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ANDERSON, Hilda & Niilo 1913 Scharnhorst

The family name was formally Pekkala & was changed shortly before they left Finland & Niilo became Neil (Mother & Son)

ANDERSON, James & Girls 1961 Strathnaver

Jim arrived with two girls Rosemary and Susan. The girls spent a couple of years in Fairbridge Farm while Jim found work. Jim had a couple of...

ANDERSON, James, Joan & Jill 1952 Strathaird

Jim & Joan met during WW2 whilst both serving in the Army. They married & had 1 child named Jill. They emigrated to Australia &...

ANDERSON, John, Pam, Y & S 1968 Ellinis 154
ANDERSON, Thomas & Jayne 1864 Merchantman

Thomas Anderson married Jayne Eliza Smythe in Ireland in 1858. They had 10 children. Thomas came to WA as an Enrolled Pensioner Guard. Formerly...

ANDERSON, W, M & Family 1959 Orion

Parents William & Mary both born in Dublin, Ireland and moved to England prior to World War 2, where all 6 children were born - Susan, Paul,...

ANDERSON, WA & SG 1974 Patris

Family had been refused immigration but managed to gain passage for 500 pounds on the last ship/jet transportation to Australia before the new...

ANDERSON, Will & Eveline 1954 Himalaya

Left UK after war, part of ten pound Poms, contracted to work at Kwinana Oil Refinery

ANDERTON, Clara & Thomas 1923 Orsovo

Arrived with 6 children Cyril, Eileen, Herbert, Hilda, Freda & Thomas. Sent to Pemberton group settlement.Later Father Cyril & Herbert...

ANDERTON, John William 1905 Orizaba

On arrival in Fremantle, John joined relatives in the goldfields. By 1917 he was General Secretary of the Chamber of Mines, holding this position...

ANDERTON, Michael Stephen 1977 Kota Singapura

Michael is married to Christine and has one son, Ryan, born in Sydney 29/05/1987 and raised in Perth. Michael is a JP and has been actived in...

ANDERTON, Thomas Singleton 1924 Orsova

A 1914-18-war veteran Thomas came to WA believing he was going to his own dairy farm. After an arduous journey to Northcliffe the family arrived...

ANDERTON, William 1868 Hougoumont

Convict No. #9649 ( housebreaking 14 years) Arrived last convict ship to Australia. Ticket of leave 23/09/1873. Married Alice Ashworth 24/06/1875...

ANDINACH, F & J 1900 Polynesien ALBANY
ANDONY, Peter 1951 Radnik

Arrived as Petros Presparis with his foster family Antoniadis (Andony). Joined Evdokia's father Argirios Dafinkas in Big Bell, WA. Spent one year...

ANDRADE, Inocencia & Family 1965 Guglielmo Marconi

Left Maderia Portugal. Arrived in Fremantle on the 'Guglielmo Marconi' with daughters.

ANDRADE, Maria 1965 Guglielmo Marconi

Mum, my brother and sister left Madeira in March. We left Madeira by ship and changed ship in Lisbon, went to Italy and changed ship again to the...

ANDRADE, Maria Izilda 1965 Guglielmo Marconi

Mum, my brother and sister left Madeira in March. We left Madeira by ship and changed ship in Lisbon, went to Italy and changed ship again to the...

ANDREATTA, Ruggero 1961 Neptunia 300
ANDREATTA, Valentino I 1952 Roma

Founder, Director and Conductor of the WA Italian Choir.

ANDRECKI - ZWOLINSKA Krystyna 1950 General Langfitt

Family, Grandmother, Daughter and Grandaughter, came from Tengeru Tanzania, where they were placed during the war by the British after being...

ANDREINI, Alfredo 1960 Neptunia

Came to Australia with his mother to join his married sister. Worked as a Labourer and went on to learn the bricklaying trade. Married in 1964...

ANDREINI, Bruna 1960 Neptunia

Came to Australia with her son to join her married daughter. Lived with her daughter, helped care for the family until her death in 1996

ANDREIS, Aleksandar 1958 Australia

18 months after Aleksandar arrived in Fremantle he was joined by his wife Margarita, daughter Jakica and son Ante

ANDREIS, M, Jakica & Ante 1960 Toscana

Full name of mother is Margarita and she is married to Aleksandar. They have two children, Jakica and Ante

ANDREKUS, Elena B, P, L & R 1949 Oxfordshire

Had to leave Litherania because of political reasons. My mother Elena Andrekus and her four daughters, after all the displaced persons camps,...

ANDREOLI, Duilio 1955 Surriento

Work varied from timber mill work in Collie to the Goldfields (underground mining), building water tanks, fencing & sinking wells around Mt...

ANDREOLI, Fedele 1955 Roma 49
ANDREOLI, Ines 1966 Galilei 49
ANDREOTTA, Catena (LUMINOSO) 1956 Australia

Catena, the youngest of 4 children, left Sicily bound for Fremantle. She married Giacomo in 1956 and had 2 children. Settling in Pickering Brook...

ANDREOTTA, Giacomo 1952 Toscana

Arriving in Fremantle in 1952, Giacomo, the eldest of 8 children, began the hard work of clearing land in the wheatbelt area of Calingiri and...

ANDREOTTA, Giovanni 1938 Romolo

Entered during part of WW II

ANDREOTTA, Palmiro Remo 1952 Toscana

Remo arrived in Perth in 1952 & went to work in Calingiri, Yerecoin & Bolgart clearing bush for wheat farming. A year later he returned to...

ANDREOU, Vasiliki 1956 Gumhuryat Misr

Vasiliki (Vicki) travelled with her mother Anastasia to Australia in 1956. Married Naoumis (Norm) Vellios and settled on a farm in Manjimup. Vicki...

ANDRES, Ray, Margaret, L & C 1972 Brittanis 82
ANDREW, Charles & Joyce F 1963 Castel Felice 162
ANDREWS, John & Patricia 1961 Fairsky

Arrived in Fremantle with 4 children (2 boys), Peter and Ian, (2 girls) Yvonne & Elizabeth. We were farming in Lowden until retiring in 1990....

ANDREWS, Joseph & Thelma 1969 Northern Star

We had $50 in our pocket, and one free taxi ride to the Brittian in Northbridge. Our hearts were full of hope and the journey is ongoing. Bonus -...

ANDREWS, Ron & Phyl & Family 1960 Iberia

The Australian Government brought us out for Dad to work at weapons research on the rockets at Wommera. He worked for them until he retired.

ANDRI, Charles 1925 Citta di Genova

Changed name from Carlo Alessandrini. Married 1937. Naturalised 1934.

ANDRIJIC, (Cucera) Jaka 1938 Otranto

Jaka arrived here at the age of 33, leaving her mother, sister and brothers in Croatia. She settled at a place called Hoddy's Well, near Toodyay,...

ANDRIJIC, A & L & Family 1970 Galileo Galilei

Born in 1971 was daughter Janice. In 1972 we built our first family home in Middle Swan, Western Australia. Our children are married and our sons...

ANDRIJIC, Vedran 1955 Oceania

Vedran left his birthplace of Blato at the age of 15 with his father, Ivan Andrijic to make a better life for themselves.

ANDRIJICH, Franko 1927 Re D'Italia

Migrated for a better life, leaving fiancee Frana Bacichm mother, three sister and two brothers in Blato.Sponsered by cousin Anton Separovich and...

ANDRIJICH, Marko 1936 Orama

After first daughter Ivica died and immediately after Marija's birth, Marko joined brother Franko in Toodyay. Soon after he brought his wife Vica...

ANDRIJICH, Vica & Marija 1938 Otranto

Leaving just before WW2, Vica (nee Buskariol) joined her husband Marko with 2 yr old Marija (Mary). Both Marko and Vica survived horrific...

ANDRONIS, Fotios 1955 Cyrenia

Employed by the Hydro-Electric Commission Tasmania, from 25/3/1955 to 23/2/1966. Married in Hobart Tasmania in 1957 to Eleni Sampsona who arrived...

ANDRZEJUK, Andrzej & Katrina 1950 Dundalk Bay

Andrzej & Katrina were both taken prisoners as young teenagers. They worked on farms belonging to the Germans. After the war they were taken...

ANELLI, Sabina 1964 Guglielmo Marconi

Sabina was the first Anelli family member to leave her native home for Fremantle, but within three years of arriving in Fremantle, her parents and...

ANFUSO, V & B 1964 Galileo Galilei 117