marianna Tuttobene, married Serafino Salamone 27/4/1921 in Leon Forte, Sicily. Rosa...

SALAMONE, Serafino 1922 Moncalieri

Serafino Salamone, son of Carmelo Salamone & Angela Anzaldi, married Rosa Addamo 27/4/1921 in Leon Forte, Sicily. Rosa was 15 years old &...

SALANDRA, Vito 1968 Achille Lauro

Vito left his family in Italy in 1968, aged 19 years, to build a better life in Australia. Hairdresser by trade, he started his business in...

SALDARIS, George & Ionanna 1965 Hellenis 93
SALES, Edward & Josephine 1926 Oronsay

Originally lived in tents. When the house was built, the internal walls were hinged to open the house up for entertainment. The first soccer pitch...

SALES, LE, SM & CD 1948 Asturias

Sylvia Sales was born in WA but in 1930 returned to England with her English born parents Nellie and William Hammond and sister Doris. After the...

SALES, Michael & Valerie 1976 Australis

Mike & Val come to Perth after living in Salisbury Rhodesia. We were told Perth had a similar climate. We have been here 30 years and have two...